I hacked a certain coin's twitter page what do?

It is a big coin listed on several big exchangers, I have access to the twitter and can post anything I want
what should I do?
if you have a good offer also leave some fake email so I can contact you (if it is anything I can do on my own I will just do it without your help though..

Shill DBC

>announce exit scam
>buy bags

Write an essay on how you will ban/prohibit the sale of the coin in Belgium using a couple pages if arguments why Belgium is a shithole and a fake country.
Or do just anything that doesnt make it too obvious it is a hack but is kinda belirvable

Big if true. I'd accumulate, wait for prime trading hours tomorrow and then post news about some major partnership. By the time they're able to re-establish control, you'd have a nice pump and dump.

share the knowledge
and check the messages in twitter maybe there are some inside info

>We will be doing a LCO(Last Coin Offering). If you missed the ICO you don't want to miss this.

this. and tell us in advance

Tell everyone to join this discord server
discord dot gg slash HQUZER3

nothing interesting in private messages, I checked
I just think they will delete my message like 3 minutes after I post it..
I'll make a statistic of their activity time and post in the least likely hour they will post probably

So, you want our suggestions but don't want to help fellow Veeky Forumsinessmen out by organizing a joint operation that would likely be even more beneficial to you? Fuck you

as I said, if you offer anything out of the ordinary I will contact you and see how we can go about doing it together
I can think of pump and dump on my own, don't need you for that

post the "I woke up at 6am" copypasta with the coins name in it. This will discredit the coin enough

Post about PND. Woolong time veterans wil thank you for that.

Redirect them to my btc address.

It's a joke. I don't want to be a criminal.

Spread some serious Fud. Acumulate and then announce the twitter has been hacked. Sit back and cash in gains

Does any of the normies in here know about PND still at all?
Thought it was dead but I never sold my millions so they are generating few hundred bucks daily at the current price meanwhile new devs have announced they are working on it again. Wonder what happens next

like some serious FUD

"it is with great sadness that we announce the cessation of "

Tell them the founder was caught urinating in public and you must use the ico fund to pay the penalty of $10,000
Then say "it's just that, we promise"

Announce a partnership with confido and chainlink

dont put chainlink in that fool

Pump it with fake news. IBM, MS, Cisco, NASDAQ, AmEx partnerships etc..

Pump it!

help us out user, give us some gainzzzz!

Also after you pumped or dumped it, go out with a lol

Instead of influencing your coins price. Try something else. Try something bigger. Try something global.

Be the next flash. Crash BTC into the ground. Leave a message. After all it's about sending a message. For the lulz.

Give mankind a grim reminder that real value has nothing to do with their bank accounts.

[email protected]


By hacked you mean you guessed the password? Or you used some other method so you don't know the pass?

I really value your mom's grim titties, does that count?

Let them know that the lead dev has quit due to unforeseen circumstances, and that there will be an official announcement soon. Then buy the dip. Remember to link the tweet here. SO we can help you fud further.

You could announce rebranding and a link to a fake rebranded site which is in an ICO at the moment. So the ico money goes to your eth address
I can help you with setting up a fake ico site
[email protected]

I think OP Actually Delivered

>now crash it


Yeah, its OP or nuls devs are pajeets

And it's going up...


Seriously, you blown this shit. Fuck.

And YOU DON'T HINT ON SOMETHING, you go all out. Say the name of a fuckin giant company.

Accidently post a fake ballistic missile test


This OP please give us a warnung before doing it

You blew if it's NULS. Say you're partnered with fucking Alibaba or some shit.

Fuck sake I would chucked in 100k pre-pump, and we would've all make money OP

how do you hack a twitter account?

guess the password. usually it's pretty easy

>figure out when you won't get caught
>spread fake exit news to destroy the value
>tell biz after post goes up
>we all profit and you become legend in biz

OP why didn't you fucking tell us we coulud have bought and then dumped on everyone

>I've got a programmer, Web Dev and an id/document "creator"
>Looking for a professional hacker not a script kiddie

Also if anyone has a hacked twitter account in their possession or can get one, I'll give you 30% of the profits I make via the manipulation.

[email protected]

It was NULS
shitty pump so far
I'll have more twitters soon don't worry

you already fucked up, why didn't you just announce a Google partnership or whatever?

yeah but can you tell us before hand this time?

tell us the coin before you do it

fucking retard go away

Holy fuck its pumping like crazy on binance, 7.30 for a min. Retards FOMOing in

I'm a decent sized dolphin (203BTC). If you acquire another top 50 twitter, tell me. I'll give you 15% off the profits.

HAHAHAHHAHA my signal group just posted your tweet

>Being in pajeet signaling groups

kys brainlet faggot

01/14/18 the day OP was a dumbass and pumped for the luls instead of sharing profit with his bros.

I could of used the capital...

op you fucktard. just go all in and say you partnered with alibaba and huawei you dumb fucking faggot

tweet that NULS has entered a strategic partnership with NEO & tag neo, use some hashtags, cmon nigger. u could've pumped this so much better

Let's go already nigger

>203 btc
>not whale
you are living in 2018 man not 2014

o shit nig 15 BTC wall got eaten NULS mooning

hes a larping faggot. no way he srsly performed this autistic. how single digit iq do you have to be noooo way

get in NOW or stay poor forever, theres 0 sell walls all the way to 65k sat

I dunno if op did it, or just coincidence

Read this, please OP.

If a pump, the twit has to be professionally written. It needs to mention a big company (don't use @ or they will see it too soon).

But the best way is like user said. Make it drop. Mention serious legal problems or security problems. Tell people to stop using their wallets.

When there is a nice drop, buy in, tell us, and post a twit saying the account was hacked.

can u prove you did this op?

Nulz was just at a conference in macau and releases yellow paper in a few days. Makes sense they would make an announcement. And if you had them hacked why not make a grander annoucnement?

>buying on a fake news knowing it's a fake news

buy high sell low, amirite?


holy shit OP just announce something to us first

Is it dogecoin

I'm laughing so hard

OP announce a major partnership with the government of Japan you fucking retard

Just look at those tweets, so fucking unprofessional pajeet-tier tweets

It's a Singapore based coin I suggest the biggest isp from the region.

>implying im not already bagholding NULS for weeks now

Your ID has Xlm in it. Maybe announce something with XLM.

Lol, this.
Post that you have partnered with the Japanese Gov to create the CryptoYEN or blockyen or some such shit.

I'd buy BlockYen

>mfw OP actually works for NULS marketing

confirmed fake?

Advanced tier FUD

Buy NULS or stay poor forever

No, OP was a retard and half assed the announcement and was super vague on who the partnership was with. The post that I saw has since been deleted, but by who I'm not sure.

no. fucking. way.



Fuck you OP, you coulda made us all millions you fucking faggot

Shill FUN

>being this fucking retarded.

holy shit OP


Man. I actually scrolled down and...

Devs are indeed pajeets. Lots of shitty tweets.

I would stay away from this coin.

Dump it

My fucking sides OP.

Shill Google / Apple partnership for the lulz


The absolute madman

This is so much better than making us money.

Post a pink Wojack and write that you are McAfee and operate this coin from a lab in the jungle.

well, u could post anything (microsoft,google,amazon etc) and earn bunch of cash, instead u posted shit :D Still thx for ez profits. but it could make a bomb

Just like OMG?

He's such an asshole. He could have announced a partnership with the government of Japan and made us all rich.

Massive dump already happening