Poorfag here. Should I sell my ETH for VeChain?

Poorfag here. Should I sell my ETH for VeChain?

if you want to get rich and snort coke off of hookers tits, yes

It's simple

>Buy VEN (now or when it dips)
>Don't touch it until December

You can thank me later.


Vechain is a good buy.

Usually I would say, don't do it, because ETH is such a safe investment (as far as cryptos go), but VEN is looking pretty safe these days too.

cant sleep anons, this shit is crazy

where the fuck do these walls keep coming from

this coins a peacock, you gotta let it fly!

this might be the best coin in all of baseball


When is gunna be a good time to sell and buy more on a 'dip'?

Currently hold just over 1000 of these babies and would love to accumulate more but I'm scared shitless to lose even a single one.

Help me bros.



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I want USA normies to wake up, open /r/all, and see Vechain on their front feed.

I want normies at my work to ask me if they should sell their cripples for VEN.

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25 BTC wall just dropped in to say hello


Yes I'd like that very much, but I don't really have many funds left.

How much do you think VEN will hit at the EOY?

also im gay

WHat's holding me back though is that VEN is almost at the ath again...

a christ child or two

When I wake up tomorrow new floor is going to be $6.50. Woooo we on a wild ride boys

I need help bros i got around 5k in crypto
between 8 coins
Some are solid as hell, i have VEN obvoiusly. Do i sell some coins that i don't like much at a loss for VEN? I feel like i'd be losing money.

Same with selling coins at a loss to stay in ETH, i feel like it is counter productive? Help

Ven is always at ath.

>diversifying in crypto

You will continue being a poorfag if you keep diversifying. Start going all in and you will see the true returns.

True and false, you go all in you could tank and lose loads in a day.

What about 2-3 coins? I feel like that is a prime diversity

piggy bagging on this.
I invested 900 eur, my portfolio is heavily diversified (some solid, some avarage) as fuck with nothing 3 digit. Is this bad? and if so should I get rid of 50 eur hodlings even if they are good long term in favor of fewer more potent coins?

With 900 i would go 3-4 coins max
If you are super confident on a coin like ICX or VEN which is likely to do good then go all in.

2-3 coins you believe in is fine, more than that and you'd be making yourself thin.

i plan on selling SPHTX, ARK, ZEN, COSS then.

i think they are all decent coins but all under 50€ individual hodlings.

In return i would buy more BAT, SPANK, FUN

i also have 1 NEO, 33 IOTA that i kind of wanna keep long term.

I also carry a 80 EUR ADC bag i need to get rid of asap.

good plan? Or sell BAT when it recovers and buy more of another?

Alright Veeky Forums, I invested some more.

I have near 10k invested, 7.5k in been 1.5 icx rest in a few shit coins. Yes you have to many go all in on 2 coins

thanks user. i think i bought too much into the turning a 100 € note into a lambo meme following a friend who made 5k with 50 € in DRGN.

i guess i will go back and put more into same coins. out of
which should i keep?