Are ICOs the way to go?

Are ICOs the way to go?

I do normi trading with the big boy coins and some shill coins for decent gains.
My brother has made like x10 more in the same time with going heavy into ICOs.

So redpill me on ICOs? Are they better?

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ask your brother lol

Wondering about this also. I know last year if you invested equally into every ICO you'd be up 1000% or some shit. But last year isn't this year.

Would appreciate if anybody had more insights into ICOs as I am looking to update my investment strategy.

thank me later for the x1000
>10 million supply
>30 cents each
Guaranteed moon mission when it trades. It’s erc20 so make sure you don’t use an exchange wallet

I just tried to parciptate in an ICO but some faggot whale fucked it up for everyone and it sold out within 11 minutes.

I have a feeling this is going to become common among icos

Yes, ICOs are better but make sure you invest in a project that actually has a token that's going to be traded on exchanges. Low supply too.
this is what I'm talking about...could be vaporware..but most ICOs are vaporware lol. It's all about the token and when it hits exchanges.

What's the best way to keep up with new coins just about to get onto their first exchane? Manually tracking the bitcoinchat/twitter/telegram for every coin you find or is there a nice list somewhere?

here user

> Experty ICO
9000ETH hard cap
15k telegram
good project - ico made via bitcoinsuisse

> paywithink
there's a bunch out there

stay away from this pajeet ico

I was considering savedroid's ico a few days ago. I gave up once I realized there is no legal mechanism to stop them issue more coins any time they want. Plus they valued themselves at 60 mln eur which makes no sense to me with the amounts that go through their app.

In general I don't see the point of ico. With ipo you know someone is auditing the company, there are certain terms, and the ceo is not buying a lambo and fucking off with the money from the offering. Who guarantees that in an ico?

I came to the painful conclusion that going public without the regulator just doesn't work.

I can’t wait until June

It's like finding a good coin to ride the pump. You have to find a good ico with decent hype behind it.



He said when they get listed on exchanges.


I invested in Telcoin and Neuromation, both with a hugh bonus. Try to join an ICO investment group, getting a 50% bonus while everyone else is bragging about their 5% is pure bliss.

it's a good start at least

what's so funny?

This is literally going to let me retire


why not exchange wallet if erc20?

the tokens get sent to the address
some exchanges lose the erc20 tokens if they're static

I use metamask

What does Veeky Forums think about WePower? It seems like a really promising project with a lot of backing.