Without my crypto, I'm nobody, reall. But I... I hodl a hundred

>Without my crypto, I'm nobody, reall. But I... I hodl a hundred...

What is Veeky Forums going to do when they make it?
Is there anything that would make you happy?
What if buying things doesn't make you any happier than you are now?
What if spending money only makes you feel buyer's remorse even though you're rich?
What if people only like you for your money?
What if you only like yourself because of your money?

Write a will and my little brother will be my heir. If I die in a freak accident, he will get my gains and live the life I never got to experience.

Nothing different to now, but at least I won't have to wageslave

Aaahhh who cut onions.

I'm not poor but I don't need for anything.

I'm leaving half in cash, index funds, and CDs.

Rest I'll leave riding in crypto with 50% in ETH and holding solid cryptos.

I'll pay off all my mom's debt and replace her 21 y/o Avalon. Set up college funds for nieces/nephew. Spend a year traveling the world.

I plan to take over the world change it to my own will live forever be a god

Buy my mother a home, don’t really care about buying shit

Fucking KEK. What a LOSER.

I'm not in it so I can buy more shit. It's about the freedom. Knowing you'll be fine no matter what you pursue.

Start a research firm and throw money at it to reanimate extinct creatures and hunt them on ice age creatures on a wildlife preserve in canada

the first million is the hardest.

It's retarded to "chill" after making a million, we should try to make more millions after our first million.

If buying things dont make you feel happy then by all means invest them away into 3rd world scholarships or fusion research, but please don't stop at just a million

Gonna buy my pops a truck. First thing. Good luck with your dreams, anons.

> What is Veeky Forums going to do when they make it?

Pay off my parents' mortgages. They're both artists who bust their ass every goddamn day doing drywall / stucco work to support their business. I want to give them the fucking freedom to do what they want with the last 15 years of life they have left to qualitatively live. I'll die trying. They've given me all they've to give.

>Is there anything that would make you happy?

I'd like to go back to school. I'd like to build a foundation for a quality life for my future children. I'd like to have the freedom to see the world and connect myself with a variety of people.

I'd like to not have to worry about rent every month, the quality of food that I can afford to buy myself and my family. I'd like to be able to treat my siblings to proper gifts and to be able to support them through college.

I won't fucking give up.

> Is there anything that would make you happy?

Freedom to not work for somebody else, and pursue my own work, passions and goals. Without needing to worry about if I can afford to carry these things out.

Basically to be able to wake up in the morning and go stay anywhere in the world and travel while meeting like-minded people.

> What if buying things doesn't make you any happier than you are now?

Buying things does not give me long lasting happyness.

Just having the freedom does.

Right now I'm still working towards achieving true freedom, but I hope that in time it will happen.

I have extremely rare chronic health conditions that I know I can cure with experimental but expensive treatments.
I know I'll be doing that for sure.

Aside from that, design my own amazing house. Travel a lot.
Never work again.

Oh and pay off parents mortgage

What happens if the bubble pops before you get out..?

My only desire in life is not to wage slave.


Giving the middle finger to wageslaving and pursuing my art.

Spending most of the day drawing and painting, visting art schools, taking breaks whenever the fuck I want.

FUCK wageslaving, I can't stress this enough.

Then I continue the grind.
This market has taught me so much about investing. Before looking into crypto I'd be clueless as to how valuable money can be. I've learned so much.

Off a $400 investment last Dec. 26 I've accrued $6.6k.

If the bubble bursts, I payed $400 to learn a lot about people and money. Everything else is a bonus.

I'm an undergrad CSE student so I will find well-payed work elsewhere. I have the drive to accomplish my goals.

Move to montana and live inawoods

I just want to live off the grid and be left the fuck alone, never to work again.

Then I’ll do my best to make sure she’s comfy.


I was happy. Now I'm just happy and greedy.

It's called retirement, nigger

We'll ask for if old age first.

Share the wealth, user. What have you learned?

I love this video...

It's hard to believe that this James would later be based James