Alts on sale

>Alts on sale

What are you buying right now?

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>Market cap: 600 million
No thanks I'm good

>findom roasties and the cucks that fund them

No worse than anime queers you fucking loser

Why do virgin incels seem to all have one thing in common and that thing is anime?

I find it ironic when normie poors call me a "loser", how do you even define this shit? I'm almost a millionaire, yet I'm a loser?
Better sell half your $1500 portfolio now, your roastie slut gf needs another pair of pumps!

All alts are going down to pennies you idiot. There is no sale.

>Having money means you're not a loser
You watch anime as a grown man, you fucking worm

GROW UP, do something productive you sad piece of shit

>People who give their money to women and receive nothing in return except being treated like trash over the internet.
>Same level as animefags
You fucking wish that was the case. Anyone who enables whores like that should be executed for the good of society.


Yeah they're bad, but anime is fucking gay regardless. In fact, many anigay watchers have completely given up on real women, so your point is debatable


You are literally posting in weebshit website you newfag mongrel

I watch a lot less anime than the average normie watches television or Netflix. I admit it's not as interesting as it once was. Still like the aesthetic of anime though.

> $1000 volume

i already bought them yesterday before things started going down
should i panic sell now at a low or hodl through? lol

>do something productive
Like provide venture capital in a volatile market?

If someone wants to give up on women, that's completely fine. Nowhere near as pathetic as getting off to blatant gold digging. I can't even imagine the lack of self respect someone needs to reach that point.

Nah, even back in 06 people hated anigay
Hence moot banning anyone who spoke against it

It's a shit coin true and true
I bought it weeks ago and caught a 200% pump then hopped off. I can show if you don't believe me but its definitely a shitcoin. The dev is basically reviving his old coin because muh nu money flowing in

No, like not wank to cartoons

No it isn't, you fucking faggot.

Life insurance in case I commit suicide.

lol, just research whats happening with this coin.

Yeah its being pumped and will dump before you get chance to sell dumb fuck

Read my post again. You think I don't know?

>Nah, even back in 06 people hated anigay

No shit but this site is literally founded on weebshit

Ffs the site mascot is an anime girl

gambling €800 on NIMFA ;_;
I hope it gets the hype of PFR, because if so, I will 15x my stack this month

>Gambling on a coin thats 200% up today
Okay bro

So as Verge, as TeeRON, any fucking shit on top 200. And majority of top 200 coins with huge marketcap don't even have devs at all. Glad you profited, though. Keep an eye on it


it's down to $13 now. Its market cap is still tiny

Yeah I just checked it out. I'm probably gonna hop in ehehhehe why not

Thx bro

illl return the favor, telcoin (only on ed, not even listed yet, its the token address) you're welcome

2M LIFEtokens
10k XBY
1k more Link (for the memes)

Comfiest of comfy holds.

Fine, as you're not even going to bother looking it up: its forking to Bitcoin private soon. You can buy it on bittrex and hold it till you get your free coins, and then dump them both.


I remember I ignored BitBoost when it was just 1 mil market cap and had gone up 150%. Later that night, it was at 3 mil, and the day after, 6 mil.
Atleast NIMFA got a working product already. Not sure if I will trust holding it in the long term, but it could hopefully get same treatment as PFR

BBT has been dropping for a while now
t. I hold some

Life is garbage
XBY, maybe, not sure
Link is overvalued

Enjoy your eternal bags mate


it's due to low volume. News will be announced today according to Telegram

gonna join the telegram now

I don't even hold any, just one I'm considering. Its going to keep going up till the fork.

Keep an eye on it then

It's surprisingly active. Marketing will start in Q2. Considering The Block will, although not condoned, be able to list illegal items, it might become more popular than BitBay and Syscoin

You’re arguing with an user on Veeky Forums friend, we’re all losers

Ive got WAY more respect for an anime fag than a roastie whore

explain why is animation is inferior to film?

>back on topic
what does /biz think of PAC? its cheap, devs seem to have plans...


also that roastie is ugly, 3/10

Nothing, my funds are in alts

Speakfor yourself faggot

Anime is dogshit
Only virgin incel neckbeards like it

>he didn't see this coming

Post your portfolio Veeky Forumsguru

Your opinion
vast majority of film is dog shit
ALL roastie whores are dog shit. fact.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

>financial domination

Seriously I find it so hard to believe that there are actual people out there who get a kick out of this, if you're that retarded you deserve to fucking die.

would but cba and its on my phone

Nigger anime is queer shit you virginal freak


its sad

Been stocking up on DBC. If this shit dies I'm dying with it.

25k at 8c and 3k at 35c here. The captain goes down with the ship.

2.5k @ $0.15 and 5k @ $0.25. Let's fucking do this.

stock up on ODN at 40% off!

I'm not into findom but I like women who treat me harshly.
I want to spoil a girl with money and gifts and thank them for letting me worship them but I don't want them to do it outright.

ADC before that announcement


Speak to your father you gimp

Seek help

I know if you have money you can just pay for sex but I get much more turned on by having to beg for it only to get rejected.

I’m also ALL IN DBC. We are gonna make it

Thats faggotry
FIx your self esteem faggot
Get off the intnernet anf go outside

God, I'd love to fucking hammer fist her face into a goopy red pile of mush.


I bought the ADC shill

I only pay the finest roasties for JOI videos.
usually just want them to do asswhorship videos

Thinking about buying some more UFR now it's on a discount price... xD

>No money thanks, I hate it

its trash

I remember a lot of images like this, I was pretty surprised by them.

HOWEVER I did my research and these thots are actually catering to a fetish, it's mostly an act, even a business.

Disgusting and pathetic (specially for the men that actually pay them) but if you get into the autism loophole of researching every bit, you'll see they're actresses pulling an act and trying to build an audience around this niche (doesn't mean that they don't enjoy it at least a bit tho).

Bought 2000. Let's hope I didn't fuck myself.


Still sick you idiot

you realise its a literal pump and dump by the dev right? morons lmao enjoy your bags


real problem is all you betas and neet giving money and attention to these thots though.

Nothnig because I already bought the dip and the dip kept going down

a must buy right now

“Custom token intergration” coming this week. We going to .50cents boi

BNTY BNTY BNTY BNTY legit put 33.3% of my portfolio in it already after this sweeeeey dip defo seeing it double to its original price a few days ago and surpassing its ATH going from 50cents now to atleast 1.20$ this week minimum

The only alt worth buying is sphtx as this will 100x within 6 months

>Brags about treating men like property, destroying their finances and relationships with S/O's.
>Complains that guys who let other guys "treat women poorly" are pieces of shit.
How can you stand up for this hypocritical cunt?

Only people with brains are buying ICX at dips, you should be happy it isn't being shilled on here anymore

Then get the fuck of my japanese cartoon imageboard you fucking redditard

coss xlm and eng

Nothing, im all in on alts and all alts are in a dip. Soon as I can sell some peaks im picking up BAT, Powr, Ark and Fun, maybe some Neo. Then ill be good for a while.

Dent,, Snov, DGB, EthLend

just buy them up mate.

I'm getting some HPB and SPHTX. I'm more excited about HPB than SPHTX but I think both are good. Both are yet to properly moon.