I legitimately know of two 50-100x coins, no joke

And this is not going to be a "Hurr, get dubs or give this thread 50 repliz", no. Those threads are mostly just larpers shilling their bags. However this coin has had a huge surge of followers on Telegram. 3k joined over fucking night.

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>However this coin has had a huge surge of followers on Telegram.
these coins*
>3k joined over fucking night.
joined one of them over*

Nice just bought 100k

Yes we all know about Shipchain and Matrix too. You're not a genius.

Is it tron?

S-shipchain rrr-rite user?

holy shit you got one of them right already. No idea about the other one. Gotta check it out
yup. But what is the other one? :DDD

It's COLX, we all know, a lot of us bought cheap masternodes by now.

Move along now.

Shut up MCappucino, you are not cheating me again

He is talking about Nuls.

My dubs say you must reveal coin

Why ShipChain will leave the fucking galaxy is mostly because it will be used in a trillion dollar market that is using an extremely outdated and flawed system. Not just that, but the team has managed to get through decent partnership with plenty more to come. Another worthy investment with similar goal is BlockArray which might be out on ED on monday already

COLX is a good gamble, honestly. Might see a 5x if the whales on Cryptopia and Kucoin don't screw it up

I hold Nuls, but too high market cap for significant growth for now

where can I buy shipchain senpai?

Kill yourself, you flaming faggot.

It's not on any exchanges yet. ICO reached the cap way quicker than anticipated. There will be an AirDrop registration tomorrow. If anything it will likely hit ED first, but nobody knows when. They announced in the Telegram that they are not allowed to say any dates


Gee, can any of you guess what the OTHER coin is?

What is the fucking point in this thread. I don’t need this thread to guess what will do well, what do you think everyone is already doing?

OCOIN for sure

I advise a startup in the freight space. There might be hyped pumps, but crypto kitties should tell you everything you need to know about applying block chain to freight.
The industry hasn't even embraced json apis.
Sell after the moon. These are not long term holds. Nearly every startup that's done what these guys are doing business wise (just with webapps and phone apps), has burned through their runways and bk'd or been aquired.

100x coins? easy, Bitcoin has over 100x'ed and ETH as well

no joke, look at the historical prices


The second one is not this, but it's comparable. Only that it will likely surpass it in market cap: KCS.

COSS, eh.

Already up x15 on it myself.

nop. Not 50x from now on

Tell meh

make a guess
>exchange token that is dirt cheap at the moment





its poll

This looks shady AF

Exchange token? AST? ZRX? BNB?

>low effort ERC20 token


is it NVST? I see it in another thread.

Ignite or bridge coin

its CEFS, should be 30-40k each, only 6300 distributed

there you go anons

shipchain and INS

no you morons



probably, but not it

DFS and EGAS. Thank me later.


just fucking TELL US NIGGER

definetly magnalis ico, get in guys before you miss it


Beetoken? Gems?

I know of a 50-100x coin as well. Below $5M market cap, flying completely under the radar. Are we thinking of the same coin, OP?



It's Sugar exchange isn't it ya doofus?


Do I get a prize?

Congrats faggot. You are the only enlightened here

i got 1500, will i make it boss?

Where buy

You can't even buy those two coins yet

Both coins not available, fuck off. Shill us some shit we can buy.

If you had bought $1000 worth, you'd make it to atleast $100k in a month I believe. I didn't buy in the ICO ;_; it was only yesterday that I realized how huge potential this really got. If Kucoin could 100x in a month, then this can probably do more than that, considering it's going to be normie friendly
Join their Telegram and you might be lucky to catch up to the Flashsales. It's a exchange token, so it's not much else than an ERC20 token with that will grow as the exchange grow

Exactly, be patient faggot


This is what happens when 1/3rd of biz has ADHD

And i only got 5000. Don't worry; this train is going straight to the moon.

Wish I had seen these ones. Looking so damn good. Getting sick of the Pajeet shills when there are gems like this.

what do I need to hold to get an airdrop of this delicious shitcoin?

Fuck OP.

An ACTUAL gem that is out with under a 5 mil market cap is Authorship (ATS)

why the fuck do you fags shill these coins here arfter ICO has closed and you cant even get them?
you pieces of shit shouldve shilled them when we could jump on board.
thanks for nothing OP you gigantic cockgobbling faggot

You need to join thier telegram RIGHT FUCKING NOW and pass the KYC(no amerimutts I believe)

I know that feel. Most coins shiled here are either already quite mainstream with high market cap or Pajeet PnD(UFR rings any bells?). Then there are some low mcap gems that just doesn't seem to have enough attention and will remain going sideways until further notice

>coins that will 50x from now
>can't get them when they have the chance to 50x
Hell, well thanks for letting me help you raise the prices when the coins come out on ED

I am talking about the hour it reaches ED

CargoX is better

Exactly this, once a while there's a thread with a hidden gem (HST, GVT in the early days) now I'm just trying to find another one.

cheers Im in user
so just gotte idle and get free coinns tomorrow?
i guess sometimes it pays off being a europoor

out with it faggot
whats the other one?


So they got all their followers in one night?

Literally the definition of a PnD group. lol

Registration open tomorrow, and is active for 2 weeks. You won't get your free coins until the audit is finished which is in like March or so.

ShipChain got 3k followers in one night.

aint that easy pal
been in that group for some time now
every day chinks, niggers arabs come in huge number and shit up the chat
abiet their English is shit
everyone asks the same question
airdrop when

all I can say is bookmark the shipchain.io website or something because come tomorrow everyone and their mother will come to that website for free gibs

and the shit is first come first serve

If you want a COLX tier coin that is atleast a little unique but is not something you should 100% trust and is a gamble, you can try to buy NIMFA on ED. It's a slav coin at $2m mcap, so it has the potential to atleast 10x soon if it recieves the same treatment as PFR

Pajeet, you have to lead them on, not reveal it first five posts

They have an announcement telegram group which only admins can post in

No, I'm not one of those "hurr u must gib me 100 replies for reveal XDDD"

are they not serving white people first?
fuck me cant believe I have to stand in line with brown people

the telegram community manager is a French nigger
so I think the will serve the brown people first

OP do you have a discord? I've looked into both coins and they're pretty decent. I'm sick of scanning this board for coins and only finding dogshit, and then finding two good coins after their ICO. I'd like to create a network of people who can pip good coins for each other.

jesus christ
I might just buy this once it hits exchanges instead of lowering myself to the level of niggers



If not, make one yourself. I'll join u guys.

I don't have a group yet but add me on discord. I'll try rally a few troops in the coming days. Brick#3249

it may be bad
but do the registration
majority will get weeded out in the KYC thing( just an excuse the lower the numbers)

who knows maybe u will get lucky

VSX and is no joke. In two weeks roadmap and site. Have time to get into the rocket, we going to 1$ in february.

Realistically, how many coins could you get if you were to register today?

Shipchain won't be used for nearly two years

d-do i still have time to join the airdrop for shipchain

500 mil tokens at 0,11€ flash sale price. More than 50 mil mcap. Not sure if this is mot a little big.

There’s Magnalis