Selfkey listed on Kucoin 15th of January

Selfkey to be listed on Kucoin on 15th Jan after the ICO sold out within minutes, make an account on Kucoin and use the referral code : 1N2K1 and I'll credit your account with 0.05 eth

1) Every coin that's been added to this exchange is up 5x or more. Deep Brain Chain and QLINK have uncalculated market caps that are nearly 500m and yet people keep pumping.

2) The majority of KuCoin's userbase is extremely retarded. The vast majority are literal pajeets. Join the KuCoin telegram. They FOMO into everything.

3) KuCoin has added over 800k users in the last week. Volume has more than doubled. People are going to take profits on KCS and look for the next coin to pump.

4) The team is massive and professional. Website looks great. The product itself is already being implemented, and pajeets don't care about that anyways.

5) Average IQ in this market is declining. I can go onto one of these facebook crypto groups and make a post telling people to buy a coin and they will. All I have to do is show my BTC wallet balance or something to prove credibility.

6) A marketcap of only $20mil, thats the fucking lowest marketcap coin to be added, only 2,000,000 circulating supply so just buy and hold, it is not possible for the price to drop lower

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Civic has $350M mkt cap, this will EASILY reach that this month. DYOR.

>Every coin that's been added to this exchange is up 5x or more


Stopped reading at 1st. Faggot shills like you got people JUSTED with CAN.

Fuck off

What was the ico price?

At 20mil marketcap can only go up

You used the same copypaste for Canya coin go fuck yourself

1 billion mcap by end of week. i cant believe how easy it is to make money. kucoin gave announcement hours after ico ended and we can only buy it through ed contract. fucking nice. normies gonna wait and buy 20x. WHY IS IT SO FUCKING EASY TO MAKE MONEY.

Who cares, unless you bought at the ICO.

KuCoin is a fucking massacre, right now it's basically a slaughterhouse. Apart from being easily manipulated by whales. Happened to DBC and BNTY as well, it took a few days to a week until they actually took off, and that was in the still optimistic mood after New Years.
Right now, everything on KuCoin is bleeding out and being picked apart by whales. Might be worth it to observe and then buy the dip at some point, but who knows where the market is going. If the money streams back to Binance and other exchanges who had closed their registrations and thus channeled users to KuCoin, it will never recover, at least not within the next weeks/months. And not even starting with the possibility of a bear market here ....

Anyone got an etherdelta link? It'll get slaughtered on Kucoin sure but it'll moon right before getting listed.

Near enough everything is bleeding out right now

Pardon my ignorance kind sir, but what does JUSTED mean? Getting laughed at your fucking face by a shitcoind drop?

Used your ref.
Eth me bro

I mean.. the way to make money is buying ICOs
You think whales buy at x20 the real price and got rich that way?

It has 2,000,000,000 circulating you pajeet cunt.
Also learn to math.

As I said - who cares, unless you bought at the ICO.
If there is no way to make money after the ICO, nobody will buy it after the ICO. Which means the people who bought at the ICO will just sit on bags.

So the only thing that matters is the price development after the ICO, and KuCoin is not exactly tempting right now.

This shit's already $100 mil marketcap based on ED price. Also, 2,000,000 circulating supply is a straight fucking lie. You already know its gonna drop like a rock once it hits kucoin.

forgot a few 0s, the ico price was $00.015 for 1 KEY so still $22mil you spastic

Prices go up after ICOS otherwise no one would fucking buy

Whitepaper is worth a read

When will you send?


The fact that I'm still on the same referrals as when I posted this thread, shows you're talking shit

Nigger I would but they require KYC verification or whatever so I can't.

No orders right now.

I think this is the correct one:

Decent gains being made already




Why is fucking EtherDelta not working? I buy the sell order, but it doesn't do anything. The transaction never goes through, I lose the gas price from my balance.

JUST fuck my shit up senpai


Etherdelta is scam now, not legit exchange anymore.

You probably had a failed transaction.
That shit happens sometimes when you try to fill an order that has already been filled but is still in the orderbook because ED is a slow piece of shit.
The smartcontract then rejects your transaction and you still have to pay the fee.

>you still have to pay the fee

Why doesnt ED get their shit together? So much potential

Because its not an exchange for normies, they don't have to hold your hand through trading

At what time UTC does it start trading?

go fuck yourself faggot

>A site not costing people money by no longer being a slow piece of shit that charges people for transactions that dont go through is holding hands
Okay kiddo

>KEY is one of the highest volume tokens on ED
>retard normies are buying it thinking it's SelfKey

lmao this is great

> Our team is made up of experts in blockchain, technology, legal, finance, marketing, and design.

Seems legit

Their team doesn't even show up on my browser.

Civic was a disaster, this one also.

You don’t need tokens to ID yourself...

Enjoy the scam, ICO whales will dump their bags faster than you can hold. Some will get crushed and smacked by those full heavy bags. Blood everywhere, because the market was already fighting. Slaughter.

wanna bet

Anyone know what time is this happening?

What the fuck is the stupid purpose of this shitcoin? Like why the fuck this pile of trash deserves it own coin? Seriously wtf is this shit? How the fuck blockchain and ID even fuck together besies knowing all our info?

You just need to believe user

I will never touch another fucking chink coin in my life.

You need to imagine,

What time will this shit drop?

7 pm chink time?

anyone who buys this deserves to lose all their money

tell that to my lambo

Holy mother of china, they even sell passports

remember enjin?
gonna happen again tomorrow

love this fud because they want to get in cheap

Hory shiet

This is chinks wet dream
This coin is going to places

Of course, ICO buyers getting desperate to drop their bags.
I mean, look at the shilling right now, mentioning DBC and KuCoin, lel. That was a feasible approach a week ago, not when DBC is down 80% and KuCoin has become a slaughterhouse for anything listed there.

>Of course, ICO buyers getting desperate to drop their bags.
unfortunately i werent fast enough to get in

just bought 150k of these fucking things

I swear to fuckign god if it tanks on Kucoin you're all fuckin dead

gl cuck

Why disaster sir?

where did you buy? ED? Can you give me the contract address?

LOL i had 2 failed transactions = $45 lost in fees

fuck ED but i still got it on third transaction

Lol, use eth gas station, you dumb nigger.

>LOL i had 2 failed transactions = $45 lost in fees
>fuck ED but i still got it on third transaction
gas prices are ridiculous

what did i do wrong? i set gas at 70 and 90.. well above the normal

Yeah, so you are retarded and didn't realize that you could get in the same block for 12

are you serious? It currently costs 0.40 cents for a regular transactions with 15 gwei under 9 minutes.

If you're too dumb to use the ethereum network you should look for other occupations than crypto.

Yea i understand that, but why does it fail when i used more gas?

Besides when i tried 30 and below, it kept saying it wasn't enough

can someone give me a god damn honest assessment of this shit.

So you use it to like blockchain fucking identities and shit? I've been on the website and it looks like some pajeet passport factory nonsense black market.

>Lol, use eth gas station, you dumb nigger.
Thekey is better but it is neo but this is better than civic.


And this shit is based in the fucking Cayman Islands for Christ sakes.

I mean I'll be waiting to pounce for retards to pump this shit but anyone who thinks this is going to bring them something EOY is dumb.


Confirmed Al-Qaeda money laundering coin.

100x eoy

why arent we funding this more then


Cuz we all want houses in Trinidad and Tabago to live out our Most Dangerous Game fantasies with the local tribes.