Is this coin dead?

Is this coin dead?

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its been dead, and that's coming from an ltc bag holder

Major breakout is close. It might double in value within the next 48 hours, just look at the order book.

It’s coming.. keep being patient

You have no idea, do you?
Please never post again.

yeah it is a known scam. anyone who still buys it is a moron

it died at the very begging of this year


Why I would buy this when we already have dogecoin? I mean, Verge is a memeless clone of dogecoin, and the meme is what keeps dogecoin at the top.

If you can hold for one week.. knowing you will be rewarded.

Don’t be in crypto.

Trust me

Yes I know the TA set up you moron. Its 100% artificially constructed by whales. Just like they make alt coins behave like elliot waves, its to drag traders in. They want to slowly dump verge above 1000 sats.

The coin is absolutely dead, the devs took off. McAfee was paid to shill it so whales could make billions.

i sold on the 1st and have quadrupled the value of my folio since.

best decision i ever made

why don't you go play with your nigger friends on twatter?

Yes very dead. get some UFR instead. That coin can GROW

No, they didn't "take off". The OS X version of the Wraith wallet was just released a few days ago. They're still active, check their github:

Verge really is a sleeping giant, just like Ripple was - only with Verge, they actually have a real world use that's gaining popularity. Just wait until the marketing team kicks it into high gear.

>sleeping giant

HAHAHA you have to be larping, this shitcoin is the most widely adopted normie coin PERIOD.

Your exit point was anywhere between 1200-2000 sats

Yes, COLX has killed it


Of course it's dead, it died when the cuckfuck of a dev couldn't meet a simple deadline to save his life.

You don't start testing a major milestone release the night of the expected release, the fucking retard

shieeet. ufr is scam xD dont trust him

2$ end of april, caption this =)

sure, prediction fairy. This would make my XVG bag worth 700k

might wanna hold it for a bit user.

t. sold 2.7 mill in December before it hit 10 cents