We told you

You didn't listen

You've got no where to run

We are now the Tranny Tronix. Wellcome to the club. Enjoy your time here.

>FOMO'ed in like a normie after more than 200% gain
>Keep believing its a long term hold like a normie
>Heavily maipulated by whales like a normie
>Believe in 'muh partnerships' with 0 tech and and 100% marketing like a normie.
>Lose money or miss other pumps like a normie

Lmao. This was a normie coin.

Just like Ripple.

Normies don't win ever.

Or Tronnie the Toxic Tranny. Hollywood could pick this one up.

i love these threads

>t. 200k TRX bag holder

trx is the new link, cant wait for trixies pink wojaking

There haven't been any major pumps in the last four days while this has been tanking. Everything is down. But please sell at a loss and chase more pumps, I want you to lose all your money so I don't have to read a retarded post like this again.

me too

>pic related

Same here boss im holding out till eom

It was encouraging seeing it bounce back up to 700 sats so quickly. I thought when it fell through 700 support so quickly it was over but a lot of people bought the dip right away.

yep, we'll be fine.. just whales shaking out the weak hands

once they've accumulated, it'll start climbing back up

he managed to cash out 300 million to gemini, impressive effort.

Love the fudd. So when this hits the rest of exchanges eom this will fade into nothing r-r-right?

Justin doesn't need to work another day in his life. Unless he wants to be a billionaire.

yea maybe but tron is still a known scam to everyone with half a brain cell

>hurr durr its scam
>no evidence

what did he mean by this?

Life goes on

im not even going to argue with you faggots its obvious and all the information is out there
you probably already read everything
but stay in denial and remember you have been warned more than once before you post your best pink wojack

>still no evidence
>ad hominem attacks

so what you're saying is you have nothing - thanks for clearing that up.

Reminder to all the nocoiners lurking:
Tron is the only coin with the potential to 100x your investment.

Tron fags get soooo mad when you criticize their bags.

How heavy are those bags Mr LARPer?

prease buy

>vapid comments are going to ruin my day

if you have a substantive argument or evidence, present it

>the state of tron fud
feels good to HODL

Were all laughing at you.

>more than 200%
Yeah, it was over 5000%. Anyone who bought this shit was begging to get fucked up the ass.

Suuuuure I will sell at a loss. Sure. Not even if this is proven as a scam. It will be part of my oddity's collection. One day it will be worth millions just by it's collection value.