Ignite Ratings, the fat gain ICO starts tomorrow

So, you bunch of twats, some of you may NOT like fat asses like the one on the pic, but you must love the fat gains tomorrow's ICO.
Ignite Ratings, partenerd by t.Zero and Overstock (1.8 BILLION revenue), and telegram and hype simply booming in final days.

Step in today, don't miss out. Fat gains on this one are going to leave many in tears for missing out, just like this hippo would.

that day is almost here - Ignite Ratings, likely the hottest ICO of 2018 is

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5 eth max?? wtf?

wat marketcap?


aww shit in getting myself some eth on clearance for this

First 24 hrs cuck, there after 1000 max

Source on that fat ass?

what markets will it be on? and who is the girl in OP's pic cause wew I need that for reasons

Is it just me or does her face look like it doesn't fit her body?

Definitely a butterface
Also she's possibly too thicc imo

How do you just post a picture like that without even a trace of source and expect people to have an on-topic conversation? I'm too erect to discuss ICOs right now, I have penis in my brain.

>thats too thicc for you

Okay fellas found the semen demon

rosanna castillo

Y'allvtse welcome

many thanks friend

You need to be enlightened in the world of bootayy as your beached whale needs to be purged. Giddy up on the gainz though

no thanks. checked the team i wont invest. ALL IN SETHER

Ignite will ignite the FOMO. People love getting reviews in easy to different formats, will make the ico research process easier.

>Reddit: The Token

>Buy 15 ETH worth Selfkey
>Get in after mainsale ends, get emailed for a refund
>I get fully refunded, AND I get the tokens

Is this how you print money?

10 - 20x easy. ICO season is so damn simple

How to buy?

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

same place this ICO - the internetz.
Btw, the problem Ignite solves is exactly this - lack of information and fake news. No more Confido exit scams, mofos. The Hive will sort that out. Then you can sit back and ride the fattie...i mean, the fat wins


When moon plebs. This one looks decent

>rosanna castillo

yeah. Guys like you skip on riding Rosanna AND Ignite. Keep it up, you probably invested in Betamax back in the day.

Props OP, i also like my gains like i like my women..fat as fuck

Ignite team said that it will be listed on dml exchanges shortly after ICO ends. A big exchange 1-2 months post ICO

Invested 43 ether into this thing. I love the idea, team, technology behind it. Even the exchanges want their Partnered SpeedRoute trade routing tech.

For anyone who hasn't seen the UI, Holy shit it looks good. The team is releasing a new video soon after ICO starts to show off the demo of their product.


>11 second clip of cycling images
wtf is this shit

The future. Platform demo is getting polished, backend done, frontend is getting work

>wtf is this shit
Just that. Shit.

GD supply is low on this one! Me Likely

>tfw you won 1k ignite

Hence why i stacked up in presale. low supply + big exchange listings = no wagecucking

Just some quick pictures of the UI which will be a web application and phone application. Phone can be seen in the pic. The actual demo releases soon. The current platform state is basically done. Think of it as Facebook without users... They are cleaning to UI up and ironing out any bugs