ODN (Obsidian Project) is on HUGE SALE! Active development, extremely low market cap and low coin circulation. Wallet is super easy to use and has automatic STAKING (free coins based on how many total coins you have)! Last chance to buy before the FUD ends and it will easily 10x in next few months.

>fudding a coin with no hype


I am doing the opposite of FUD, wtf are you on?

Is this the coin where the main backend developer is just an artists? Look it up, the guy with the funny hair

You’re thinking of LINK

no this is the coin where the one developer who is doing all the work is publicly bitching at everyone else he works with

You're too stupid to understand what I was saying, as expected. No one fuds this coin because it's garbage, faggot.

I'm already in, new website is coming the next few weeks, once it hits binance it's going crazy

from my experience here almost no one buys the dip.
99% of people buy during the pump and the 1% that actually buy the dip don't need to be informed about it. I think you might be wasting your time, OP.

Can I ask how much ODN do you have? Instead of informing these shitlords of the dip, wouldn't it be more productive to FUD the shit out of it so you can buy more?

hint, its not going to be listed on binance

I'm an ODN diehard ICO investor and holder. But even for me, the fact that PoOP happened....I just don't know anymore.

The team is absolute amateur hour with half of them MIA, the big boss permanently on vacation a now rogue developer (blackstone) and an absolute degenerate marketeer (Pixxl) who thinks naming a product Poop is funny.

Even an amateur team can make it in crypto. The fact they have a decent wallet with automatic staking and 1 other ODN app is a lot more than most coins can claim.

Decent wallet? It doesn't sync. This is the only reason cryptopia still has that inflated price, new coins can't enter the market.

Mine worked fine, I've even minted coins already. Thats why I bought more once I confirmed it worked.

Maybe you’re just a tech retard. I’m synced up.

Colx wallet was a pain in the ass but I got that set up with splits/staking and minting coins nearly every day. Literally printing money, its unbelievable.

Same here, 3 master nodes since 0,22$. But this was depressing.

Dumped my bags. It's obvious the next FUD cycle is beginning. Not that the team makes it very hard for fudders. This shit literally writes itself. Fucking PoOP lmao.

See you guys in a month when I buy your bags for cheap (again).

Sagemark is currently smoothing everything out on Discord. Team is regrouping, more developments incoming.

Weak fucking hands mate, it will be back up to $2 in less than a week, probably even tomorrow, all the while you miss out on your stakes. That is, unless you're just a poorfag who can't win a stake.


obsidian has always been a total shitcoin, its had a low market cap for the last ~6 months for a reason, no one fucking wants it. It sucked ass when it released and it still sucks ass now. Buy it only if you want to lose money.

I bought ODN @ 8k sats after the ICO. Failed to sell the top, but got out at around 17k. Rebought in november @ 3k sats. Got out at 7k. Rebought at 4k sats, got out at 10k yesterday. Idk mate, I'm pretty comfy with the gains I made on ODN. If it ever drops again I'm back in a heartbeat, but until then I'm chasing other moons.

Good job, but why not just stake them? Flipping is playing with fire, though I guess you can always just move on to the next crypto.

10% a year feels like chump change when you can make 10% a trade...


>doesn't realize the floor was 7.5k

Ah. I'm diversified into staking, dividend coins, along with other promising coins yet to moon. Playing all the tables. I prefer not to day trade because its easy to get burned and too stressful.

Just sell for peace of mind, I sold my whole stack and converted it into ETH. My life is so much happier right now.

Too late. Poop.

You, circa 5 nov:
>doesn't realize the floor was 12k, yikes

Not a bad tactic. 90% of traders lose money while day trading. I lose money about 50% of the time so it's not really a valid tactic for me either. I noticed that swing trading on bigger candles nets me profit, provided I keep myself from panic selling and FOMO'ing like a retard. Took me a while to be able to read charts well enough but it's starting to pay off now. Unexpected events like PoOP with ODN can still fuck you up though.

Oct 5*

Gonna be pooping in my lambo next year.

Holding isnt stressful if you DYOR. Sounds like weak hands and FOMO.

The only time I considered swing trading was the TRX boom. I almost sold at ATH but decided it was too risky. Unfortunately it went down but the new floor is 3x where I started and it will pass ATH again soon. Also considered swing trading KCS, going between 15 and 20 almost daily but again, that shit will burn hard if I slip up, rather just get those sweet dividends.

uh no. I don't touch shitcoins with a 100 foot pole until well after the ICO dump has settled out

I've watched this cycle so many times . . . I remember when litecoin came out. Literal copy-paste with like 23 characters of code changed. most of which were shifting b to c and inserting and e,

I'm pretty sure it would take like 5 minutes to write a shell script to make litecoin from bitcoin

i lose money