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buy low sell high

wtf i love pajeets

I've done a bunch of my own research that I've come to share you with you

Fpbp checkd /thread

Thanks for the investment advice guys, i'll be able to retire 10 years early!

Thanks for advising against crypto, that stuff is so volatile and unknow I realise only a feel would 'invest' any money on it.

Anyway, i'm going for a run with my girlfriend on this beautiful Sunday morning, and then we're going shopping for baby clothes, good luck everyone!

Glad I sold all my LINK a while ago, there's no way it was going anywhere

guaranteed pump and dump!

Everybody wins!
Join our discord with 100% winners!


I like stocks

I know right? I just had a meeting with my financial advisor and he said he would be able to give me a stable 3.5% returns. Where else can you get that in today's market!

Federal Reserve anounces: Cryptocurrencies is the next step forward. The time of govermentbacked Fiatmoney is coming to an end.

Can anyone please check my resume?

I can't tell you what will happen to BAT in the future, but theoretically >1$ is possible for this token.

So happy i got in on VEN's moon mission after one of the biggest partnership announcements in crypto history

Hold on my friends. I have here one coin that won't make you rich af in a week, but it will make a decent ROI in two to three years.

Buy gold

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being jewish.

Can't believe how stable the cryptoexchanges are. No matter what date or time or how the market reacts there is not even the slightest delay when you want to trade coins.

I shilled you TRX at 25 cents, I shilled you DBC at 64 cents, now I bring you: LTC at $370

everything you need is right here

sounds comfy


Bitcoin is the real the bitcoin cash

this is a severely underrated fpbp

I own more than 1000 LINK and am not a millionaire


I like the stable returns of my government backed bonds. Which bonds are you holding, senpai?

BLegacy is the real Bitcoin

You gotta diversify yo bonds, nigga

Buy low sell high

>not married
>shopping for baby clothes

Degen as fuck.

Im walkin on sunshine
And dont it feel good!


>in 2018

It is nice to pay my taxes.

weak hands get folded

It's really great that Yobit doesn't steal people's coins and scam users at every opportunity.

Central bankers and (((others))) are actually massive benefit to society!

Hey likeminded investment and financial community.
I was just looking at the 30 year US treasury yield graph and I'm curious if anyone of you thinks that the bond bull market is ending soon?
Maybe it's time to prepare our dividend heavy stock portfolios?

Checked and /thread

i told you at $.50
i told you at $5
i told you at $500
i told you at $6000
i'm telling you now, DBC is going to 100x before EOY

actually moons.