Down we go. This time its over

Down we go. This time its over.


agreed, winter is here, get comfy

its a small bear for bitcoin. Eth and neo will be the bulls.

oh and all shitcoins will go back to their november sats level

and then slowly grow back to current sats over the course of 6 months to a year, and then moon again. we know, senpai.

altcoins become resistant to fucking cold and hunger and get +110000 bonus to survival in the wilderness

ameribear concurs

nope, the market speculation phase will be over in 6 months. Normies will lose everything in the next month and they wont be back. Shitcoins have officially died as of last week. Get in bluechips alts or cash out or suffer


Wall street bonuses come out next week.

It's only bearish this week in preparation for the massive bull market that is going to come star

>bluechips alts
what are those?

>giving advice
>doesnt know what bluechip alts are.

I just spew what I've read on here and telegram

They're LITERALLY just coins with blue icons



How the fuck is ETH outside?


Bear dies in his faggy den, alts eat his rotting corpse.

They came out last friday.

Yep. See you guys back in 2 years.

>when all your coins are mid to longterm holds

I'm good


Hope it doesn't contain currencies for your sake.

This includes: Bitcoin, BCH, LTC, Monero, Tron, Ripple, Raiblocks and any other pure currency.

Only things possibly surviving this bearmarket are commodity coins such as ETH,NEO,Enigma or utility coins such as REQ etc.

the fucks happening? haven't even googled crypto news ... but it should be something obvious as usual


Don't worry, I am all in on the memes: