Do I hold my bags and keep bleeding out or do a biz buy high sell low and move to one of the hundreds of shitcoins...

Do I hold my bags and keep bleeding out or do a biz buy high sell low and move to one of the hundreds of shitcoins mooning

Why would you think buying RDD was ever a good idea.

You're not gonna make it user.
I'm sorru.
Just give up

When everyone on Veeky Forums says "We will all make it", we mean everyone but you OP.

Jesus christ dude. 300 that's all you can do? You should be in some coins with a wayyyy smaller cap and supply

send everything to paper wallet, burn it.

the only winning move is not to play

Dont let anyone tell you that you will not make it or whatever...get as much Digibyte as you can and hold!

>being this diversified with only 300 dollars

I have 30k and I only have 1 fucking coin

I started with 2k

the key is to risk it all on 1 coin that goes 10x

Reddcoin? oh no desu....
I started with 400$ so you'll give you a couple o tips:

1- Chasing moons is fine, but you have too little to buy so many different coins, you're way overdiversified, stick to one of those.

2 - Get into solid projects that are on a dip and HOLD ON, it will take time, but you'll start seeing profit if you BUY LOW

3 - DO NOT SELL LOW, TATTOO THIS IN YOUR WEAK HANDS IF YOU HAVE TO - the market is growing everyday, crypto allows you to make a bad entrypoint and still succeed if the coin is legit

4 - stay away from ultra shitcoins and pnd groups

5 - Research the whitepaper, working product and and github, see if it's not vaporwave

6 - get on twitter and follow good ppl to be hearing rumours at least before the majority

7 - check bitcoin prices to see if the market is bullish or bearish

8 - learn how to read the most basic of chart indicators like MACD, RSI, CCI, and the candlesticks

9 - If the coin is flatlining and HAS NO VOLUME WHATSOEVER on major exchanges, it will only moon if there's amazing news or by a pump and dump


Also, CND is a good buy rtn (and not yesterday), congrats, that should've been your only coin

I know you meant vaporware but kek

lol i'm high as fuck desu, hope you at least got the tips

oh shit you're not op, my bad

Not OP but I appreciate the tips, thanks user.

Questions though, what do you think of CANYA. I hold 4k in Canya, I'm all in.

Also when btc goes up/down what happens to alts and why?

>calling 300 bucks bags.

well, it really depends, if btc goes on a dip ppl will go out of alts for a relatively safe investment in btc (i'm talking big fat whales here), and alts drop

but if btc goes down for bearish market reasons, then only coins like ethereum, monero, Vechain and etc will hold up (big solid projects with different technology/objective)

if btc is stable, then alts go up, simple as that

BTC will rise to 15k, and if it goes even higher, we'll see (and the bots will see too) a bear flag signaling a downward trend, best case scenarios is btc going to 14k and then down again, and then soaring up over the next 2 months
how much did you pay for it? I'm not big on that project, but shittier coins have bigger market caps, I can see that CAN has room to grow

I bought CND at the dip at 10150 eth skellies and getting JUST’d so hard
This shit will prolly moon to $1 after I offload bags in a few days too

no that's not that bad user, hold what you have, and if you see new buying opportunities put in new money

I started with 400 and it got stuck about 2 months on flatliners last year, I sold my ps4 and used the money to get into XRB and the rest is history, (ofc, the whole market went up in december, but I got my payoff)

I heard wall street bonuses are coming out this week totaling 150 billion dollars and a lot of this is going into crypto
what are your thoughts on this?

This. All broke anons listen to this user

if i were u id go all in a coin you think has potential.. i put 300 in ripple at 20 cents and now i have a decent amount of money to spread among coins. 300 is too small to diversify

idk about the totals and whatnot, but crypto is hot right now and surely wall street execs are madly jumping in and tax season is also coming up (shhh, you guys can invest in XMR)

but overall crypto is growing because old money and common folk are starting to put money in it, the market won't slow down unless there's a crash

threads like this on are why i come to biz, ok and also ppl losing their minds over pink wojacks lol happy hunting to you all!

Do you really think it matters what you do? Unless you're an insider on a developing project and you're able to buy 30,000 coins at $.01 each and it happens to moon, it doesn't even matter.

go look on CMC how reddcoin faired from August onwards. Its a pump and dump scam. You bought the top.