The absolute state of Veeky Forums

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

we need mods and new rules

we need our own board

Flags now... or ban Indian IPs

This should fall under the "no begging" rule

it is terrible yeah

I'm a newb to biz, usually lurk fit. This board seems to be one big massive joke, no one can agree on any single coin being good. Honestly dont know why i lurk.

mods are fucking hopeless.
This board used to be great pre 2017 and okay pre August 2017. Now its a disgrace. God I want crypto to burn down, I dont even care if I lose everything. The normies need to be gone. They have to ruin everything they touch.

>no one can agree on a single coin being good
thats how a market works

Biz without newfags would be fine
Or restrict biz to Veeky Forums pass holders only
Like, if you can't even afford a Veeky Forums pass your opinion probably doesn't matter anyways

dyel? faggot

So if I asked a room of savvy investors if Berkshire Hathaway A Class shares were a good investment, youd have 95% screaming its shit. Ok mong

We seriously need Veeky Forums to get more mods.
There is a rule against begging and that shit is JUST like begging.
Just report everything you see for now and hope the "higher ups" notices that it's a huge problem here.

and i ge t fucking banned for 3 days for fucking meme'in.





>Ref posts are going to exist until mods put up a sticky about them, it sucks, but those refs though.

Things are different compared to those companies, they are based on the overall economy more than anything, while crypto is just based on how well the developers do and the overall trust in it. Crypto trading is very similar to currency trading. Crypto trading is not very similar to trading shares.

I'm impressed at how shameless these faggots are. Them and coinshillers. Then again, conmen gotta be shameless to become conmen.

Yeah, I guess. I just mean that you have every fucking retard on this board arguing over Walton or VeChain and shilling/fuding the fuck out of these coins. I could pick what was a meme on fit but I have no fucking idea what to believe in this hole, even after doing my own research.

Since you already admitted you're a newb, and since you're clearly dumb as fuck, please return to reddit where you came from or you will be doxed.

Final warning faggot.


People shill for what they believe in, people FUD their competition. Sometimes people FUD their own coin. Read the threads about people asking to get into crypto and the ones that people are predicting outcomes from trends. The best way to learn is just put about 20-40 dollars on binance and play around with it and see what works.

you need to use filters you fucking retard

It's absolutely pathetic, unless you're some kind of cryptoyoutuber, you're not going to get much more then maybe a few dollars per month.

>filtering out "binance"
enjoy being poor

what are filters?

filter "ref" dumbass.

dont you fucking dare call me poor you fucking normie don't you dare

It's pretty obvious that binance will face an exit scam at some point.
Too much meme's and shilling going on here for it to be real.

>new ICO launches, REF coin
>only costs 10 cents
>you miss it from filters
>koreans autisticly pump it to $10


The problem is too many blatant shilling threads, which is not only pure cancer, but also against the rules

I got a warning for telling the bazinga spammer "kys nigger faggot". Meanwhile he had 6 threads up

India needs to be fucking banned from this board.

you guys are just whining faggot, if you look closely pajeets, discords fags and bots are shrinking, seems like mods are finally doing their work.
the most painful thing right now on the board is the flood of normies asking dumb questions and shilling the worst shitcoins like tron.

Tron is 1000% a shitcoin