I will let you in on the secret to catch all moon missions. Using this trick I went from 2500$ to 189k in 3 weeks

I will let you in on the secret to catch all moon missions. Using this trick I went from 2500$ to 189k in 3 weeks.

You create a twitter, follow literally every top 300 coin (this will take some time), have a decent amount of money on all exchanges. Install autorefresh (twitter has some inbuilt delay) to keep refreshing your feed every 3sec. Always have the twitter feed on your second screen, and buy on any decent-sounding announcement.

You're welcome. No LARP.

actually good idea
link to your twitter so i can just follow everyone you do?

this could actuallyy work
any proof?

There's no way this isn't a troll. Nobody got the gains like that.

What was your road to gains speaking coin names user?


give us your twitter user

he's just larping with a good idea

>DBC partnered with Disney
>sinks into the abyss
0/10 op made me post

McAfee has proven that there are bots already doing this

If a bot can do sentiment analysis so easily, why isn't this potential revenue avenue tapped out? Seems stupid easy to whip something up with nltk in python.

Continuing, just seems like if this was such a profitable option, we'd hear more people doing it.

As an user doing this right now

Let me tell you something

It doesn’t fucking work

>omg get in LTC (got in within 3min of tweet)
>wow DNT is looking good (was literally on twitter when it got posted, bought immediately)
>golly gosh gee BTC is the place to be

Down 20%

Also, when the coin bottoms out they’re like
>no user I says MAYBE
>user it’s a long term thing
>oh I didn’t actually buy any, just looked interesting

I knew it! Haaaaa! Thank you user, good to have confirmation.

I’m so glad my asspain can help other /bizraelies/

when to sell?

I went into DBC and got out at .58c. It's your fault for bagholding long after the announcements.

I've been in so many shitcoins I can't remember half of them. My last ones have been VEN, WTC, XRP and Agrello.

Brainlet detected. Don't get into announcements that aren't hype, neither the DNT or LTC announcements were even remotely decent, bad tweets make the coin dump (see VEN yesterday).

nice try pajeet, i'll waste my time to confirm.

Because no fucking bot can calculate wether or not an announcement will have a positive impact on the coin. VEN announced a rebranding yesterday, the coin dumped, since it was expected to be around mid January.

As a rule of thumb, don't buy into announcements that aren't either 1. BIG partnerships or 2. BIG exchange listings.

If you do this, you're guaranteed to make insane gains.


pls not VEN.

Also whats not a shitcoin these days? there are so many similiar projects in crypto, its hard to tell what will sell and what wont for relatively subtle reasons.

Its becoming almost favorable to buy in to hype because I atleast know the devs are capable of communicating to their community in a way that promotes growth.

I usually sell when I see the slightest sign of momentum slowing down.

Well shit. Here I though the matter was settled. I guess this is an idea worthy of trying out.