Trading thread for actual shares not fisher-price coins

My educational background in economics heavily influences my investing style, which has led to me accumulating some pretty boring librarian spec ETF's, as well as occasionally trading some speculative fundamentals type set-ups (for example lithium, cobalt, nickel exploration companies for their potential use in EV tech).

I want to start getting more into the technical/high frequency/quantitative aspect of trading, basically so that I can trade more often and make more money. I'm young and should be grinding harder, given my risk tolerance.

The extent of my knowledge is moving averages and RSI. I'd love to hear anyones input on the following:

-Your basic trading approach/good resources that helped you to learn
-Software you utilise for charting and general information/updates, eg. is there a bloomberg for stingy people?
-Particular genres of stocks that you prefer (aside from highly volatile ones DUH)
-Why the fuck do you need so many screens
-Cryptos are gey
-Is the lifestyle worth it? Does anyone actually do this?

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What year is this? People still trade stock?

So what do you do when markets are closed after your meager 0.1% gain for the day. Take your arthritis medicine?

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You need a real educational background to understand quantitative aspects of trading, stick to buying ETFs and staying poor. Consider turning back time and working harder so you could study maths/stats

To answer your questions
1. The most helpful resource I've come across would be gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang
2. Do all my charting with gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang
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Good luck.

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>this is u fuckwits trying to accurately make consistent profits with nyan cat coin

all that work for 2% gains LOL!!1 stay poor bro while us younger, better looking and more successful people play with "fisher-price coins" LOL!

>mfw i pay more % fees than what those faggot make in a month.

You're wrong about crypto, but I'm jelly of your setup. Pretty sweet battlestation for trading.

I'm up like 3300% in crypto, how you doing on stocks you fucking nerd

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what was your profit last year in non-crypto? a lot lower than your average than your usual Veeky Forums autist who makes more money than you while posting anime pictures

I was a damn good stock trader, but even Im not retarded enough to not be in crypto right now considering I can apply most of my knowledge to it.

The gains are so fucking sexy, Ive made 7000 per every 200 Ive put in this markets so easy to work in only the most retarded of retarded traders wouldn't have moved everything over when we saw the charts in october and november.

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I think it's time I begin to make regular Commodity, Forex, Index trading threads. Will see how things go into next week. To all lurkers, be prepared, those sorts of threads get targeted by vindictive know-it-alls and newer members of biz who came with crypto's rise. I can handle it, just need to find the time is all. I'm also generally most active during the Asia-Pacific trading times, but generally am also active during London and US opens.

This is a Business and Finance board, which means topics of discussion are going to revolve around what makes the most money. Hopefully your not too stupid to guess what that is since everyone in the thread mentioned it. Maybe you'll even get in before it's too late.

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Let's be honest, most of you cunts have no fucking clue what you're doing when you trade cryptos: hoping for hocus pocus black magic ICO spikes and volume swings while some estonian neckbeard raises capital to buy chainsaws for his school massacre. While many of you have undoubtedly transferred your trading knowledge over to cryptos, there is little in the way of fundamentals to back up or justify any price movements. The constant anxiety of relying on pump and dump schemes that operate 24/7 and aren't influenced by any solid logic or reason is essentially gambling. This is a great way to make money, and also a great way to lose money. I want to make phat consistent profits not have a brain haemorrhage.

>2018 and I still can't buy milk with bitcoin


it's a market dude, same laws apply, except hype play a way more important role.

Crypto will suck in all stock market money and it will collapse. What an irony, the faggots who told every one "muhh bubble" well end bagholding useless "safe investments".

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>high risk tolerance
>scared of investing in crypto

You're (probably) not going to make it day trading if your portfolio doesn't at least start with $25k

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>2018 and I bought reindeer jerky with monero

Sitting in blue chips nigga, neo, ven, omg, icx, req, Coss. Even your normie news outlets are talking about crypto.. some blockchain shit is usually on the front page of MarketWatch and motley fool these days. Fuck even those motley faggots are writing articles about which alts to buy. You are trading type writer stock while bill gates is inventing windows

Why are you worried about safe investments when you already claim you have a high risk tolerance.

You don't have to sell your 10% p/a ETF's, but to not get onto crypto is just plain stupid.

your knowledge of conventional economics is useless in this arena. trading with moving averages in conventional finance is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. The Jews will eat you for breakfast. Stick your pride up your ass and get into crypto while you still if you want to generate alpha. This space is full of retards, and your 1970s RSIs might work because of the idiots.

t. 45 yo Physicist, began 3 months ago after hearing Jamie Dimon shaming crypto and knowing Fin was afraid of it. Got in immediately through Bitmex and now Im a whale.

>non crypto (((trading)))
Yea I’d rather place my bets on a non jewish platform you flaming faggot, /no coiners/ fucking disgust me.

It's not that I'm scared, it's that it isn't an investment. 90% of the new bullshit coins that you retards pull out of your ass every 2 seconds are forgotten in the sands of time. Are dogecoin and trumpcoin good investments? The market is too convoluted, competitive and murky to judge what would be a good investment.

>Are dogecoin and trumpcoin good investments?
I don't know, how about you check the chats?

I thought you were a investor. You can't even do a basic research? Do you need someone to regulate your stocks so you don't accidentally invest into bad ones? Really?


Ding ding ding!!! B....B....But there's shitty coins out there!! Well no fuck there are, there's also fucking goldmines that will stand the test of time


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>disgustingly volatile hype is a good indicator of a worthwhile investment

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Thanks, I appreciate this post. I'm fully aware that I can't bring any knowledge to the table, but who even can? Short-term profitability is largely dictated by chance and judging long-term investment suitability is like being in the bronze age and trying to guess that English would be the world language in the 21st century

Walking through the hood at 3am is also high risk tolerance but isn't necessarily profitable

>um try again sweetie
How many dogecoin made last year, again? I don't want to open charts now.

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I'm curious, where do you get the idea the people deliberately targeting users of the RSI in traditional markets (as is implied by your comment)? If that were the case, the RSI itself would still be a very valuable indicator, as you could just do the opposite of what it indicates, because that's what the "Jews" are doing, to take all your money of course.

>get the idea the people deliberately targeting users of the RSI in traditional markets
*that people are deliberately targeting users of the RSI in traditional markets

>being this dumb

I am humble learner, user. I can only ask difficult questions to those who are extremely knowledgeable. Someone like a 45 year old physicist, shitposting on Mongolian basket-weaving forum really fits the fucking bill.

Doge is.

Just do fucking index funds so mongoloid. You are not warren buffet, and even if you were you would be actually supporting index funds


Go fuck yourself with your wolf of wall street brainlet larp. Background, intelligence, education means nothing when a computer can do a much better work 98% of the time. Put it into a boring index and the rest on crypto for actually making money.


Everyone knows index funds outperform everything in the long run. They just aren't sexy

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>lithium, cobalt, nickel exploration companies
I'm pretty much into Li, but I haven't yet found anything good for the others. Care to share a few hints?

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(((((((((((((my ETF's are index funds))))))))))))))))

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MSCI World is all you need

Do you invest in crypto solely because of volatility? I wouldn't understand if you said 'because it's going up'. Both the Stock Market and Crypto are going up.

And if your response is 'crypto is going up more than the stock market', well since you're open to undertaking more risk (investing in volatile crypto), would you ever consider leveraged ETFs/derivatives which follow the indices (which are more volatile than their non-leveraged counterparts)?

I know. Im saying that you should put 100% of your grandpa money on it. Its a waste of energy, time and mental resources to pursue regular stocks for just what...15% profit compared to 10% from etfs?

Warren Buffet is the messi of finances because he made like 20% a year...20% for me...its a bad month lmao!!

index and crypto. the rest is bullshit and you know it

>Trading thread for actual shares not fisher-price coins
shit like this is why we will shit all over your stock boomer threads enjoy your 5% gains over 10 years


What he said. I already have a stable index fund portfolio, I want to use an additional parcel of capital to ACCURATELY and CONSISTENTLY (not-crypto) make higher frequency trades.

From my understanding lithium is pretty core to electric vehicle battery tech, in terms of it's energy density storage capabilities. Vanadium meme batteries are being touted as a potential competitor, but I'm not sold on the idea because it still requires centralised transmission channels for refuelling (still reliant on a middle-man) whereas with a lithium-ion battery it could theoretically be recharged simply from the owners own renewable produced energy, or even some spooky shit like a car made out of solar panels.

As for nickel, cobalt, high purity alumina etc, they're more related to the actual cathode/electrode rather than energy storage, and are more susceptible to being replaced by alternative tech. That being said, I've made COCKLOADS of profit off all of the above over the past ~4 months. Ausfag btw, so that will probably impact what mining/exploration companies are available to you.

Im doing just fine bro. Im relatively young (31 years) and I can afford to lose everything and start from scratch a few times. I made 100k from a 1k investment in 4 months. If I lose it (wont happen) I would just put another 1k and start again.

Thats a 10000% increase in 4 months and I actually missed a ton of opportunities. You wont get those returns in any other place than crypto. And I went for solid coins, didnt even try to chase pumps and dumps.

If you are young join cryptos.

>. You wont get those returns in any other place than crypto.
and you won't continue to reliably see gains like that.

This bull run is a fluke

> stock index went up 20% last year
> hurrrr 5%

Get your Jew paper trading bullshit out of here. No one gives a shit about nickel and cobalt here faggot.

>As for nickel, cobalt, high purity alumina etc, they're more related to the actual cathode/electrode rather than energy storage, and are more susceptible to being replaced by alternative tech. That being said, I've made COCKLOADS of profit off all of the above over the past ~4 months.
Was looking more for companies. I know the chemical basics. Li ones are quite easy to find, but I'm not too involved with the others.

>Ausfag btw, so that will probably impact what mining/exploration companies are available to you.
I'm an Austrian too! Ironically, Austrias best Li company (of course, no production yet…) is originally and Australian company. Very funny chart for European Lithium (they're also on the ASX)

>1 minute
> economics heavily influences my investing style
>no you are a degen gambler

>-Your basic trading approach/good resources that helped you to learn
>-Software you utilise for charting and general information/updates, eg. is there a bloomberg for stingy people?
>-Particular genres of stocks that you prefer (aside from highly volatile ones DUH)
>-Why the fuck do you need so many screens
>-Cryptos are gey
>-Is the lifestyle worth it? Does anyone actually do this?
Meanwhile "gey" people who invest in crypto just have to "research" the last shilled coin oin here/reddit, watch out for ICOs and effortlessly grow their portfolio anywhere from +10% to +100& a month.

user where did you get the jerky?

I like that set up.

unfortunately since I've gotten into crypto I haven't done that much equity trading. only a few natural gas (CHK), 3d printing (SYSS & DDD) and vol (UVXY) plays here. The latter of which has been a shit trade.

>Software you utilise for charting and general information/updates, eg. is there a bloomberg for stingy people?

Metatrader 5 is pretty nice desu
But I quit playing with stocks and started messing around with crypto (not for long if this market continues going downhill)
What platform do you guys recommend for FOREX? I'm thinking of trying it

(Ships only to EU due to laws)

any traders here use renko charts?

I'm mad I chuckled at this

LEAVE OUR BUBBLE ALONE FAGGOT - enjoy your 30% per year gains with 8 hours per day of work

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> if you really are that good at trading, don't disregard crypto because the knowledge might give you an advantage and make some real money


My vanguard ETF's probably have lower management fees but I appreciate the earnest reply

I like this post, takes ya noggin for a joggin

boring and gay. I've made 60-120% profit off the past 5 specialty minerals stocks I've traded, thanks to genuine interest in electric vehicles, accompanying supporting policy in China and Europe, and a huge impending shortfall for the necessary materials required for their batteries. There is substance to justify the price movements and I can still make a large profit off it. You will be butthurt when your unjustified spike is shortly accompanied by an unjustified plummet.

>(won't happen)

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apologies for interrupting your hello kitty coin trade

Some that I've traded over the past year include: GXY, PLS, GGG, JRV, EUC, TAW, MEI. If you want to go on a nice story adventure, research someone by the name of Tolga Kumova.

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just because you cant grasp the concept doesnt make it bad

Mate I'm Australian too.

My pot stocks have x10.
My lithium stocks have x5.
My ETF's have gone up like 15% LOL

In the same amount of time my crypto gains have been x30, AFTER withdrawing my initial investment AND fucking up plenty of times.

You are just straight up being stupid to not have at least part of your portfolio in crypto.

>All then normie tards crying about risk when they could have just flipped tulips before 1 trillion market cap for actual free money.

I literally made what you gain in a year in two days. If I had market gambling money and wasn't poor I would have already retired. But its too late now you'll never be smart money.

To think there is less systemic risk in stocks/bonds or The Fed's playpen featuring Goldman's high freq algorithms is laughable.

You'll be crying when the crypto market collapses for good you millenial fuck

>Private currencies is a joke, people don't need these

>Implying decentralized market would crash before a centralized one

>I literally made what you gain in a year in two days.

what are you holding? how the FUCK do i determine what's legitimate and whats not? Chainlink looked legit as fuck and better than everything else but its performance has been dog shit tier and its FUD'ed none stop

>watch Wolf of Wallstreet once
>next day your bedroom looks like OPs pic

No it's not, it's made by russians and has no product nor devs.

Read papers, does the coin have a use case? Does the coin have incentives for long term investment? Does the coin have actual money being spent on it in the form of offices, tech support, and legal teams? Is the coin going to ICO soon or has already ICOd.

You look at a coin, if their ICO is too optimistic (90% of ICOs) you wait for it to go public, buy after it crashes and then wait. If the product is as good as your research tells you, milestones will mean actual volume and actual gains. If you ever get spooked trade into the big boys.

Its literally the simplest fundamentals, you can fuck up and still make money. COSS is one great example.

didnt ask you and that's not an argument

it has 3+ devs, and vitalik among hundreds of other successful people have been russian/eastern european so i dont know what sort of argument that is

no offence but i dont really want your opinion unless your either a millionaire or have a linkedIN that looks like this linkedin.com/in/sergeydnazarov

>putting your money into index funds
>thinking it's "safe"

When stocks crash, etf sellout will be further fuelling the crash.

Build some barbell strategy with portfolio insurance or sth.


Oh, and when you see high volatility red, thats just the overall crypto market shaking. As crypto all fills a certain niche as a product it acts like a commodity market. Its scary day to day, but when you look at the long term charts fundamentals still win, and are the biggest success story of 10 cent coins to 50 dollar ones.

Crypto is the wet dream of anyone who knows basic day trading and fundamentals.

>implying people give a shit about private currencies
Nobody gives a fuck if its a private currency. Oh, you want to go buy some drugs you degenerate? Then maybe they are for you