Coss upgrade

will price bump after upgrade

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supposed to be a UI upgrade

cossmarines... where you at


The /shill/ teams are already on their next pump.

Probably dumping. Coss tokens are overvalued and the whales know this isn't gonna go anywhere. They're just baiting with the potential talk when this exchange has nothing going for it. It just has the same shit every other exchange has.

usually i skip the rumor and buy the news, so i remain with heavy bags at the end

this time i bought the rumor and sold before the mantaince, so i guess it will moon 2x atleast


If you think ICOS and fiat gateway make it another shitty exchange like Binance or Kucoin that is

You're the moment it acts like a normal exchange.

One big caveot is you can actually REGISTER ON IT.

Oh and it has a grand roadmap ahead.

Even if it is just like kucoin you're going 10x from here on the exchange token

will it moon?

Haha What a question. Fiat + normies Love it. Will it moin?

hopefully UI upgrade is a big improvement

Alright here’s my take.

Love coss, huge investor. But I think there will be issues. Some shit won’t work, and when it comes back up, everyone and their mother will login to see the new UI and fuck up their servers.

I don’t see the price rising quite yet. Maybe in a week or two when they iron out some obvious bugs. Coss seems to like having obvious bugs.

Long term, I’m comfy as fuck. I pray to god this goes smoothly but nothing with coss has been smooth thus far. I hope I’m wrong

Yeah. A lot of people 'sold before the news' driving the price down before maintenance. Unless the site is unusable, it's going to rocket up due to being oversold.

I have been in for a little over a month, so no amount of 'little dip' are going to take me out of the black. I do expect this is dip down, but the uptrend isnt stopping for months. I don't expect it to stabilize until it gets nearer to KCS levels.

Order book was all buys before close after sitting at the day's low for an hour. I expect a moderate to severe dump.

You have exactly one minute to prove in 20 words or less this is not an exit scam.

No one is going to set up a legitimate, working exchange to exit scam. They’d make more money in the long run in fees pajeet

half the dev team have a history of moving from ponzi to ponzi. Of course its a scam

im good on writing out a shit ton of research. if you had any exposure to this project, the team, read their updates. It would be abundantly clear to you they are building an enterprise grade exchange, with a legal and compliance staff to take this exchange to a different level. You have plenty of time to get in, biz will be talking about COSS all year bitch

One person has a history of a failed project. And has been nothing but transparent about everything.

Hope your dog dies

And the archetype of an exit scam doesn't include working product and non-existent marketing. Fucking brainlets.

That would be amazing. I'm sitting on the sideline to buy up like crazy if it gets down to the 1-1.5 range.

If this thing dumps, it's going to be a good year.

and because there are many like you, it wont dump

dat support

Same. Hopefully it goes sub $1. Missed this earlier, but it should be a good time to get in cheap soon.

threads like these remind me how many fucking retards are on /biz.

>The longer past their estimates the exchange stays down, the bigger the dump is gonna be.

All the money in the exchange is mostly in Coss.

If they exit scam, their biggest cash cow becomes worthless.

>the fucking state of pajeets

thinking holders are going to dump 50% dividend coins