Fell through the critical trendline. See you guys at 9k

Fell through the critical trendline. See you guys at 9k

I'm surprised nobody on here is even talking about bitcoin when the next few hours may decide its fate for the next few weeks or even months.

Everyone is fumbling around wondering why their shitcoins are tanking.They probably havnt even looked at a btc chart all day.

my neo is up 10%. bitcoin only affects shitcoins now. Eth, neo will survive and prosper

I don't plan on cashing out ever I am just trading to collect more bitcoin. Fiat means nothing to me.

Hahahaha you deserve it you "muh dip" fucks.

This is now my favorite pink wojack, also nice pink ID.

What is this pattern called, anons?

What shit token was this

The communist flag.

Same senpai


The "CIA flight plan"

I believe the technical term is a JUST pattern

my sisters bedsheets

liquidating all my positions. fuck this shit. btc going sub 10k, alts will follow. total cap 679, we are doomed. this is it boys. ty for the lulz


why not trade to increase your amount of an actually valuable coin... bitcoin may die bro, trade to increase your amount of neo, or et, something with a future

Jesus fucking christ how horrifying.

thats a broken ketchup bottle formation

good pic

>What is this pattern called,
1 in the stink
2 in the pink

That's called the Brendan Fraser fuck my shit up

"Spilling my spaghetti" formation

the "get a rope" pattern

Ahh, the classic Rivers of Blood pattern


Don't know how newfaqs don't take TA into consideration. Cashed out days ago and waiting patiently to buy back in.

This is the JUST.

It hasnt broken it yet. Pic related


did u do udemy courses?

We need a BTC crash so we can buy cheap coins.

>h-he hasn't heard of a f-fake b-breakout

Nope, stole that pic off Veeky Forums

The "Veeky Forums just bought" pattern.

NEO is allways green
NEO is love
NEO will make us rich


Oh my god this is beautiful. Thank you for this.

Honestly I may just step away from the charts today. I consolidated over the past couple of days -- there's not much left to do today beyond watch charts bleed.

Here's hoping for the LINK singularity soon...


Whats the trendline support? 13k?

>People thought there wasn't going to be a blowoff.

Save your shekels, buy back in june.

The "I bought this coin 3 minutes ago" pattern.

Why? What's happening in the next few hours? Or are you just looking at meme lines?

BTC falling past support lines, which is a big sign that we're entering a bear market (or, at least, BTC is...which has traditionally meant everything).