The Great VeChain Pump Part II

Read the news here, get in if you haven't:

Are whales holding this coin down? Most assuredly. Time to get /comfy/.

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WTC is the superior chinkcoin faggots

updoot the shit out of this on plebbit

i want to see the markets flooded with money in the am :)

Is it the time to invest some more?

Why don't you buy both? You realize crypto's aren't a sport's team? And you realize that if one of them succeeds it doesn't mean the other has to fail right?

yes. If we had more buy volume, this thing would rocket up

Jezus christ desperate fucking vechain shills, kys

A car company is coming next, boys
CCK retweeted a fella talking about General Motors and replied "you have seen "


bitcoin is going to crash soon. Brutal timing, moon mission will be delayed by 2 months

Thunder node checking in. Am I a whale?

I do have both

holy fuckin shit

when this sinks in vechain is going to 1000

Alright, in that case you a smart one

The whales have insider info 100% - The moment they feel they have accumulated enough, Vechain will moon and never drop down to the old price again. Screenshot this.

those replies to the twitter are fucking cancer. We couldnt normies stick to tron for fuck sake. No serious investor will go near them until these cunts die

How much will it go in Q1 and EOY?

Thinking of selling these bags of VEN for more WTC. These fucking whales make me think VEN might be a scam coin on a larger scale. Got my tin foil hat ready to go

all the whales gotta let their insider whale buddies in

holy fucking shit

its worth selling everything to buy in at 6.50

holy fucking shit

Volume is basically dead at this point... Is it done for the night?

i will remember this night for the rest of my life

What is it gonna take for this coin to pump?

I want to increase my portfolio before I buy Ven. Please tell me it won't moon tonight. I only have 10k USD. I want to accumulate 50+k and then all in on Ven.
Please don't let this fucking coin moon tonight.

100%'d into ven at 6.20 right after news dropped.

I can't promise anything as I don't have insider information. But it looks like these whales aren't done accumulating for now. You'll probably still be able to buy more at around this price, but even if it goes up i'd still buy. I think these gains are just the beginning.

fully expecting it to be 6.40 tomorrow, through whale suppression, just gambling that they finally have had enough and let the fucking coin go where it wants

just bought at 6.50, we'll see if the normies take the b8 back in ameriland and europe.

I think it will be WTC tier by the end of Q1 (~30 USD) - Even with all the sell walls. But once again I am only speculating.

>Rating coins by price only

He asked about price. I know that's not all that matters. Obviously if we rate VEN by everything other than price we see how great it is.

they'll never have enough

its going to take sheer volume

who the hell would sell into these walls

>doubting sunny lu

Don't let me FOMO into this

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it

discord dot gg/hTTEEt2


Fucking tired of this shit
stfu reddit faggot
'this shit's going to the moon!!!!!1!11111!' every 30 seconds
post your portfolio since you're the god of predictions

I'm going to go put my phone in a safe and randomize the code.

why? because I'm going to go get blackout drunk tonight and don't want to do something stupid like panic sell when these whales crash it down to 5 again

while Im waiting for the locksmith to open the safe tomorrow and nursing my hangover, I will consider my life choices and if I really want to keep participating in the greatest chinese scam of all time

don't. I have 10k in ven and I regret it. this thing never moons

If it goes back to 5 buy more

Boy you are a really retarded little faggot, aren't you? Chinese tobacco monopoly produces 30% of the cigarettes in the entire world, and smoking is a lot more fucking popular in A/SEA than it is in the west.

Vechain partnering with an actual government entity is big, but with THAT particular government entity is enormous, especially considering that it is the perfect industry to deploy their rfid technology in a wide scale in.

There is every reason in the world for ven to moon over news like that.

Not that it WILL moon, because these faggot chink whales will keep it suppressed forever.

> tfw Vechain is still holding back major news

Then you your a fucking impatient retard trying to chase shit coin moons .have fun with that

you don't have the cognitive ability to dissect the grandiosity of this Vechain news without seeing how much VEN I have in an image file?

you deserve to be a poorfag


it wouldn't matter if vechain had secretly developed an interstellar colonization program with lightspeed travel, and was ready to start launching tomorrow

chink whales would still keep the price down


Love Vechain
Hate whales
Simple as

This unironically.

I know >whales accumulating and >whales suppression is a Veeky Forums meme but after tonight's news I genuinely believe it.

I'm a risk averse investor and hold 80% in btc/eth at all times, but holy fuck the manipulation tonight was fucking insane. If this happened to any other coin it would have 2x'd in 30 minutes, but for VEN, a partnership with the largest tobacco conglomerate on planet earth that accounts for 30% of tobacco sales in the world, the coin pumps 10%.

Even with insane volume of buys coming in, 100 btc walls pop up to stifle everything. How much money do these fucking whales have holy shit.

When this pops, it's gonna fucking POP.

the next few months are going to feel like years until pboc with every whale in china and jim breyer's harem wanting a slice

100% in pulling out at 0.4000

>but for VEN, a partnership with the largest tobacco conglomerate on planet earth that accounts for 30% of tobacco sales in the world, the coin pumps 10%.
>When this pops, it's gonna fucking POP.

satanic trips confirms

Seriously though, the amount of manipulation is ridiculous

Not sure if I should be excited, angry or worried

ok, the phone goes away now and off I go to the bars

I'm going to wake up with my wallet stolen and my as sore from ladyboy cocks most likely, but I don't even care tonight

I need to fucking get drunk this is way too stressful.

no big deal 190 btc wall just dropped

good lord, how much black market money is there in the world

predictions are the same. 15-20$ piece eom.

be patient lads, we are going to be rich

i'm all three

>Satanic trips, moon confirmed

Unironically falling for this shill coin. Look at how many "mooning" threads we see about ven EACH FUCKING HOUR. Then tell me this is not a well coordinated pnd scam. Fuck off pajeets

Wish you 10/10 jailbait

or two. not angry. it's crypto wild west comes with the territory.

should we sell end of month or hold even longer till end of feb?

At least we've all got a seat on a ride, lads

You did buy VEN didn't you?

Tell me about Vitalik, does he have the aids?

Be fucking worried and sell while you can. If you still cant understand what you've gotten into, this is a coin shilled by a certain pump and dump discord group. Dont tell me I didnt warn you. Pic related

I'm holding till at least Feb
May sell off a bit to lock in some profit, but I'm riding this baby to Camry Land

vechain is going to be banging all year

Q1 - rebranding and partnerships that make your head spin
Q2 - PBOC mainnet and THOR
Q3 - institutional and savvy investors realize enteprise coins are the best coins to buy
Q4 - 1000

You don’t sell ven lmao. It’s a fucking 10-100x in the next year. You hold it for reduced taxes (US), get rich, and get out of the bull shit crypto game before it blows a gasket and you’re left holding bags. Ven is pretty legit though it’ll probably survive in that scenario

you didn't believe in whales manipulating the market? They control everything, except bitcoin and eth because wall street is in them. See every coin that went 10x in the last month? whales pumping and then dumping profits into bitcoin/eth and likely this. Whales made over 50 billion on verge and tron.

like a fucken minnow level discord group could influence anything., fucken brainlets thinking this is so small

ahjaahahasfhsdfgsdakjgsad AHAHAHAHAHA thats a fucking 300 person discord that couldn't even pnd dbc today holy SHIT ahahasdf I'm going to fucking throw up Im laughing so hard

cry bitch tears in hell waltoncuck, we will send a package from the moon


oh my god shut up and back to r eddit

AHAHAHAHAHAASH i THREW UP. this fucking pajeet oh my fuck god I made messall over my floor from laughing so hard jesus you fucking faggot stay poor AHAHAHAHAHAHAsadfadsfdsagthkisdh

I was in this discord group for like 5 minutes, it's a small discord group with probably like 15 brainlets online now, thinking they have the smallest impact on VEN's price. VEN is a 200million/day volume coin. These guys are 2 grains of sand in sahara.


The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it><

discord dot gg/hTTEEt2

yeah I also heard that the upcoming hardfork and with bip141 in the future is going to kill vechain. Also I think China are planning to ban VeChain mining.

I think we got some salty walties on suicide watch posting in here boys

Whale is not a new concept. In other markets they're called "institutional money". Hedge funds have dedicated teams of traders that last anywhere from days to weeks; and they love crypto because
>small market caps: easy to manipulate
>naive market participants
>almost no competition
>almost no regulation
You'd be stupid not to think they exist

Fucking exposed. Now tell me this is not a well coordinated pnd scam. Anyone else who bought this coin, you deserve losing your money.

I'm a thunder node too, I don't think we are. Thunderheim node is whale status.

Also I find it funny how that Disco brainlet told everyone not to FOMO back in, minutes before we jumped by 2k sats.

The harder these autistic salty walties fud against ven the higher it’ll go. Gtfo you faggot hopefully you sold your wtc bags at ath and bought ven




Finally cracked 50k again boyyys

FFS where was the dip, EVERYTIME
I try to swing trade this to increase my stack it fucks me


Jesus fucking Christ I hate Normans so much. The retards in that server think they’re having any effect on the market. I hope they all lose every penny they have.

Is this the time to scrape the last remaining bits of my other crypto together and throw it at Ven?

Your problem is you’re an idiot trying to day trade. The crypto market can’t be predicted so just buy and hold


55K? MAYBE 59-60K?

52k, the pump is nearly over. Buy back at 40k. I dumped my 20k

You don’t dump ven you waltcuck you hold it forever and enjoy the constant slow rocketing into the stars

Hold hooolldd hooooolllldddd

How do you know it will go down that low
Sometimes it barely dips for shit then lifts off again never to come back

explain your faggotry

Fuck you whale! Just put a 100btc sell wall up.

nah niggas this has barely reverberated across the normiescape. wait till mid afternoon tomorrow when it's at 7.5-8

>dumping VEN

We haven't even started yet

eaten alive

Ven is already overvalued. Everyone in the crypto space is aware of this project. There is no one left to buy in. I sold my bags and you should too, the bitcoin crash will send this tumbling until late feb