How low can you go?

How low can you go?

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This is what a chart will look like if you don't secure profits like a smart trader would.

>secure profits



and cashing out takes time you can only deposit so much in the exchanges as fiat or send to your bank account and it puts us on the tax radar

also good luck cashing out of tether if the market implodes

>also good luck cashing out of tether if the market implodes

Which is why you don't hold tether, you sell it for USD.

From 15.5k to barely 11k, in 2 days. I got JUST'd hard famalam

lost about 1.4k this week, about -20%. feels real bad man. should've just put it all in something comfy like ETH

>cashing out
And pay 30-50% tax depending on your country of residence. You have to hold real shit for that to be the better choice.

I'm getting bashed for just saying to take profits.

You have to pay that tax eventually, it doesn't matter.

But you’d pay a lower tax

What is Tether/Dai?

No you wouldn't. Your cost basis would change. You would pay the same tax, it would just be deferred.

14K down to 9k, Fuck CMC, Fuck Korean fake news. Fuck Kucoin, Fuck BCD

I'm actually holding pretty well. Down 50k from 300k ATH but compared to other anons losing 50% I feel pretty comfy being in ETH and LINK. Request is pissing me off though.

If it goes up, sure.
If you reinvest and it goes down, you will pay taxes on gains you no longer have, and good luck with tax deductions for losses, a pitiful amount/year.


I'm only a few dollars above my initial investment.

Should I just pull it all out? I have 1,890 DBC.


I'm never gonna make it

Btc value doesn't mean shit. It's tanking

You're only losing when you pull out now.

Jesus christ NO. You fucking idiot. Hold. I just bought into DBC again, learn to buy the bottom and sell the top more. The first big altcoin crash of yours should help strengthen those hands and sharpen your eye to those signals. Maybe join some signal and trading groups and look at some TA. DON'T SELL YOUR DBC.

Lmao these posts again. People who don't take profits in BTC are retarded. USD is a shitcoin.

Initial Investment - 8k
Total 3 days ago - 36k
Total today - 22K

Im about to pull the fucking trigger if this goes under 20k boys

Nobody uses it to buy alts anymore.

I have no problem with loosing everything

I was making the most of the blatant price manipulation last night and I was selling DBC at .000224 ETH and buying them back at .000218 ETH as the price ping ponged around. I made about 800 DBC or so doing that a few times.

I've been holding since 23c, all the up to 60c, now all the way back down to 25c. These whales are greedy fucking kikes and part of me wants to see them push this coin so hard that it never recovers and they lose their bags

I use it to buy alts and I accumulate some. Enjoy your fiat cuckbux faggot, I see you have a whole 7 thousand of them.

They have promising tech, swim with the whales user.

Enjoy your $100 transfer fees poor fucker

Unlike you, I am not a poor fag, and that doesn't hurt my portfolio.

Don't use delta, getting justed with the same numbers. I'll come back next week.

Not sure why you're bashing other people for believing in Bitcoin. If you don't believe in it then thats fine don't go bash other people if you like Fiat more.

I feel better about losing some of my gains now

Nigger this is Veeky Forums, he can be mean to me. I will just be mean back, and I have more money so it's not like I would care if he was even saying something truly mean.

If you think fiat is going anywhere then you're fucking retarded. Crypto will reach mass adoption but shit will work behind the scenes. No way it's taking fiat place. You're deluded and triggered af

>Being mean on Veeky Forums

Meh. Not really worried about this small bleed.

But again I've been here for couple months and never picked btc over eth for trading. Tell me why should I?

>showing off my gains
>espousing superior monetary vessels

The absolute state of fiat cucks. No one cares if an inflationary currency is "not going away". Holding fiat can literally never make you money. Stay poor and keep projecting like this, it makes my gains that much comfier. Notice I am up even in your fiat bucks while you are down. Enjoy your bags lmfao

You're clearly mad that you lost a fair bit of money whilpe someone else gained. Guess this is what it does to people. As I've said before you should take profits.

I'm up 6x overall. I wouldn't call it bags

from 55k to 25k

Most exchanges have more BTC Pairings, for starters. I use LTC for exchange transfers, myself. Much faster. BTC is my store of value, more than anything. Using it for trading is merely a byproduct of the current ecosystem, but it's a reality nonetheless.

Tell me more about all the money your fiat bucks are making in your jew bank savings account faggot. What did you make in 2017 from your bank accounts or investments through them?

So why not use eth as store value? Most exchanges have a shit load of eth pairings and keep adding more

ETH is a shitcoin. I will not use it. It's value is time boxed due to technical issues. It could rise steadily for a few years, even, but eventually a new startup will need to invest far too much time and resources to even get themselves setup in the ETH ecosystem.

Further, ETH is meant as a vessel for smart contracts, not as a value store, like BTC. It's value is propped up by ERC20 token sales, which are contributing to the technical debt mentioned above.

But still for now it is faster, cheaper to transfer and easier to use as you also have pairings for eth. You are emotionally attached to your btc investment. I don't care which coin is it, I'm going with the one that has brighter future. And for now it seems like eth is taking over and that's simply because it's more practical right now.

I just gave a well reasoned explanation why I do not use ETH as my value store, and your argument is that is emotional? Jesus dude no wonder you are poor. Stop misunderstanding the point of the cryptocurrencies you invest in.

>He doesn't own EOS