He's in

Out here in my garage scam man is now in the crypto space. Time to cash out?

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this guy is annoying as hell

I hate this cunt

I legit want to know how Tai makes money

apparently he's got a NW of only 5M. i had no idea he was so poor honestly.

Out here in my garage, just bought this new lemborgheeeeeni, but you know what i like more than materialistic things?



Sad part is that scammer cunt got in way before most of you Veeky Forumslets. Saw him talk about it on a podcast long before the bubble went haywire.

He compiles the typical self help shit into overpriced courses and sells them to the masses of normies with greed inducing ads that appeal to the lowest common denominator.
Hes a great marketer to be honest. He ran the biggest preroll campaign in youtube history with his "just here in my garage" video

marketing, you idiot. He makes stupid videos, people pay LOTS of money for his get rich quick courses.

Really? That surprises you? How much you think you make slinging NAWWWWLEDGE all day?

He actually gives great advice even though he does shill the shit out of his products. He s much better than Grant Cardone who tells you to not get single family homes and instead buy apartments like the average joe can afford it.

How to get rich in 2018
>have $10000
>browse Veeky Forums and leddit
>throw money at cool coins

i knew he was the kind of guy who makes money telling people how to make money, instead of actually being good at any of that shit himself, but i thought he was at least rich from doing that. idk

Part of his wealth comes from real estate investing. Matter of fact that is how he came up int the game.

yeah but you need money for that, and his audience are all greedy poor people


This. I have a neighbor who used to rant and rave about Tai Lopez. Dude ended up buying into his program where he got "insider access" to "knowledge" from "insiders".

No idea what that shit means but the guy is obviously a scam artist.

Another part of his wealth came from jumping on promising trends early. He claims his first one was using google ads back in 2001/2 to market his services. In fact, he pretty much rides every trend as it's getting to normies: youtube/facebook video marketing, social media marketing, now crypto.
If you sort of followed his meta-advice: always be on the lookout for trends before they're mainstream, use the right tools, put in the effort, but don't fall for the work-hard meme, work smart - you'd probably eventually stumble into crypto.
He was very late with seeing the crypto trend, though

here in binance just bought these new shitcoins. but you know what i like a lot more than shitcoins? LAMBOS

Well you don't actually need a lot of money for real estate up front. You can start buy fixing and flipping and that can snow ball into you actually buying a single family home with cash. This is what he teaches.

He admits how late he was with crypto and even google ads.

true. i just think a 5M NW for someone who flaunts as much as he does is comical

That's Grant Cardone. He actually is rich and has made some legit money, despite now sorta being a snake-oil salesman.

Tai should really start shilling other crypto currencies, preferably any of the ones I hold.


It's not really a scam though is it. He just compiles information and puts it all in one place. You could find the same information for free but you have to go and find it all yourself. You are paying him for the convenience of not having to do that. If people are willing to pay for that then more power to him.

All Tai does is enchant lazy millennials with promises of get rich quick. I imagine most of his shit is rented and serve as props for his videos. All these business majors want to be hotshot entrepreneurs. I actually think it's funny how long Tai took to latch on to the crypto craze, considering the media frenzy is over. It's exactly the material he needs though. Nothing has ever screamed "get rich quick" like crypto.

time to go in your garage op.

Holy shit, is this considered white in America? I thought 56% was just a meme?

he's a proud amerkun fagget, can't you see him clap in the picture?

STFU Pajeet.

hes a marketer who has the social media game down, just the same as that suppoman guy.. at least suppoman is straight crypto and has been in for a while, decent calls too even if they are obvious

As far as I'm aware it was initially all rented but then he bought after he made money. The guy literally faked it until he made it. You can hate him for being a massive faggot and that's fair enough but he's pretty smart desu.

this guy helped me to solidified my conclusion to cash out last week.

thanks tai

Whatever you say pajeet

He started a high end dating website that made some money. It was a scam. He has his get rich quick program which is a scam. He gets paid from having such a big social media following.

Also I heard he's not actually rich. His house is rented, the lambo is rented.


He doesn't make that much

I can't knock the hustle.

he's a fuckin nobody and if you can't tell that he's a blatant liar within the first 5 seconds of him talking, you are retarded.