Strap yourselves in, boys

Strap yourselves in, boys.

This rocket is about to blast off.

Where have I seen this thread before?

holding 89539 bags. Lets do it

Interesting choice of picture, considering your post's contents are basically, "I don't remember something"

Have fun with your bags idiots.

why should I invest?

maybe no reason? coin seems dead

On the contrary, it has enough volatility to make it worthwhile to daytrade on the highs and lows. Plus, it had a very profitable first week of January.

I have no allegiance to the coin itself, but it has made me some money.

If you have the patience and the luck, you can do it too. I say luck because, despite what most people will have you believe, you do need a bit of it too.

I'm not aiming for lambo land. I'm aiming for "paying off my dad's house so he can retire" land.

You honestly make a profit day trading this coin? seems to be pretty stable .09 to .1 over the week

Sure. It's predictable, so you can make up to 10% if you time it right. Do that 4 or 5 times in a day and you've made some pretty good gains. You can probably do it 1-2 times a day without even practicing the timing, give it a try.

Yes, there are other coins out there - but none have paid off as much as TRX has for me.

All aboard the Challenger.

More like all aboard the Flounder.

Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of the ~70 sat that TRX has gained since I started this thread.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to buy anything. But if you already have TRX, you're going to wake up very happy tomorrow.

Yeah good luck

All aboard the Challenger.

Strapped in, told these stupid faggots to buy while the Tron FUD was at ATH, as usual Veeky Forums didn't listen.

You've said that twice in this thread.

Are you just fishing for (You)s?

>Tron and Cripple
Oh boy.

ffs I'd be happy to see this stupid shit rise even a couple cents. I need to get rid of these bags before I get JUST'ed by that stupid slanty eyed fucker

cant wait for china to wake up with an alibaba partnership justin tweet!!!

Xrp will go up in the next few months without a doubt.

If you dont have at least 1k im sorry

get ready for the strap on


>says the increasingly nervous man for the 20th time today

they day is nearly over in chink lands,where is the huge partnership announcement

Good posts, cheers. Have a rare wojak

All aboard the Challenger

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it

>can't even go to 800 sats


Which one of you bought for over .15c?

I pity you fools

I did.. Sold at 30% lose... Bags were getting too heavy

every tweet ive seen about this coin has been from roasties and niggers. no thanks

Worst part of it all is, whenever that chink posts something about TRX- the price drops even more... pls, no more- it hurts