At what price normies got into Tron? idk how hard should i laugh my ass off

At what price normies got into Tron? idk how hard should i laugh my ass off.


.18 here

780 sats here

.2 by end of month

916 sats after selling xvg at a loss from wraith release.

3 cents :/

Anyone who bought tron post 5 cent is a normie honestly.

.002 here.
Fuck off normie.
Only retard faggot normies who got dumped on call others normies.

started trading crypto late dec and not at a loss rn
how many normies can there be?

7 cents and sold at 20 cents

love the pump and dumps

Justin "Sin" = scam artist

I bought in at 5 cents and dumped it all on a twitter norman


Holding tron is so 2017

Twitter is full of people hodling.

Normie and plebbit bitches holding a shit coin

nice, waiting for it crash more before buying again

Got air dropped 500, sold it at 1700 and put it into NEBL for a nice 5x. Was good couple days.

bought at 250 sats and sold at 350 sats, haven't looked back

dont look back at TRX such a this shit coin

Should I buy tron now?

No, the price will drop to 5 cents

major korean whales dumping now

0.003 and dumped my shitbags during the crusty-curtain livestream at .22


TRX is such a scam coin, dropped from 7 place to 13th place on CMC

In less than 5 days this shit will reach the 50 cents and I bet no one will say it is a scamcoin anymore.

keep hodling them bags normies

fuck TRX

.03 and .05 still comfy

going to drop to 5 cent soon, good luck pajeet

Good, more to buy at .05. Don't call me a Pajeet you Pajeet. Merica


take Justin "sin" cock outta your mouth

still believe his TRON bullshit?

Never bought this shit


Trons a piece of shit. Monero just passed it up on it's way to the moon.

>started trading crypto late dec

you got in at the top, the most normie thing imaginable.


TRX is on its way DOWN

Please do, TRX is Chads only.


keep dreaming

TRX ship is sinking