Sub $20

why is this shit bleeding so badly

cuz it's a shitcoin that doesn't do anything, lol. muh fast transactions, muh no fees. don't you get it. this is literally DGB 2.0

It’s useless

rebrand to nano soon shit will take off but still what the fuck

i fell for redditcoin scam. bought at $31. planning on dumping as soon as it hits binance and i can break even. It's lost all its steam and hype, i dont see it going back to over $40.

there is massive exchange + NODE fud

should begin to pickup next week once the nodes are fixed

everyone on Veeky Forums, LITERALLY everyone called that these currency coins would be useless trash in 2018. no one actually uses them for currency outside of drug trade and for that you use monero

but reddit faggots didn't get the memo since all they buy is bitcoin so they latched on to the "better" version

Good time to buy?


Pump and dump, you retards laughed at me earlier but its dropped another 20% and will continue to

Wow great memes user so well done very witty

best project of 2018

Honestly, had some exchange issues but this shit is going to fucking moon.

xrb will continue to tank until the wallet issue is resolved. once it is, there is no reason for it to not moon. it will be best in class tech, again this is provided they make the improvements. risk/reward seems favorable.

I'm glad it'd tanking so I have a chance to get more.

20 dollars a good entry point?

Yeah this could go 500+ 2018

are you people dumb? the only reason it bleeds is because nodes on exchanges broke so it's not a working product anymore, but apparently getting fixed

also the currency coins are the only coins that matter, rest are utter trash and money grabs that will be gone when the bubble pops

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it

cope harder fagget

the only reason cryptocurrency exists is to transfer/store your value, all those shit platform coins are money grabs since they are easy way to get donations


I bought at $3.50 so it's still comfy as hell.

For those who missed the early fun, you are missing out on easy 20% gains every single day with this coin. Just look at the graph. It goes from ~$20 to ~$25 every day, without fail. You can make limit buy orders at ~$21 (to be safe) and limit sell orders at ~$25 and you'll get free coins, without fail, every day. I've been doing it all week now and went from 250XRB to 500XRB, all for literally nothing, using around half my XRB allocation each time.

Stop being poor retards.

It's due the Binance listing. Everyone on biz and reddit started buying because it was number 1 in the binance vote.

It would for sure go up when it got on binance, they thought.

I think people have seen BTC's lightning network in action. Now the only advantage XRB has is that it's fast natively and there are no miners needed.

I bought at $22. Kinda feel bad.

It's a shitcoin, sold mine at 30 dollars and got mocked on here by the brainless normies who have ruined this board. Nice 20k profit though.

Lightning network is not the same thing though.

This thing is much faster and infinitely scalable. The lightning network is a joke compared to Rai.

got in at $21. Don't let me down Veeky Forums

sold all for VEN feeling comfy AF right now.

gonna have a smoke.

Got in at 20 cents. Still holding. Just forget about it and come back in a year.

Assblaster said that this is shitcoin and it will be single digits Q2

I trust him

Raiblocks was probably the biggest transfer of wealth in 2017. Whales accumulated enough when it was 0.30$, started shilling this on reddit out of nowhere, and there you have it. 100x profits. I have to give it to them, it required a lot of effort and planning, but it paid off. When you see it didn't even have any active development until recently, it should have raised all the red flags.

large caps = shitty gains. smart money is in low caps with high potential such as UFR, BBT

vaporwave overhyped piece of shit coin with a stupid name and logo
If you bought this at anything over $1 you are retarded

B-but I like technology.

Wake up retards. It's not worth that much

Name one better currency that isn't just name and market cap.

Its just a coin with fast transaction speed. nothing more

>no one actually uses them for currency outside
>implying any top 100 coins apart from monero is used in any way


Glad I sold it and got ADC

Having a faster trading pair is useless? Retard

Average buy price .47

Average sell price 25.54

Massive Gains making my lifetime. just shy of 7 figures.