Yes it's a ponzi sceme, but IT JUST LAUNCHED. also there is real tech and a real dev behind it. Get in or stay a poorfag

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Bought a full merchant set for the 5% gold bonus per item in the dungeon.

Le Happy Merchant.

Can’t find the website. Where to buy?


how is it a scam if the items are tradable immediately? aren't etheremon's monsters not even tradable yet?

Only neckbeards play roguelikes and you can't even control the character, just equip him and watch him go. Permadeath so hope you enjoyed that item you paid 0.2 ETH for.

>implying you can't roll free characters and stumble upon the loot that some cuck paid .2 eth for

markets are zero-sum games and so is ethercraft

You still need to pay for gas

How do I actually play this game lol I can't get to correct site.

A roguelike smart contract is actually really neat

with state channels and scaling, this is a non-issue. and guess what game is perfect for state channel tech?

better get a pep's token too or else you'll lose the entire set when you die on your first run (and of course you WILL)

This. Have fun paying $650 for one-time Ponzi insurance.

or you can just not play the game and hold your stuff for ponzi money, you know

you know that you need to wear the armor to gain the bonus gold right? Also you lose all your loot and equip if dying. Have you read the whitepaper?

desu i like the idear of losing stuff while playing. Its a bit liek EVE online and this means that people will rebuy things.

please tell me fast gas limit and gas price guys

Ok how do you game this game for $

link for this shit?

lets hope they will not add an revive button. The great potential about this game is the potential item sink and perma death.

ok, i bought it but it's not in the inventory.

what do?

>tfw i've literally made

THANK YOU Veeky Forums!!! It's my first ponzi scheme ever

TX? You can even check your etherscan adress and see the items there as all items are ERC20 tokens.

>Among our launch items is a series of loot crates, including one available completely free of charge, which act as chance items. Players will be able to open (roll) these loot crates, potentially receiving rare and valuable loot.

Where is this free crate?

Is there any way to view the other sets?

plenty of free items for f2p kids as well, All in on frogs bois

Where are these free items?

they fucking say free on them dude

This is going to fucking moon. Best thing I have seen on this board in weeks. I am accumulating crates.

crates are the shit. also the weeb sword.

>Where is this free crate?
not a create but a loot type item according to the contract anyway



Ok, bought a legendary crate, now just by having it on my inventory my metamask account makes 0.001 everytime someone buys another crate? Did I get that right? That actually seems like a good deal.

What are you guys buying rn? We should shill this on reddit

The seasonal items are probably the best buys. You get your eth back after 10 of the same have been sold, with all the non-seasonal, rare ones it takes 100

Is anyone getting their ETH from subsequent sales? My metamask is not registering anything.

all my ether is on coss and its down for maintaince. can one of yall send me some shekkels so i dont miss this boat

Yes, except the money doesn't go to your metamask directly. It accumulates in the game itsself, and you can then press a 'Cash Out' button that will send it to your metamask. This saves transaction fees

its still pretty slow

why are the "subsequent purchase" values changing ever so often

Oh ok, got it, where is the game wallet then? I want to see how much I got already.

>there is real tech and a real dev behind it

love how these are all just complete etheremon copy + pastes.

this was written from the ground up and has absolutely nothing to do with etheremon lol
every single item is a minter object for an ERC20 token

If reddit finds out about this it will blow up big time!!




Also the are releasing their own ERC 20 token! This is fuckin insane. Join the discord. Legendary loot boxes are going to be so valuable
In the future

>Also the are releasing their own ERC 20 token!

All the items are already ERC20 tokens, enter your address in etherscan and youll see every item. You can even sell them at etherdelta.

Someone is spamming the ETH network right now


yeah you got it
click "withdraw" when you feel like taking your earnings

Who gives a fuck if its a ponzi scheme or not, the point is we are here on day fucking one and can get ground level positions to cash out and free roll into this game. I did it in Etheremon and made 30 ETH and i'll fucking do it here again. My advice is to block out the fucking FUD, grow some balls and do it now before you fomo later.

It's not that good, it has to sell four times as many legendaries for it to be worth it. Legendary is a better investment, specially because the items that you get (and can sell) will be better.

transactions are really picking up
moon mission here we come

You’re my idol

Oh snap this actually might be kinda cool, reminds me of runescape

Why are you people paying the gwei for the free items? Do you even plan on actually playing this?

fuck i need to buy this shit

Already made my initial investment back. This game is 3 hours
Get in while
You can

Link to contract?

I was once a common faggot, then i realised the only way to do crypto is balls out all in. If everyone else is already in something its too late. This is day fucking 1. I pray this crashed the Ethereum network, if it does we get new space and we get lambos.

Legendary return rate adjusted to 0.025 ETH, time to get rich.

Nolegcrates BTFO.

more ROI in the short term on the little ones though

what? how?

Im waiting for etherdragonball

what do you recomend?
Only have 0.6 eth so I can't take it all.
Thinking of getting 3 legendary crates, or a golden set

It's the same fucking 3 devs of this shitgame that are spamming the fuck out of Veeky Forums

Fuck off with your shitty ass game

This is literally Etheremon 2.0 with how fast items are flying off the shelves.

I fucking love you Veeky Forums

The crates, they will be much more valuable as time goes on (and the items they give will be better).

With that amount of ETH to spend, absolutely get some legendary crates. You'll make returns from others still getting them, and when you open them you can sell those items or use them. Crates are still the best goddamn investments.

Buy a bunch of these. The gold in game will be sold for ethereum. And when you buy more of your own item you get some back.

tfw im telling my grandchildren how i made thousands on virtual currency loot crates


>have ponzi-element in it
>expect it to be a real game
grow up losers, if they really wanted the game to last while simultaneously making money they would have gone for the pay2win model instead of the ponzi model. This is nothing but a quick cash grab, it already hit Veeky Forums so its too late, thank me later

Day one hours after launch is too late now apparently.

>Legendary return rate adjusted to 0.025 ETH, time to get rich.
it's not actually changing, that's just a display thing

>right wing shitlords are getting rich selling meme pixels with meme money

I love this fucking time line

>let's shit together

Starting to get expensive, while the ROI is not adjusting accordingly, it's not making it interesting for later players to get in the game now. Bad ponzi.

Why would ROI adjust? What happens is the items with fewer purchases become more appealing as they still have the original ROI (1%)


ok so I got 1 legendary crate, 1 common and 1 pair of golden boots.
Still have enough for half a legendary crate or another golden garbage. wat do?

Because there will come a point where ALL items will have a 0.1% ROI, no one is gonna buy a 1 ETH legendary crate.

the fuck am i doing wrong why isnt this shit going through

Network is slowed down, or you used too litlle gas.


what do I do? try again?

Retry with higher gas and set it to 20. If it works then try lower. ETH is very slow now btw.

How do I sell??

dev is laughing all the way to the bank with all you retards throwing money at him for literally nothing

the dev fee is only 12% tho

Can someone tell me how i sell shit????????


>what is a ponzi

It's day 0 of this ponzi, get in nigger

how much do you make in a year senpai