Tfw I'm spending all my crypto gains on Gucci and tom ford clothes

>tfw I'm spending all my crypto gains on Gucci and tom ford clothes

lmao all my normie coworkers that make fun of my 'cryptocorn investments' are wearing H&M and S.Oliver while I go to work with my +$5k Gucci jacket.

gonna quit in summer, take a whole year off and travel the world while trading cryptos

wish me luck bros, we all gonna make it!


>wearing nigger brands

>paying $5k to look like a Polish football hooligan


Please be more wise with your money, else you'll end up broke again after this crypto tap runs out.

I care about you and I don't wana see you stay poor


Gucci is the hottest shit right now. Wearing expensive things like Gucci and Tom Ford isn't ONLY about fashion. It's basically a status symbol. Wearing them says that you are rich and powerful enough to drop $5k on a fucking jacket just like that.

It's all about status.

LOL why? Why not buy actual high quality stuff? If it has a logo, it's automatically shit.

Only people that wear this shit are new money niggers.

Are you white? We are supposed to be above this shit mate.

Im fully aware that it looks like shit. The point is that wearing Gucci is like saying: "FUCK YOU. I dropped $5k on a jacket because I CAN. I don't give a fuck about who you are or what you wear. I made it"

What the fuck are you talking about?

congratulations OP you're nigger rich

How do you actually manage to make consistent money trading crypto? I thought it was better just to hodl

You fucking mong, if you still have "normie coworkers" you have no fucking reason to buy thus shit. Nobody is going to thunk your awesome when your scrubbing floors in gucci fucking twat.

y cant u just get a nice watch?

>buy depreciating assets to signal status to niggers and teenagers

Jesus christ

Also anyone with real money would laugh at your ass. OP huge faggot, nothing to see here fellas

I went from 6k to 18k from XRB surge I'm sitting at 9k today and I took out 3k for my first mining rig...

feels good making progress.

THIS. This is the white thing to do. Big ole 10k watch on the wrist you look at with a yawn when normies come to beg for a few satoshis

does Jared Leto look like a nigger to you?

why are you fags constantly talking about niggers? if you crave nigger cock so much then go find one in a gay club.

no he looks like a pretentious fag

>OP wants to be like jared leto

I was referring to the part were you autists were claiming that only niggers wear Gucci.

What expensive clothes do you buy with your crypto gains? GAP hoodies and autism shoes?


If you had a clue about fashion and a slice of taste, you would know that this brand is only worn by some b list jersey shore celebrities or some second league footballers
Would rather get some Ralph Lauren pullover Than this gaudy ed hardy tier trash

White people haven't worn Gucci in over 15 years. Niggers ruined it.

i don't waste my money on clothes. I don't feel the need to impress others with expensive shit.

Is he a fucking wagecuck such as yourself? NO! If you cant already quit your job, dont wast money on this shit OP. We are trying to help you out fagboy


my friends sister is kind of famous over here in the you can google her and find her and all the shit she done on TV.

She dated Leto and friend says he's a tool and self absorbed as fuck.


ultra rich people are all about being low key and discreet though

An expensive piece doesn't mean automaticly that you have style. Go to /fa

this underrated

>spend 5k in a jacket crafted by little pajeets
>he thinks he is not a normie

spoken like a true nigger

Jesus this shit is embarrassing

Jesus Christ they look like absolute shit. People unironically spend $5K on this? Looks like the type of shit to make you look cool in elementary school.

Nice try OP, but anons will never fall for this obvious larp. No-one from Veeky Forums would be stupid enough to waste good money on nigger status symbols like this. Oh shit just saw the R-site formatting. Maybe you are this dumb.

Wearing Gucci clothes in your mother's basement.


put that aside to maybe start a business after the bubble pops, so you can afford expensive shit for the rest of your life

you retarded cockspitting niggerloving aspenger faggot

No one from Veeky Forums would fit in any of gucci clothing.

If your clothes have visible logos they're automatically trash. Real hq stuff doesn't need logos

>buy nice clothes because I want to
>normie coworkers notice my nice clothes
>normie coworkers don‘t like me very much for some reason
>normie coworkers are 1 year after I quit still discussing if my brand clothes were original or fakes

If they don‘t like you they just think you‘re a try hard nigger with fake chinaclothes trying to look rich.

>spending money
the jews got ya OP

>not wearing h&m

ITT nerds who don't own any designer & don't fuck models

Found OP being a faggot.

Vitalik called, he wants his complete lack of fashion sense back

that man has a massive pecker

I wouldnt even know where to start when evaluating clothes makers’ wares for ability to fit a population of crypto traders. Feel free to post your research.

You would know, homo

this is how i imagine anyone know doesn't fuck with gucci

Only a nigger/wigger would spend an inordinate sum on that hideous shit

nah he's wearing a diaper

This. I say stick to high quality work suits for sure, and then for leisure wear stick with classic cheaper luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger.

Turbo autist

>Nigger brand
Dumb as fk

designer/luxury clothing exists for the mere purpose of flossing insecure retards. unless you have fuck you money, or you somehow profit from wearing designer (e.g.: being a model, working in the fashion industry, being a popstar), there is absolutely no reason for you to be spending sweet gainz on this shit. if you do want to buy luxury, buy leather goods...things like belts, shoes, and bags. oh and watches. these things hold their value pretty well and are essential for looking like a true richfag

Fendi was made for you /biz

>falling for an obvious baitthread.
the state of biz......

Most billionaires don't even wear expensive watches. You can tell if someone is retard levels of rich if they wear a cheap watch like a casio, its irony at the highest level.

Ya its just the same thing with rich old men who still mainly drive 80's Cadillacs, Mercedes or Buicks. Real rich men don't tend to feel the need to show everyone their wealth.

Yeah Gucci definitely is the hot shit right now in fashion. (Animals and snakes on everything) They have a fairly new head designer. The bomber jackets are sweet but ridiculously $$$$.

Cheap casios are objectively the best watches on gods green earth. No matter how much funds I have, I will always stay loyal to my favorite weeb watch brand. I'm gonna be a millionaire someday driving a shitty toyota truck and wearing a casio. I swear

Can you post a picture of autism shoes. I think I know what they are but I need to see...I need a laugh

>people who get mad about expensive clothes
grow up