This is how normals see cryptos

>This is how normals see cryptos.

The general public still has no fucking clue what is going on. They think there was this one chance to buy bitcoins years ago and get rich with it and that's it. They don't know about Ethereum, they don't know about alts, they don't know about trading, they don't know shit.

Binance, which is the biggest platform, has just 5 million registered(!) users. That's nothing, that's like a mid range video game. Meanwhile ~40% of Americans own stock.

If we draw an analogy to internet communication we're in the fucking IRC age. This whole thing is going nowhere but up.

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Plenty of chads know about alts

>Meanwhile ~40% of Americans own stock
Are you serious?
>Collectively, 4 in 10 Americans, 43 percent, own stocks, reports Bankrate. This includes 51 percent of people who are 36 to 51 years old (Generation X), and 48 percent of Baby Boomers, who are aged 52 to 70.

Normals are the worst.

>bitcoin down, I'm broke
if you were smart enough to sell Shitcoin after futures trading started you wouldn't have this problem. Does Veeky Forums even hold Bitcoin anymore?

this figure includes people who are not directly invested, EG they have a pension fund which is being handled therefore they are invested in the stock market. They dont all own stocks though

Yes and Veeky Forums still thinks crypto is only a way to get more fiat and cash out. Retards everywhere.

I'm 80% in fiat. I buy dips and sell bounces. I prefer the stability.

>I only evaluate posts based on the pic
read OP's post you imbecile

Thanks m8 and god bless

> tried to tell co-workers about it
> same people that said "i wish i had bought bitcoin"
> they respond > noo thats gonna crash be careful
> literally missing out a second time

so should i buy a shitton of alts or ethereum?

YES. but do some research on the alts. so many scams out there.

Yeah, it's really easy to overestimate the size of cryptos if you're as invested as many of us. Just look at how fucking ghetto many of the big crypto sites are.

thanks for the advice, but should i buy both of them or just alts? jeez if there's so many scam then i prefefr Ethereum

This is not your first post of this kind, I remember this analogy and the writing style

Also if i DO buy them, do you have any prediction on when should i sell them at their highest? thanks

You have to leave now

Dude, stop. You're not cut out for this.

>They don't know about Ethereum
Higher market cap than UPS, Nike, Goldman Sachs, etc
How much bigger do you think this shit can get?


prediction? get out of here
no man, you have to try to buy cheap and hold. also be prepared to lose everything you invested

>This whole thing is going nowhere but up
T-that's why I keep losing 10% of my 'folio everytime I check? I'm relieved

>not riding the btc wave then cashing that into eth to ride the eth wave
>started end of nov. 2017
>already up massive
>user i...

I sold BTC right after futures went live to buy ETH lad.

Bad choices.

I will never sell my one BTC or my 10 ETH. It's a small percentage of my whole portfolio anyway.