ITT: The return of the King


thank me later.

Return of the 2014-2016 bear market you mean.

Strong uptrend brah


This bounces off 13k, continues to consolidate in the 14k range for another 5 days, and then continues upward in the established exponential channel, reaching 40k by March.

Just watch.

Lets hope so, a lot of people here just want to see BTC die. They think that their shitcoins will moon as soon as BTC is gone, heh some even hope for ETH to crash aswell not realizing that most of their shitcoins are based on the ETH platform.

No reason for it to do it, when even the BTC meetings no longer use BTC for payments because of the fees. Bitcoin Cash might take over, the only thing holding it back from winning vs BTC is the name.

Well boys, you haven't probably heard what's cooking up. There's a reason why Peter Thiel and others recently bought bitcoin. Just sit and watch. Bitcoin will take 60% dominance again when people will eventually realize that the ecosystem of Bitcoin is undeniably the best one out there and will prevail in compare with some FOMO with ALTs.

Nope. TA suggests it'll go to the $12.300 support line in a couple of days. If that gets broken down to $9.700 we go.

technical analysis fags BTFO, people cash out and get in before BTCP becomes more popular that's not hard to see

It's green now.

Big butt boys.

Hodl your butts in your wallet until the red lines go.

- companies ditching BTC
- exchanges constantly adding new altcoin pairs with ETH and BCH
- multiple superior coins gaining market cap from the fall of BTC
- BTC network getting clogged up like a mofo for over half a year now
- LN progress always: soon TM
- if LN even comes, it won't solve BTCs scalability problems and once people see that, it will actually be the downfall of the coin
- even Andreas starting to doubt BTC recently

sorry, but too much risk to buy BTC at this point anymore

> - even Andreas starting to doubt BTC recently
Sauce? I doubt he'll doubt it considering BTC bagholders are showering him with donations right now.

All crypto dropping at the rate of 3% per HOUR. This compost pile is so unstable, even the casinos are blushing.

>even Andreas starting to doubt BTC recently
post proof

lmao. stop repeating what you here from TV idiots. You don't even know whats causing the bitcoin dip do you?

curious to hear

CNBC/ korea fud, right before wall street bonuses (tomorrow), then CME future contracts ending on the 18th, which could facilitate a few people going long on btc. As well as peter thiel buying a tonne, and G.Sachs enter in June.

I don't even like btc, but I'm absolutely holding some. That, LINK, and ETH atm.

Alt boom --> Btc --> Fiat--> media FUD --> btc crash --> panic sellers/smart buyers/ wall street bonuses --> BTC dominance for a bit

Always happens. After btc booms, alts will run till around May, then we'll get a slow bleed till mid June, then July consolidation and a alt bull run again.

is it fuckery with mining? coordinated attack?

This is exactly how it happened about three times in the past, it's what I'm betting on this time around.

> Bitcoin will take 60% dominance again

Not with $30 average transaction fees it won't.

b-buh-but muh store of valuez!

hes right. i know for a fact. leviathans are coming

this... where is actually Andreas doubting BTC


I encourage newbies to listen