Anyone diversifying their trading profits, by setting up a mining rig?

Anyone diversifying their trading profits, by setting up a mining rig?
I have a feeling mining upcoming coins can be quite profitable. e.g. having mined siacoin half a year ago would have made you 8x now.
Also setting up a rig at least solidifies some of your trading profits, incase something happens to it.

I am waiting for new generation of GPUs then I build one

yeah good luck finding them when nvidia finally launches them sometime in q3 '18. Meanwhile you would have ROI'ed your current gen rig 3x

Pajeet here. Indian govt. could ban crypto so I've setup a small mining thing(basically connected a few GPUs to my Windows Server(from which I usually stream Plex). Is a nice hobby and makes me some money. Also it is waaay more safer than buying coins since the resale value for GPUs here is 50-60% easily

Plus I pay 0.02-0.06$ per kwh so..

I'd consider it, but you're still exposed to a lot of market risk from the crypto-space. Why not just spend 10k on an equity portfolio that pays dividends?

> Why not just spend 10k on an equity portfolio that pays dividends?
assuming its stocks its not going to pay nearly as much as mining would mainly

miner her, I have 12 1070ti's and it only took 3 months for ROI mining Vertcoin.

I need more electricity, how easy is it to get into my circuit breaker and unplug some wires so I can rewire 2 switches to my garage? I am pretty sure I son't need a transformer as I believe they will be standard voltages. I already got 2 rigs going, and am maintaining someone elses rigs for a small percentage of their monthly gains.

where do you even get 12 1070ti's at a reasonable price? is it even possible? what is a fair to you?

they used to be reasonable, then mining fad came. I got my RX 480s for can you believe it, sub 200$?

I bought them over a period of 2-3 weeks from a number of sources. I paid between $480-$550 for each.

480's are trash unless you're mining ether.

nicely done. I am looking to start slowly buy one at a time with my profits. already looking to get the Asrock 13 GPU motherboard and the power-supply.

i think i just need to see it work to get hooked.

that's still a decent price. although i do think i can get some on ebay for that price

It's hella good at eth mining, and don't worry, I'm mining coins that net me 200$+ a month mining with an rx480
are you using linux? I think windows starts having issues over 8 gpus. I reccomend always 6gpu rigs.

i am running xubuntu, i don't care which os really. if you say linux is good, that is what i will go with!

will look into six gpu motherboards as well, could save me some money

sorry, I mean anything not windows, ubuntu should be fine

if you dont know anything about electricity do not risk your equipment and a potential house fire

i had a friend who is an electrician stop by and put a 240V sub panel in my garage, paid him cash for his time and the cost was more than worth it from an investment and safety point of view

meh, maybe you are right. This is 4chsn though, if anyone is going to burn their house down, it will be me.

I had too many problems with linux, desu. I see less than a 5% increase when using linux anyway. I also couldn't get more than 4 cards working at once with linux. My friend said he would put together a debian build for me but i just use windows. No down time

windows is fine

I have a tool shed outside that I house my rigs in. I had 6 110v 20A lines run out to it. I only have 2, 6GPU rigs out there right now but I'm planning on building 3 more once volta is released. One of the lines is for the AC but it's 9,000 dicks below zero where I'm at right now

also interested, please halp: why do you recommend 6GPU rigs? also looking forward with eth switching to PoS, what should i get? 580s? 1070s?

I've got a GPU mining rig going.
Most of my big earners are ~$500 GTX 1080 cards. (Earning about $4-$7/day per card)
AMD used to be barely worth it, but ever since Vega came out, now you can actually buy 580's at a decent price. The AMD cards are a cheaper now, but I just hate the hell out of AMD's driver software.

I'm ashamed to say that its actually easiest to mine under Windows 10.
I tried really hard to get things working right under multiple different linux distributions. (Ubuntu, Arch, Debian). In the end the only thing that I could get to work right were some of the precompiled linux binaries. Trying to build mining software from source is incredibly difficult now since its so specific to the build versions at the time the software was written.
Differences between CUDA versions, boost versions, gcc versions, make compiling under modern OS's maddeningly difficult. The only one I've ever got working from scratch was nheqminer under Arch linux, and I can't seem to actually get it to compile anymore.

I can't believe I felt ripped off when I paided 700 for a GTX1080ti last month. Just checked, because I wanted another one. yea, nevermind.