Good time to buy BAT?

Good time to buy BAT?

The cuppiest cup

mmm, let me see, a potential x20 to x100 in a year, at the cheapest price you will ever find it again. I guess...


>1500 bat
proud owner of a coin that i believer in.
Am I gonna make it guys?

1# defeat# purpose#

you dont think we might bleed back down to november prices?

Yes, I just bought a few thousand myself. Moon mission starts in about a week according to TA.

Just wait till it gets added to coinb..... bwahhahahaha I can’t even say it without laughing

Nah, not a chance. This thing could pop any second with some news from Eich.

>want to accumulate more BAT now that it's in the red but can't sell since everything is in the red


my dilema untill 1h too, I waited for a good swing of ADA/BAT and went full for it.

lost a tiny bit with ADA, but BAT is in sale price right now.

Brendan Eich's anti gay shit scares me in regards to normies boycotting BAT/BRAVE

Doesn't matter, most the world is redpilled now that Trump is in Office whether they know it or not, people secretly hate gays.

Which do normies prefer?
Gays or money?

10417 reporting in.

ah, the age old philosophical question.


W-will I be able to make it with you guys?

only at 8.7k

I want that comfy 10k!

Also kek


BAT is supposed to be $1 (the purpose of the coin, if you had a brain you'd know this), but is currently $0.6 . easy gains if you buy now.

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