I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Bitcoin has not yet learned how to be...

I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Bitcoin has not yet learned how to be centralized, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Bitcoin is not going to be the decentralized currency that it once was in the last years. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Bitcoin to make. It is now going into a centralized mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Bitcoin will not survive.

>Jews will be at the forefront of white extinction

Spot on, turbotroll

I wish America was still free from the kikes.

Is it not ironic that it was a largely pre-kike america that stopped the only man who had both the foresight to see what they would do and the balls to do something about it?

>hating on "greedy jews" on a board dedicated to acquiring as much material wealth as possible without paying any tax

Very good point user. Very good point indeed.

Taxes is fucking theft and if you don't think so you are a fucking kike you faggot kike

jews don't want a free market

they cannot survive in it

imagine no central banks
imagine jews actually having to produce real wealth for society
It's impossible, they simply can not do it.

The whole point of this and other such threads is to attract /pol/'s minions and pull their strings, make them dance like the little brainwashed puppets they are. Make them feel the hate, and spew the poison that they've allowed their minds to be filled to the brim with. Weak minded fools, I feel bad for them, but not that bad.

Of course 90% of the threads on actual /pol/ itself are the exact thing.

This always makes me laugh. If we all lived in Veeky Forums world it would literally be a 3rd world semi open grave site filled with brown people.

I think you are simply blind to historical fact. Go back to your safe space of reddit where you are spoon fed propaganda from the jewish media.

After we fight the 3rd World War against the European Caliphate we're looking at 100% taxation. Thanks, Iota.

/pol/ bait, that's all this shit is. And you're the one that's on the hook. Cause you have no fully formed identity yet, that's why you're susceptible.

>le enlightened middle-ground redditor
Fuck off. You have to be a complete retard to not see how monstrously straight White men are treated in [current year].

OOOO the jew has brainwashed you well goy. Yes identity politics! thats how this all works lol fuck out of here.
Like I said before, you are blind to historical fact and at this point you are just denying it.

>pre-kike america
Learn your history, America has been pro-kike at least since the beginning of the 20th century, even if you give them the benefit of the doubt


It's no use user, the soy runs too deep in this one.


> Bitcoin has not yet learned how to be centralized
Bitcoin and the community do not need to "learn" how to be centralized. Any system tends toward uneven distribution of value from both extremes—e.g. 1% vs 99%—the decentralization separates the currency from a single/monolithic entity controlling it. That doesn't stop anyone from accumulating mass amounts of it.

> Jews are going to be at the center of that
What a baseless claim. I may as well say that angry, white, Christian capitalists from the USA want to enslave us all...(wait, but they do already)

>It is now going into a centralized mode
Again, are you retarded?

There's obviously a misunderstanding here about the fundamental principles of blockchain and its implications. Nothing about blockchain technology prevents mass accumulation of digital currencies—if anything, the current bear market should prove this point. Early adopters are interested in the potential use cases, while some early mainstream/retail investors see it as a vehicle for quick returns/speculation.
NONE OF THIS GUARANTEES EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Again, Blockchain technology is used to solve problems in current systems that cannot be solved otherwise, i.e. financial systems moving money cross-borders.


The rich and powerful, whoever they are (and I'm sure there are just as many Muslim capitalists as there are Jewish, and Buddhist, and Christian, and...), don't care about "decentralization" in the manner you're believing. If anything, blockchain technology will make it EASIER to enslave/oppress us all. Tying together debt with a publicly available ID—secured on muh blockchain—would be a dream come true for the rich. That doesn't even touch the use cases for other modern systems, such as:
- employment contract enforcement
- reducing fraud (e.g. insurance claims, any lies to weasle out of contracts, etc)
- billing/service contract enforcement
- publicly/privately available data about all of your transactions, and any actions tied to any blockchain whatsoever

The blockchain is not the savior of socialism/communism. It will likely be the END of any large movements in that direction.

note: I am not maintaining a favorable stance with capitalism/socialism/whatism in these posts. I am simply stating that any assertion that blockchain technologies will free you from oppression is farcical and naive.

What's funny is that I don't even have a reddit account. I just never bothered. What I do have tho, is my own perspective and an ability to think for myself, which you and your ilk are sorely lacking. Believe me, I feel the same way about most of the so-called left these days.

>european caliphate

Yep, that sounds about right

I hope someone breaks into your house and murders you and your family and when the cops are late and search your belongings and see that they laugh and just let the killer go free.

> WOW surprising

You are correct.

You wrote this entire thing out without realizing OP was doing a parody of that jew woman youtube video.

Bancor made me antisemitic

>What I do have tho, is my own perspective and an ability to think for myself
As you literately spew the same bullshit that they say on MSM. Still denying historical facts doesn't matter what your "perspective" the numbers don't lie.

If someone broke into my house they will get 12 gauge buckshot to the fucking dome stay salty faggot lol just because you are so soy that you need someone else to protect you does not mean the rest of the world is like that. When things go to shit x military and the good ol backwoods boys will eat your kind alive. pray the government never collapses, I sleep well at night knowing that you soys will be the first to go.

But we still don't plot the extinction of an entire human race through demographic displacement and miscegenation.
When we start doing that we'll be as bad as the Jews.
Unless we do it to the Jews, in which case it would be self-defense.

fuck i'm the retard
didn't know that was a video. Gonna watch it now

You sound just like a kike

Yea jews get really nervous when they aren't the ones pulling the strings and there is no safe place / thought police.


This was a great read and debunks everything said.

Seeing the jews is actually a really useful tool in life to take decisions, it prevents your mind to be poisoned and subverted.

I hope your house gets searched by the police and you and your dog get shot in the fucking face

>pre kike America
Federal Reserve was established in 1914