This coin will go crazy once it has some more exposure, were 5 days in. CMC market cap alone will be massive and there is no doubt bigger exchanges are in pipeline. Kucoin is great, remember Binance did not exist 7 months ago, kucoin will be a premium exchange soon as well. This was just flushing out the hacks with post launch dump, better have them out anyway. It will hit $30+ because it's actually a real working product, roadmap, corporate partners that are relevant, real team with a focus. This will be the uber/airtasker of the industry. Just wait and see. There was 850k VC raise done a few years back as well when they were new, look at the progress and imagine the connections in the background now and work being done that is not public knowledge... These guys did not pop out of the woodwork just for an ICO. If a shit coin can hit 800mil this could be a top 20 coin within 4-8 months. What happens when there are millions of users alone? Imagine if they acquire a another massive company? One of the most solid projects around. Let us all have a minute of silence for all the sellers...

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Bullshit. There will be no partnerships. The app is on Google Play now and it is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen. And the roadmap has nothing in it. This will go nowhere. Nobody will use tokens in that shit app because nobody will ever use that app, if they can even get it to work. Sell your heavy bags now or you will regret it


I'm at 50% loss with this coin, i'm not panicking but it feels bad knowing that even if it does x2 I'll only be breaking even

>not an argument

it's going to 20x

>t. the 75 ETH whale
I am not selling you my bags for cheap you faggot

What a fuck trad, they fucking brought Bountysource and the app is new and most users use it at the moment on desktop, not the app. You faggots haven't even read the white paper
Set to x10 over the month, it's ok user

It shit.
Why cant you accept that you made a loss my going in too early.
Dropt it already.

You're going to see a massive bullrun in alts once wall street bonuses come out.
I hear they are totaling 150 billion dollars.

The FUD and dips the past week or so are only so people can accumulate this shit cheap before it explodes.

The sex trade are going to use this boys, we are all going to make it, fuck yes

>It shit.
>you made a loss my going in
>Dropt it
Pajeet flags on Veeky Forums when?

I have fists of steel matey, selling this at x10

>I have fists of steel matey, selling this at x10
me too man

It's going to be great seeing all of these pink wojaks


are you that faggot that put up the btc wall when it was rising?

I'm putting in another 2k tomorrow

The price of this thing is being manipulated like crazy. Just watch the order book for a bit.

fuck it, i sold at 50% loss to get VEN which is about to 100x anyway, so worth it

>If a shit coin can hit 800mil this could be a top 20 coin within 4-8 months

Most top 20 coins are shitcoins.
The revolving door of top 20 coins include....all shitcoins

There are only a few viable projects outside of the top 20. This is not one of them

get the fuck out of here with your bags of shit. This coin has no use case for blockchain. Literally zero reason to use a token to pay turn it back into fiat. This is a coin for autists that like paying double-fees

Is it going to moon?

Still don't know what this coin does.

I would say whoever is accumulating probably isn't doing it to lose money.


It loses your money


I bought in at $4.5. Tell me it will be alright OP and convince me not to sell.

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it,,

discord dot gg/hTTEEt2

>whales are putting insane amount of money just to keep it from rising despite the coin being less than a week old
>selling it now will benefit the whales
>whales are not charities, they don't accumulate for no reason
If this is not convincing then I don't know what is.

They want to accumulate even more. Moon is soon

so much this. i also almost panicselled..

Your bags are your bags, stop trying to make them my bags. This shit is overpriced and will tank further. I'll buy when it hits 400 sat.

I am not telling you to buy into my bags user, i am just warning the anons who already bought not to sell.

how many can does everyone hold?
only 100 here