How you guys hodling up? You didn't sell at a loss, did you?

How you guys hodling up? You didn't sell at a loss, did you?

Sold ven at a loss for bnb, but that's because my arms are weak. I guess we'll see.

i never sell at a loss user

Im ride or die, Bentley or bullet

teach me your secrets

Bought breadcoin, just fuck my shit up brudda

>Sold ven


I'm basically fucking ironman. Bought ICX at 12 dollars and still holding. Only selling at a profit

all in LINK

not selling.

Stuck on wtc
Fuck my life

I'm mostly holding NEO so doing pretty good and some ICX and ETH. Portfolio is going up slowly. I bought 500 NEO when it was antshares around $7 and now I think this will be my permanent stack in case it flips with ETH and actually becomes Chinese ethereum.

making a mistake brudda

no brudda, bread is not the way

Still 3x on dbc and bnty, why would I panic sell when they'll probably reach bottom before I go negative?

Never gonna make it

sold 30% of my portfolio at 25% loss, maybe will sell more if btc drop below 12k and buy back later

This board is fucking ruined

no brudda it was ruin when crypto come i am only follow the whey

Were you at least in the green from your initial investment?



yepp, started with 3k, before I sold I was sitting at 9.5k

man, I held a lot of NEO at one point, back when they were ANS. I'm really regretting selling most of my bag.

Sounds recoverable. I have similar stats to you, we're both gonna make it user!

Yeah we're gonna make it kind user, just not this month, I was rekt by req pretty bad and balls deep in xlm, probably years until I made it back to my ATH

No losses here, just gains gone.

Think i'm gonna take out my ETH savings and put it in LINK.

holding ark since may there needs to be a crash worse than mtgox to make me sell anything at a loss lmao

me and you both my good friend. we will definitely make it. we shall not play into the hands of whales.

ETH is the next bitcoin though

ETH is a shitcoin, countless coins are better.
It also has a huge circulating supply and will probably never breach 2k.

dont buy meme coins
every other coin will have news and roadmap goals that will make the price go up again

Except tomorrow to 2k?

ETH is an easy 5k, screencap this post

That would require a marketcap larger than BTC's


Awfully optimistic user. I hold and mine ETH but unless casper solves the supply issue I don't forsee 2k, ever.


>400 is impossible
>600 is impossible
>it will pop after 800
>ok, now it will surely die after 1200
>it will never reach 1500
>it will never reach 2000

I've never sold anything at a loss.

What are the results?

>Selling at a loss

50%LINK 50% DBC. Not even going to open blockfolio lmao

Hey Faggots,
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Don’t be a no-ether. Just hit me with your best shot. My coin is pretty much perfect. You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
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he never bought anything to begin with