Daily reminder that tomorrow is January 15th.
Where do you think Wall Street bankers will spend their bonuses?


At yo mamas house

You think they gonna buy ATH? Come on

Top ten coins most likely. Hope they pump Req so my bags get lighter

Definitely PFR


A third of the market is at ATH

Sell me your alts!

tomorrow is MLK
wire transfers will not be completed during this time

tuesday will have the real pumps. If anything, you should buy in now to the coins that have a good mixture of usecase/marketing if you're looking for short term gains.

on hookers and cocaine obviously. Do you think they're going to buy someone else's shitcoin bags ? Doubt it

how much money you idiots think they have and will add to crypto market cap? Sorry anons, there wont be a significant pump

BTC Ripple XLM Cardano most likely IMO. They got dumped hard.

TRX and xvg


They're supposed to be smart, so, not TRX
and not LINK

An average of 125k each they get as bonuses.

how much do these nogs make a year + bonuses after taxes?

nothing, you idiots are retarded

Hookers and blow

Last year it happened.

Unironically LINK.

First its going to come through Bitcoin ETH and maybe litecoin

a lot probably only have coinbase and aren't signed up other exchanges (for now). so you may see the largest pumps in BTC, LTC, ETH, & BCH

bankers don't live paycheck to paycheck... I think.
But I also read the Millionaire next Door


What usually happens on the 15th?

t. pea brain

do you even read?

On Phore because it's the same day new white paper drops.

Don't miss the 31st

So this means that the pumps will drag some altcoin prices up. Around what time can we expect them?

They will flock to ellaism, the open-source community developed "linux" of Ethereum.

ABCT obviously. Bitcoin with smart contracts, drops on the 15th. I expect at least 100x when immediately.

Wallstreet gets their bonuses, which they often reinvest in the stock market. People think that they'll throw some at crypto too this year


AION has Deloitte connections.

also happy about abtc

sorry for every user who missed the fork

It's ez money tho

Maybe this is what the VEN whales are keeping the price down for?

Friendly reminder that futures close on the 18th

what does it mean?

The Big Short


At the lambo dealership.

you really think wallstreet gives a fuck about open source community? jesus christ dude, call up Bernie Sanders to invest in that shit, wallstreet wont touch it