How high could NEO go by end of this year?

how high could NEO go by end of this year?

1k no doubt.


2k without question.

icos switching from eth to neo
eth 1200$
neo with half of eth supply
2400$ easily.


3000 or I will eat my breakfast

could be 1k EOY, but it will probably remain priced like Ether around 200-300$ for most of the year

Anyway I will be millionaire before end of year.

1k is conservative. 7k is optimistic (if the cryptomarket skyrockets)

We are literally entering a year long bear market as we speak. I'm selling my NEO right now because this is probably the last pump the entire cryptomarket will have in a LONG time.

If you think this is FUD just look at the graphs and situation of the market right now and compare it to 2013-2014 right before the 2 year bear market.

I'm out.

Only bad thing is neo makes dividends which makes it need to be hold for 10 instead of 1 year to cash out tax free. Good thing, I will never sell my Neo.
T. 700 neo holder, will reach my target of 1000 neo when I sell the ICOs for x10

post screens of your NEO sales

if btc cant stay above 12k this shit is going back down to 70 where it was last month

Selling neo is the dumbest thing you can do 2018. Even spending them for icos is a big risk, but might be worth taking it

how can you possibly be so retarded? neo and eth ARE causing bitcoin to dump

The only one staying green. How?


you know this is the exact same drop that happens every year in january?

Best team, best tech, best icos, best government connecting, best potential, best vision

I sold all my Neo and went all in on Nuls...already 8x in 4 weeks...fuck Neo.

TFW sold 4300 neo at $20 after the china fud. Bought at 7 so made a profit but fuck me, worse decision i ever made. Would have been making 45k a year just on gas dividends alone

probably 0$ once 5-10% try to actually cash out from NEO... worthless piece of shit


yeah, i'm in NEO since June, up 40x, fuck NEO right?