Where did all the money go?

Where did all the money go?

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Fiat and usdt probably

3 guesses

Went in to VEN mate.

BitCOin diamond...?

2 guesses left

Bear market got activated. RIP crypto for the upcoming year(s).

More like whale market amirite?

ETH is still doing good. When the market starts shrinking, people tend to choose for reliable investments. Maybe the 100x days will be gone for a while but there is still profit to be made.


Why though? What happened?

There's no news anywhere, on any subreddits or news blogs.

What happened, exactly? Nothing even sparked this? Was it BitCoin Diamond?

ding ding ding


3 guesses

The 50% bitcoin crash caused it.

Bitcoin crashed 50% of its value 3 times in the past. The first time it caused a 6 months bear market in 2009. The second time it caused a 1 year bear market in 2011. The third time it caused a 2 year bear market in 2014.

Following the trend this might become a 4 year bear market before recovering.

People had hope of BTC recovering but BTC keeps wobbling between 13 and 17k which is a very bearish sign and points towards bitcoin bleeding over the coming months and starting the bear market.

Normans and women showed up so naturally everything went to shit

It is up though. BitCoin's up... It's at 13.5k and has been for a few days.



hope it lasts 4yrs desu but it wont 4 months.
I just want to see normans and latefags spazzing out as I stick to the plan.
Veeky Forums is going to get so much shit during any bear market tho.

Orion belt?

2 left

It's crashing run run

high performance blockchain?

I will never, ever sell until I have 1 million.
Crypto gave me hope, I'd prefer to crash and burn then lose the future of my linage.

FUCk does this mean I need to get a real job aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

clever but no.
last guess

Bitcoin bleeding and being outdated technology that refuses to adapt, bitcoin cash trying to rekt bitcoin.
Normans getting dumped on with xrp and tron, and the final nail in the coffin during critical times when we were coming down from top.
Korean fud. Most people still believe South Korean will ban crypto or regulate and strangle it, this alongside straight up fucked taxes and uncertainty on the market regarding the legality of crypto and its future has scare off a lot of Investors.

In fact you can disregard all the bitcoin and bitcoin cash fuck ups, taxes, korean fud and the media pushing fud is what removed 200billion off the market cap.
Just like when bitcoin crashed almost 50% during China FUD and the subsequent fud spread by the media, those who have been here for a while know this is nothing different.
“The value of bitcoin is 0” came out right as china was “banning” bitcoin and then gold man and Sachs went on to buy bitcoin and even now has a desk dedicated to cryptos.
They wanted to buy in cheap, and this did just didn’t come out nowhere, after this we will witness the greatest bull run in the history of crypto.

>They wanted to buy in cheap, and this did just didn’t come out nowhere
the game has just begun, last year was just a good practice run for what's coming.

>inb4 BTC is dead.