Shill me a sub 30mmc coin pajeets, thank you

Shill me a sub 30mmc coin pajeets, thank you.

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mydickcoin have -100 usd mmc, but its only available in my room. very very valuable

CRED has only 38m market cap with upcoming kuckcoin listing

VeriumReserve (VRM)
>$20m mcap
>1.5m in circulation

read the whitepaper
thank me later

>Go to site
>Heat Ledger

Platform for copying other's crypto investing
15 mil market cap
Now on IDEX
HitBTC listing in 9 days
Other exchanges are also in the plans
Partnership with binance

IntenseCoin on read the whitepaper, look at the marketcap and buy. Everything else i have seen shilled in this thread is a worthless shitcoin
Lmao, looks like a fucking nightmare. I'll pass

Moin. AdShare.


Leviarcoin XLC is getting ready for moon mission any moment, only 5m market cap so there isn't anywhere else to go

All crypto will be this in a few months time user. It's all coming down today. Bubble burst is here.

I found a coin that is so low on market cap that your ass would shiver just looking at that tiny number. A coin with a developer so active and the coin's purpose so normie friendly and easily shilled you would kill to know the name. A coin that will be added on normie exchanges within the next month when I will launch my shilling and propel this 200x up. But I won't tell you. I will tell you when I've already accumulated my bags and then I drop my sell wall, shill and let it moon. And you won't be there holding it, you'll be watching it moon 100x as you FOMO in just before I drop my bags of $2 million dollars and retire. How does that make you feel?

NIMFA. Under 1m mc!

Bottos (BTO)
"Distributed Smart Contracts for AI". "Decentralized AI Data Sharing Network"
At the moment only really trading on Bibox. Not much activity on EtherDelta just yet. Not even listed on CMC, yet.

Hawala.Today (HAT)
P2P crypto-fiat exchange
Still fairly unknown. Trading mainly on ED and IDEX.

"Access Oracles That Bring Real-World Data to Smart Contracts.The Zap Store allows users to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Decentralized Application compatible data feeds"
Trading on HitBTC, Cryptopia, ED

GAIA. Want to be wealthy? Buy some. Basically unknown and big things happening in 2018.

Commerce Block (CBT)

Watch out for this sleeping giant.

Not listed on CMC, but is valued at $24 million.

Max supply 150 million
Current price: $0.16
ICO price: $0.06

Available on EtherDelta and Idex:

> B2B privacy blockchain infrastructure
> Founders are ex JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch
> CommerceBlock is the first ICO/ Token Sale with a BIP (BIP 175 “Pay To Contract Protocol)
> CommerceBlock already has a working product and are speaking to finance companies to get a beta invoicing platform live
> Secured invesment from major investment group:


$MVT dyor thank me latter

gaaahhh replying

Bbt 10 mil, ufr somewhere along the bottoms of hell

ELLAISM, 14 mmc

This is also a massive gem. In future this will be at billion MC easily.

why is he so thin

UFR (Upfiring) 17.2 m cap.

Cheap coin right now, good long-term coin, good technology. It is coin to pay seeders to seed torrents, so there is a reason to seed torrents. I really believe in it. :) *sitting comfy*

arleady dead you fucking pajeet

DYOR and get ALQO (pic related)

BNTY is getting there slwo and steady, i think its about as cheap as it will get, 0.4 is a sick entry point for this coin if you missed the 0.08 entry point a week ago. You can pick it up on Kucoin and it will be listed on other exchanges like Bit-Z on the 18th

Dont have a Kucoin account?
Ref code:1rddr

why is he so smug?

you should consider RATNOM or SKIYAP

There's a lot to this coin. I purchased about 280K a few days ago after doing some research and speaking to some bagholders.

>The devs are extremely active on discord and are legit insofar as this isn't a scamcoin.
>They are also recovering from a massive fall it had last Nov, meaning there's much room to grow
>market cap is around 16million, total coins are 1.35 billion
>most of its vol. is on cryptopia, so will moon when it hits other exchanges

>suffering from a bad reputation based on their two month long dip from early novemeber to january.
>terrible marketing, the twitter is largely inactive, even though the devs are active on twitter
>subject to PnD, like most small coins on cryptopia

I'm not trying to fully shill you the coin as it is a risk, but these speculative gambles are what make can net you a lot of money.

Nice one.

god damn

Going to be shilled by Roger *Butcoin core is a bore* Ver
25m marketcap when it hits exchanges which will happen in couple weeks

16 million seems alright I guess.
I suppose I can buy it.

The Magnalis ICO
>30 cents each
>10 million supply
Literally the easiest 20x of all time

TIOTOUR on EtherDelta. only 450k price is less than $0.2 . Throw in $100 bucks in there guranteed $10grand in 3 months

Nothing's guaranteed bro.

I can’t fucking wait for June

>upcoming kuckcoin listing

got me


Fuck uuu

>literally one of the lowest market cap (2mil) POS coin w/ masternodes
>buy now or cry later etc.