I have a little theory about the VEN walls and coca cola kid...

I have a little theory about the VEN walls and coca cola kid... There is no other coin that's had to deal with walls like this. Why are the whales so focused on VEN?

Here's where Coca Cola Kid comes in. This random dude on Twitter has insider info and is sharing it. But who's to say he's the only one with insider info? All these whales must know something we don't. Big things are coming for Vechain... This is only the beginning.

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it's gonna dump

t. wtc

I don't get it. Instead of FUD why don't you just buy crypto that will make you money? Don't you want to make it?

North Korea using ven to track citizens via rfid chips to make sure they complete their daily worship of supreme leader
Now you know

there playing people like a chess board with vechain gotta go a few move ahead

I've no idea why the fuck they keep putting up sell walls. It's getting genuinely frustrating at this stage. This coin gets absolutely HUGE news and can barely make it past 15%.

Already got 70% of my portfolio in ven, tempted to go all in so I can get to lambo land when the whales are done accumulating

You are gonna get dumped on and Chinese government is gonna get your hard earned pesos, you've been warned

>The discord pump group that is unstoppable.

discord dot gg/6BAAvpM

Bro don't be frustrated. These whales are buying more and more. At some point they will be happy with how much they've accumulated and will stop putting down walls... I believe there is one gigantic piece of news coming out this year that Vechain is holding back - Something bigger than today's news.

Just realize that once the walls are down you will see gains never witnessed before in history. Worldwide news networks will be reporting on it. The Forbes list will be scrambled up with new faces and kings will stand down.

No but seriously though gains gonna be huge

That is a Communist user that enjoys being poor Deal me in

Literally any crypto will make you money if you don't act like a bitch and buy high and sell low.


Discarded. Reported.

sold now. This wont go up for weeks while whales accumulate and bitcoin is set to crash.

Yeah, I wasn't talking about any crypto specifically.

Im believer of the conspiracy theory that VEN themselves are orchestrating a seemingly un-chaotic and organic growth, and don't want their coin to do what coins like TRON and XLM did, which is to rise up like crazy and crumble in a day.



I thought this was a PnD on a massive scale. But seeing Jim Breyer next to President Xi fucking Jinping, coca cola kid's tweets, and the partnerships/announcements lining up...

Clearly insiders and whales are building their stacks through absolute manipulation because this is going to be huge. Remember to take profits along the way - don't get greedy.

gonna be hard not sellling this shit, imagine where it will be in +5years, looking back you sold for 500k when you coulda had a few mil D:

I love these highly orchestrated shill threads for chink coins with their totally real banter and praise and definitely realistic numbers that they throw around.

It's better than watching tv because I know some of you will fall for it and lose lots of money