Bitcoin crashing

The next few hours will be crucial for the future of crypto. If Bitcoin goes below $12000 we will be in a bear market until summer and might never fully recover.

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I agree but your 12000 is just a random number. I'd peg the "we're-fucked-moment" at under 10k. It can still easily go below 12 today and be 20k next week.


Damn, thought we would get to at least 16k before we tried 12k again. That went too fast.

Hahahahahah fag laughing at you losers.

>and might never fully recover.
fuck bitcoin and its recovery
There is plethora of other coins that will gladly replace this dying dinosaur

Not random at all, support level has been at about $12000 this and last month, if we fall below it it will probably go down to $10000 and lower very very quickly.

next fib support is 9.8, id expect it to bounce hard off that

but i doubt we're going there, the sell volume is pathetic below 13

I'm a newb to crypto, I started last week and must've picked the worst week to start. Generally how long do these bear markets last?

ether hodler here, die shitcoin die

I agree but if bitcoin crashes everything else will follow, Some coins like Ethereum might come back stronger but most coins will never fully recover.

usually between 18-36 months

The last one lasted 2~3 years. Good luck

This one isn't going away. I am exiting ALL COINS today boys.

2-3 years

You obviously don't hold anything of value if you want the cornerstone to fail.

Considering that the stock market and housing market will also be correcting around that time the best market could even last longer. We just put band and over the fiscal problems that created the last recession, and used up all ammo with all the QE. We could be HEADED for the big one.

>Considering that the stock market and housing market will also be correcting around that time

Bear market
Band aid
fuck auto correct.

>If Bitcoin goes below $12000 we will be in a bear market
Bew hew
>until summer
That long?!
>Might never fully recover.
Spot the newfag.

Just a guess, they are both over due for at least a 10/20 percent correction.

recessions happen every 5-10 years and the last one was in 2008

>Bitcoin crashing Anonymous (ID: 2XQcjkxW) 01/14/18(Sun)17:32:23 No.643

Sign up now.

Stop scaring the newbs. We could get to 8k and will be fine again by the middle of February we will start recovering because south Korean banks will start again after the temp halt on cryptocurrnecy to fiat via coinbase equivalents in SK.

Stop being such a fucking pussy too. How the fuck do you people jerk off with such weak hands?

This is investing/speculating not your religion or girl friend. You crypto emos so get burnt if you think with your bag rather then your brain.

Olffag checking in. I just moved everything to tether in case this shit crashes for real. 12k and we are going to be in a long winter

> it's a phone poster

who is to say a stock crash doesn't make everybody take their money out of stocks and throw it at crypto? It could be the ultimate flippening


what the fuck bros I just bought 750 btc at 14000 and 150 eth at 1300 and this shit LITERALLY happens right after

like what the fuck?

Theres always a thread like this when btc decides to go down 5% ffs

>tfw everybody is panicking and uou're comfy in coss and payfair

It could be, imo would make no sense at all, the stock market is a lot more stable understandable and produces shit plebs are familiar with. The next recession will bring big time fud.

The last recession was papered over other then the rich getting richer and neets making huge gains in crypto (I doubt it is a big number) things have gotten worse for most people.
We came so close to the whole system.shutting down last crash, this crash we will have a lot more to deal with. I don't see people willing to gamble with internet monies. Personally I think hold and silver will move big.

>tfw bought at 16k two weeks ago


Wall street people are pulling all the prices down, I fully expect all the prices to rise tomorrow.

I feel for you user.

Holy shit!

Of course you're comfy at the GayFair.

this meme needs to die
In this market, tech maturity is an asset not a liability.
If you think BTC is 'old tech' then your 'new tech' will also become old in a matter of months. Which would make the entirely of crypto a fucking joke.
The only 'tech' that matters in the long run is blockchain. That is why 95% of altcoins are going to be gone by Dec 2018, especially the 'new tech' ones.

>he bought in
>dump it


gg boys

>buying eth NOW
Bad move. Not irreparably bad, but just a little bad.


Bitcoin is gonna reach price parity with ethereum at 2.5k USD. Ethereum will finish the year above 100k USD per coin. Ripple will also have an insane year. The bubble will pop in 2020 at over 100 trillion USD total crypto market cap.

Really what I see happening is a coordinated crash of both the finance markets and crypto markets. Currencies will be fucked allowing gub to take the infrastructure of the block chain and introduce their own government controlled crypto. I think people who think crypto will seriously challenged the global banking system are naive as fuck like little children and are going to wake up to a very harsh reality once tptb have completed a global digital

You're a literal retard.

>BTC goes up 2k
We gonna make it bros, moon incoming

>BTC goes down 2k
The sky is falling, go into your bunker


>Ethereum will finish the year above 100k USD per coin

lol it wont it cant even reach 1.5k

>comfy in coss

Dude, look at CMC.

The ONLY use of COSS is to buy COSS. Literally no one uses it for anything else.

user, don't believe all the FUD.

>If Bitcoin goes below $12000

You're crashing the market right now with this negative speech.


> In this market, tech maturity is an asset not a liability.

nice larp no one would be stupid enough to buy eth at the ATH. Remember 400 to 200 eth? buy around 600-700 eth

>he thinks BTC will crash on wall street bonus week
don't get me wrong, I think every BTC holder is a faggot and I'm all in ETH, but let's be real

What is your point. LN is new tech, is barely used, is largely unproven, has a very uncertain future.
LN is perfect example of how the value of new tech is extremely dubious compare to the value of working, established, robust 'dinosaur' tech.

except monero and link nothing can stop either. monero is the chair that everyone will sit on if the music stops. and we all know about link

Same here, I don't think that people understand what a BTC crash will mean for their shitcoin "moon missions".

buddy, monero is gonna eat shit once ZenCash gets more attention. Monero's tech is as good as your momma's anal paste.

LN has been "6 months away" for 3 years and ETH has only existed for 2.5 years, chew on that

Good, let that piece of trash die. And no, we will not be in a bear market. Less people give a shit about bitcoin now than they ever had. Its trash. Ether and Bcash are ready to take it over.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a 2018 LN release. The BTC core dev team is still playing power games and since they're already millionaires, they don't give a shit if BTC crashes to

Veeky Forums told me to

>not buying on GDAX


Coinbase and GDAX are the same thing dumbass. It’s free to transfer to GDAX pajeet


Are you so fucking new or what? It seems you just started in december and thought that you can buy random shitcoin on binance and it will grow 50% overnight
We had an ultra huge alt bull run so what are you expecting? Totalmarketcap to reach 10000 trillions in one week? You and your “I’m oldfag and we will have 2 years bear market” are just brainlets

I only want to buy for 100 per debit card, why do I need to have a stupid smartphone (which I dont), and a shitton of personal information?

You should've transfered money to GDAX then bought ETH with MAKER fee (which is zero). Instead you bought it at coinbase at market price with TAKER fee.

I believe the point is BCH is king

do you really think there's a possibility of it not dropping?

welcome to the club

implying we just keep fiat sitting around in coinbase and gdax or have 7 days to transfer money there during a dip

aint selling shit, been through worse

about 2 -3 years was the duration of the last one

Yeah lets wait 7 days to transfer money to GDAX and miss out on the rise to $1800. Atleast i saved on those fess. sounds like a good deal!

STFU normie

Bitcoin is better than holdin shit altcoin like TRX

Its going to keep bleeding. Its not going down easy, to many bagholders that wont let it go. A ton of people bought at +19000.

>about 2 -3 years was the duration of the last one
Yup and there's absolutely no difference between the current situation and back then.

>my new off shoot of bitcoin will take over
Said every bitcoin fork ever. That project sounds great but you do realize that in reality it going to keep getting pushed back until everyone gives up on the project and the dev team just quits because no one is buying.

Its not a fork, dude.

Op bought btc at $19k rip him. I sold my bags at $19k


You mean 7 seconds?

Go ahead user, try it. See you in a week

btc was already 11,500

and it peaked at 16,500 after that

btc is worth a hodl

between 12 and 18 years.
look at the silver market..

Can someone explain why this is for a brainlet

Yo will be a bagholder until retirement


the fuck kind of meta thread is this.
OP is talking shit.
if BTC breaches 12k it will be a blood bath.
AKA, a perfect time to buy in gradually
1. weak hands do the Spaghetti thing. as they never fail to do.
2. they get just'd as BTC goes to 16k when money comes in and buys whatever it can get.
repeat 1 or 2 more times until BTC gains it's retard strength that NO ONE EVER SEE'S COMING.
23-24k by March. then another correction that lasts all of a month.
Bringing ALT's up with it every time

I buy at the worst times. Normie starting out being diligent about it. Lot of reading. You need to learn and read into what these altcoins and normie coins are representing, their company objectives, and who is backing them.

The invest. Altcoins are taking off. Crypto is still in its infancy. You need to get in now.

Don't risk more than you're willing to lose. Basically only invest 1-5% of your income or something.

Lots of these altcoins are going to be rising big this year. Get in or stay poor? We'll see.

fuck off already with this norman B8's shit
>You need to learn and read into what these altcoins and normie coins are representing
>their company objectives, and who is backing them
>Don't risk more than you're willing to lose. Basically only invest 1-5% of your income or something

One can save us.

>Don't risk more than you're willing to lose. Basically only invest 1-5% of your income or something.
Are you kidding me? I invested half my annual salary. Why? Because 2 things happen - either this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I'll make it, or I lose a couple month's of pay. The benefits outweigh the risks immensely. Plus it's not going to drop to 0% - BTC, LTC, and coins with limited supply will still BE YOURS even if their value drops for some reason.

>segwit isnt a fork
wew lad, corecucks gonna get rekt by bitcoin (cash) in 2018

you're lying. if that were true you would have phrased it in the past tense,or the past present tense, but never in the present indicative tense.

that means you're actually limit buying and getting noobs to fill your bags