The next Bitcoin

Have you guys heard of this new cryptocurrency called Ripple? It is a rival to Bitcoin. It is currently only $1.88 and it is the #3 ranked coin. Bitcoin was once just a few dollars, so if this coin goes to 20k you're talking roughly 10000x profit. If you put in just $100 you could make 1 million dollars. I'm all in.

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I hope you're joking. People cannot be this stupid.

It csn go to 5, maybe 10 max

Never heard about it before, thanks for the great advice!

This thing is the same price bitcoin was once? Wait, so if this thing is just like bitcoin I could buy it now in bulk and be a millionaire when it inevitably follows bitcoins path to $20k? UNREAL!!! THANK YOU OP HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hopefully this scam coin will go to $0

Not a chance. Normies will pump it to 7$ end of february

If coinbase adds it it will moon

Unironically heard normalfags say this. Thanks to (((the media))) it's now the second crypto they know about.

Nice just bought 100k

Is there even a chance for this to happen?

Wait until tax returns. This is one of the other coins normies heard about. Ripple reddit is fairly large. I hear friends talking about it. Never underestimate normies

I bought in at 20 cent. I am very confident by the end of january it will be 3.50 and by end of feb 7$. After that it will probably crash.

I'm tired of seeing these stupid shill threads. At least make up a REASON why it would go that high. Fucking reddit retard, go back to normieville.

I don't have a problem with stupid people like this as long as they stand up to their words and buy until this thing is worth a few thousand dollars, I'd be rich as fuck

> tax returns
is this some US stuff I'm not aware of? Is it mean some tax US bullshit is stopping normies from going full on XRP? and also it is stopping XRP from hitting coinbase?

coinbase has said multiple times that they won't add it pajeet

>The next bitcoin will be centralized

Normies will be using this money to buy crypto. Expect btc, eth, ltc, ripple, and maybe a few others to go up

everybody pays taxes, during Feb or March of every year, we get a portion of our taxes back. Thus, there's gonna be an increase of normies buying coins, and since XRP is the cheapest, biggest and most talked about ""alt-coin"" it's gonna moon.

$10 EOY gg ez

Nope, they just said they arent making any statements about adding new coins after the whole bch situation. You can be sure this will end up on coinbase.

Not enough normie money in the world for ripple to get to 1000$

Somewhere around Feb?

>this is what normies actually believe

I don't feel bad at all for the wageslaves

>Jew owned
>Can barely break 3$

Yes this is what I actually hear and see from normies. It is disgusting.

Thank you Susan for this great financial advice.
I'll talk to my wife and if she agrees (she doesn't have any reason not to, haha) we'll put our life savings in this.
How do I contact The Ripple to talk about investing? Thanks! And good fortune to you!

Fucking if they do. They've already said they don't have plans to do so yet.
You could go around saying the same shit about any coin, retard.

Hello newfriend.

The whole point of Veeky Forums is about joking. It's been that since ever.

Thanks called my broker to have him buy 100k, gonna clear out space in my garage to store them all :)


buy tron!

Ripple was pumped by a high profile pump group. They're also about to pump a coin that I'm all In on too. Picking out lambo colors now.

best one yet

quality meme my friend

Wow, thanks Boomer-kun! Just bought 200k.

Its the third largest crypto with normies talking about it left and right. Try not thinking like an autist for once.

>this new cryptocurrency

>he he's just joking r-r-right biz?

It's definitely going onto Coinbase sometime this year. I only have a little bit of money put into it, but it has large banks backing it up, something like that is here to stay and those banks are too powerful to let this fail.
I can see it hitting $10 by the end of Feb and it'll keep going this year.

Too bad there are literally billions of them, all pre-mined

that's literally the best thing about ripple. no miner cartels to deal with.

Ew, premined? Why didn't I hear about that before? Gross.