Who /ride or die/ here? Gonna hold through everyting until I make bank or my investment goes to zero

Who /ride or die/ here? Gonna hold through everyting until I make bank or my investment goes to zero.

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Yeah I'm like that. Started with $40 and now at $10k, so I'm not freaking out.

Same. No one is getting my VEN

Same. I can lose all this money (I rather not) but I never sell at a loss. Don't care how long it takes.

Only the people who don't see the big picture would cash out fully.

It's lamboland or sudoku bro

same started with £5k went upto 250k then went down to 180k then went upto 500k down to 350k upto 900k currently at 750k

im holding till 1.5 then cashing out 200k and then riding this to 8 figures IDGAF


Same. Took out my initial investment. House money. Millionaire or bust. Can't lose.

This. If this mother fucker really does zero dawn then I'm only out 500 bucks in the end. This has been such a wild ride. The memes. The pink wojaks, the green wojaks, the bogs, crab-16. I'd gladly lose 500 bucks to ride this storm out with you, my Veeky Forumsbros.

Y-You to

Pretty much this, already took out my initial investment so i'm riding this thing out till i hit 1 million.

Till the END

Also what kind of beer is Pepe hodling?

I will make it or go to zero, there is no other option

ima ride this shit til I OWE them money

The men in yellow

you can't lose money if you don't sell.
I'll hodl, take a few weeks off and do something relaxing instead like following politics.


This. Its crime or suicide if I have to wageslave forever

the chinese crash the market every night to drive americans out

This is the funny thing about your unawareness. There is no big picture. This will be all over soon and many people will be crying. It's literally a fucking pyramid scheme. Do you actually think people care about the product and shit? All they care about is being an early adopter so they can cash out to fiat and enjoy a normal life with a normal currency.

i dont think governments and banks would let people threaten their control over MONEY... they know this shit will blow over that's why they just sit back and warn people over and over again... i think that it is just the "lambo or die" mentality (possibly combined with organized crime or state sponsored actors) that is propping this market up and keeping it alive, once people realize the smart thing to do is cash out, prices will fall dramatically in a short amount of time and at least 9/10 of "MARKET CAP" will disppear. the winner is the last person to cash out before market crashes and reality sets in

I cashed out long ago. Anyone still in this is severely late and risks losing everything. Damn idiots.

Are you me user? I'll ride to zero if it goes that way. Not worth being in crypto if getting rich isn't your goal

Thread theme song


>live for this shit

I said bye to my money the moment I put it into crypto. I can lose all of it, would obv prefer not to, but life would go on.

Who is she?


I'll spaz out and withdraw to fiat when my investment drops down to to principal again. But right now I'm up 300% on that so unless daddy shitcoin feels like taking a slide to $4k I'm still in this for the long haul.

No idea some slore who got posted here

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And your responses just shows that you haven't even done basic research what the fuck this cryptocurrency thing is. Just another Veeky Forumstard that is in for the "fiat gains".

Same user. My parents are multi millionares. I really don't care what happens.

Got in at 300 bucks. Have 25k, don't even care. Lol crash moon, whatever happens.

See, that's the delusional world that people like yourself live in. They think there is "MOOORREEE" to this whole cryptocurrency thing. The only thing you forget is that every fucker participating in the market is in it for fiat gains. Take your bullshit crypto-caring card elsewhere.

this is oddly motivational

Yes, and in future you will be crying because those who trade using cryptocurrencies will be getting everything "cheaper".