Most you've ever lost on crypto?

Most you've ever lost on crypto?

$300 here

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40 BTC.


40K USD and a finger (long story)

0,2 BTC in 2014

I lost about 1/3 of my portfolio once. It was hell.

My dignity


Please tell biz is trash this morning with the exception of 1 thread

share the story on the finger

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it,

discord dot gg/hTTEEt2

In a single trade, day, week, month?

Sold 25,000XVG for $400 a couple weeks ago so.... that?

>Most you've ever lost on crypto?
>$300 here



90k, something like that, you get used to it.

today? 30k$ feeling comfy

200k. dont ask

please tell us the story user, im genuinely interested


Lost 800 BTC to mt. gox. Didn't lose any $ though.

Nothing, I'm about 6,000x up. Sure my holdings change by a couple of BTC a week but I don't consider going from $150k to $90k to be a loss seeing I started with $20.


Because I HODL you double niggers

Any particular reason you were you keeping your BTC on an exchange?

a million by selling most btc for 200.

i was early af and still messed up

Was going to sell. Then hack happens... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well that answers my question of how do you lose money in crypto.


Im down 10 grand every time bitcoin sneezes

$56,000. It was a bad day.




Bought 1000$ worth XRP when it was ~2.0. Was bit off with timing and my loss is currently 140$. It is only a temporaty setback.

20 BTC

Well, I bought a car with bitcoin when it hit 1k, so about 350k if I just held them instead.

I'm down 55k this week. Then again I'm up about as much this month. Big swings

You got a loan from a bad man, didn't you?



Knock on wood


400€ I typed the wrong ETH amount into the limit order.

Haven't cashed out yet so technically I'm just down 100% of my initial investment

Haven't made anything until I have the $$$ in my bank account

0.4 btc by selling 4.5k LINK at bottom. Held on to 1.5k, thank god.

>It's only a loss if you sell.

That said, probably a few thousand grasping onto LTC for way too long.

Made it all back in a few days on shitcoins, tho.

on a whim invested 1 eth the other day on etherbet coin
i know i'll never see that money back. the exchange page is like a fucking shark pool

Idk how i feel about this one guys its doesnt sit right with me, just seen ehat the devs posted in the telegram and im gonna take a pass. Probably going to put my money in Walton (WTC) or something for quick profits

I've been slowly bleeding from 20k to 12k during the last 2 weeks. Fun times. But I started with 2K so am not too worried. Internet monies are not real anyway.

Good to see some fellow Veeky Forumsers have the right idea, should see easy 100-300% this month on Waltonchain

LTC was good but it cant compete with Walton anymore, you must hate money if you not buying Walton (WTC)

>should see easy 100-300% this month on Waltonchain

It’s over for me. I had 5k before Korea

I use to buy ETH but look into Walton (WTC) and make good gains

all i do is win win win no matter what mah dude

I lose or gain anywhere from $40-50k per day. But yea mostly gain.

greentext it.

More than $1m in a day

If you're talking about trading, I've never lost (I only stopped making money... I have 500 so it's a joke anyway).

Years ago I lost the HDD where I used to store my BTC. That really hurts.


Held your bags for too long huh

You never had 1m dollars kiddo, shut up

>Wallet address in name

Get out beggar.

lost 10k so far.

Lost around 750 BTC in 2011 ($5000 value at the time) to Mt Gox

I first started putting money into this shit about Christmas time and went all in on Litecoin. That's all you need to know.

I daytrade alot and its not unusual to lose 10k on a bad day.


Ooof lol should have gone ETH in hindsight huh

Yeah I am now, and already got back a large chunk of my losses.

Don't get me wrong, you didn't do so bad with LTC. Could have been worse.


My portfolio has dipped 25% from it's ATH on January 10th. That's about 30k.

I've got coins I want to sell to buy other shit, but not in this market.


I have never lost a cent

lost $7000 on CAN and AIX this week.

25k on bmc, yes I' am retarded.

>can lose thousands in a second
>only gain 1 dollar a month

Fat finger order cost me 0.5BTC

However I've lost about 3 BTC buy selling and waiting to rebuy but missing my limit buy by about 10 sats, and then that coin mooned 3x over the day (this was REQ btw)