Finally dumped this shit

Finally dumped this shit

Feels so good

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Good job selling low again. You will make it

chances are that whatever you bought instead will dump as well so good job. unless you're in tether then it is a smart move

NEO isn't going to dump

Good job on dumping a y-combinator backed ICO before the Q1 roadmap update, and quite possibly before it gets listed on coinbase (Also Y-comb backed).

You are a truly great investor selling in a dip like this.

This coin is fucking garbage at the end of the day. How will these fucks compete with Graft? They will be having their ICO soon. I just need this little shit of a coin to go back up around that $1 area and Im sending my bags off to a stupid nigger.

Why would this be listed on coinbase?

It's not even a coin you dumb fuck

Sell low so you can lose money with something else tanking. You gonna make it user!

>Sells low just days before big news

Well done.

90% of alts rise and fall together so what difference does it make?

Good job alt, you surely wont regret it by the end of the day.

>pic related: It's you

I like being raped in the anus. Thats why I bought REQ

You mean how will graft compete with request? And what a shitty logo graft has btw. Absolute garbage


Then why sell req? One of the most promising projects with regular news cycles which routinely props up the price.. you couldn't wait 4 more days?

Checkem, confirms you enjoy getting plowed in the ass

>regular news

in 4 days it's going to be 30 cents

It may be coincidence that Y-Combinator is backing both coinbase and now REQ, but connect the dots.. quite promising
Especially as the use of REQ could expand coinbase market reach

s a m e

It is true. I am not trolling. Feels good man :)

>pic related

If that's what you believe. Stay poor

Holding FUN & REQ

>Replacing E.O.A.T. with controller
>Having to enter robot cage to shut down program

Having seen what one of these fuckers can do to a human head, that's terrifying.

> something at ATH in midst of Bear market won’t dump


NEO is useful
REQ isn't

I'ts about time. Its been going downhill ever since it hit 1$. Get some UFR to replace your shit coin. thank me later.

my ass jiggles when i walk. how about you lick my asshole

Neo is at ATH
It’s a bear market
Your anus is about to feel heat

NEO is going to keep going up a bit before it corrects where as REQ is in freefall.

I don't see how

You're literally arguing for selling low and buying high. Classic biztard. Now is THE time to be stacking more req now that it's dipping.

>stacking something which is continuously decreasing in value

yeah no

Holy shit you're so fucking mad and dumb OP. Soon you'll dump yourself after you realize your mistake.

How new are you?

Fuck you're a helpless retard. We tried user, we really did. Stay poor

REQ is never hitting a dollar again you delusional faggot

You just sold something in the trough of a crash to buy something at ATH in a bear you fucking idiot. You are either very young or very Indian

>he thinks this is the floor
This going to keep dropping

thank you i love this meme

Any guy here who is actually interested in REQ development:

Same here

OP and everyone who's selling at a fucking dip is retarded. /thread

It's not a dip you fucktard it's crashing

back down to 10 cents

learn the difference

you would have been the same guy that would've sold ETH

>REQ is going to be worth $1000

>all coins down hard
>REQ only down few %

It's dropped below 70 cents a few times now, always bounces back to 75 or 80 plus nigga

Neo down a few points on the hour and req back up. Get rekt faggot

Holding, everything will be fine

>Sell a coin at an extremely low price 1 week before news to buy a coin at their ATH just after a news announcement


>back up to 70 cents
wow it's fucking nothing

only people mad at REQ are those who bought at ATH, and we all know people who do that are stupid and deserve this

I am still $20,000 up in Req since i bought in under 20 cents (Which was like less than a month ago, which shows you both how retarded these FUD shills are and how healthy Req actually is)

buy high sell low amirite

You realise the second shitcoin starts going up REQ is crashing back down to 20 cents

literally couldn't wait 5 days for the next update pump... lelelelelelelelellel. $2 within the next 4 weeks guaranteed.

I love watching the children on this board panic selling during dips, gives me faith that even when I'm late to something I'm still coming out on top. Started buying REQ at .30 and then more at .70. I'll sell at idk maybe $100 or so.

$0.71 now and climbing steadily despite the huge sell wall. Buy this dip or stay poor, Friday's announcement is going to be fucking explosive

LINK climbing steadily despite the fact that it's 2 scammers working in a fucking nail salon.

Congrats, you are an excellent investor you fucking faggot. Stay poor.

But... But two week earlier you said that it will be 5$ at the end of January... Now you're saying it will be 2$? Get your shit together, user. Be consistent.


I still can't tell if links a shitcoin due to all the shilling and memes on this board

Dumped 20% of my stack, cant handel this shit

Cant candle this shit

Get REQt fudson

$5 at mainnet release (~March), $2 after they announce new partnerships on Friday. That's my estimate at least and I have a shitload of money riding on it.

Who thought this logo was a good idea?

Looks like a micropenis

Not sure if anyone here watches the grand tour but i was watching it the other day and one of the presenters crashed his car which was called a Rimac. Anywho, point is... check the badge lol

> project sticking to its deadlines
> release of test-net
> release of js + smart contract dev library
> initial partnerships with fundrequest and beetoken
> clear, concise updates every 2 weeks
> y-combinator backed
> co-working with kyber network in singapore
> listed on three respectable exchanges
> community growth off the charts
> fills basically every GDAX/coinbase criteria for erc-20 tokens


>BTC will never reach $100 guys!
>ETH is a useless shitcoin sell sell sell! Never gonna recover!
This is you. That's how you sound.

>Veeky Forums is one person

Just time this time to keep adding to your stack friend

Dude that's just God giving you enough time to accumulate.


>Not sure if anyone here watches the grand tour
Of course I do, both to keep up to date as to what supercar I'll buy and because what lifestyle is better than lads on tour for life after having made it?

>makes it
>buys supercar
Paradoxically, you'll never make it.

$0.74! WE'RE BACK BABY! 7th highest gainer on Binance

>ETH dumps
>REQ/LINK/FUN still flat


nvm fat green candles happening right now, everything is fine


That purely depends on what you consider "made it". I don't really want a supercar anyway and wouldn't buy one (I'd rather buy something in the 50-90k range), but if you can't afford a supercar you haven't made it. I'm having fun doing this shit so I really don't ever see myself going "yeah I got x dollars now I'll cash everything out and stop".

Indians are smarter than that lol. Highest net worth individuals in the US.

Isn’t that the guy in Troy that gets killed really quick

I spoke too soon bros. it's over...

because we only take the top 1% of their genetic stock

this is what sub 90 IQ street shitters are actually like in their home country

this isnt biased, just a person filming while driving through India

>Sells REQ low
>Buys NEO at ATH

It's like fucking clockwork. Sometimes I wonder if you newfags enjoy losing money.

NEO is still going up you fucking faggot

stay mad

>it'll keep going up in a bear market i swear!
>t. increasingly nervous bag holder

thanks for dumping, pajeet. your dump caused the moon mission to start, we're going to $2

>Raiblocks is going to correct when it hits $1
>Raiblocks is going to correct when it hits $2
>Raiblocks is going to correct when it hits $5
>R-Raiblocks is going to correct when it hits $10

>REQ is going to hit $2 in a bear market

a y y
l m a o

it'll moon back to 1$

Bogdanov just called

It a pump

Req always moons and then dumps close to where it started. Good for swing trading, not good HODL.

...unfortunately an Australian real estate firm thought it was a good idea before reqnet

screencapped this for laughs when it hits $5, thanks

Not really, News coming out this week, plus Eth and BTC aren't pumping while Req is so we are good for once.

>wont even hit ATH

pump it to $100

sell low user, way to go....