Kucoin announced that they will be listing SelfKey tomorrow...

Kucoin announced that they will be listing SelfKey tomorrow. Hurry and buy it at ED before it gets listed and blows up in price.

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source faggot

Project will have a short life since thekey is this in steroids + crazy backers


Hurry and buy so I can dump on you on kucoin
Nice try sandeep


i wanted to buy into this ICO, but they wanted ID and a selfie of me holding my ID

fuck doing that

I'm selling an account. Is someone interested?
[email protected]

I had everything fucking ready, was waiting for the timer to hit 00:00:00. It does. I send with only 83 gwei.
Fucking hell bro.


sorry not touching this shit again
i'd rather stay poor

AIX went 2x on ED when Kucoin announced and then it got up to ~5x once it was listed. This looks like it's doing a similar thing.

Is this on ED now? Whats it's abbreviation?

It's already x8 no thanks

It's not officially listed, but you can buy it here using the smart contract address


83 Gwei was fine. Gas limit? This ICO was nuts though. I think It will be harder to get in any ICO now.

Suit yourself. It's not too bad once you get the hang of it and know how it works.

What's the maximum I could purchase on TheKey ICO I'm already signed up

1 NEO min
10 NEO max

How often does a coin that's already mooned like that continue to x5-x10 after being it's listed on kucoin?

is ED down for anyone else? I just get a "error" when trying to open ed

This will moon hard on kucoin, it was very hard to get into this ICO.

wow, another shitcoin. I literally can't sit still from holding my excitement.

what was the ICO price in skellys?

1.5 cents

More like CanYa, go up 5x on ED and then die a slow death once it hits the exchange.

CanYa was a shitcoin of all shitcoins tbqhwyf

Congratz all flippers 4x profit in 1 day!

is kucoin running one of there competitions when its listed on there?

Nothing has been announced yet.



about 0.00001165 eth

No it is not. In terms of eth price it's at about a 3x. This is the next Civic and you all have a chance of getting it early on. Actually look at the projects, reviews etc and you will see why it will surpass Civic soon enough.

4x and yes it's getting expensive.
they sold 2bil tokens (33% of total) so mcap already over 100mil.

Other companies building on their technology, in discussions phase or already deployed their technology:
Tier 1 global banks
Tier 1 global Law firms
3 Large Immigration Firms (NTL Trust, Global Advisory Group, Vanuatu Information center)
Smaller boutique banks
A luxury services Company
Various Legal service providers
One of China’s largest travel companies
The largest travel technology company in the world
Various smaller governments with under 1M people
A major government with over 70M people
Notary Publics
Global Compliance firms
Major bitcoin Exchanges