This is going to be the coin of the elite. Think about it

You cannot own a portion of a NEO. They are indivisible.
Think about all those normalfags buying shitcoins like Cardano and Ripple because muh numbers
They will never own NEO. Only big dicked ballers will have it.
After it gets above $500 it will go parabolic once everyone realizes how truly rare it will be.
Every NEO you own is like a piece of beachfront property.

>you can divide bitcoin into sats
>you can print infinite ripples
>you can never have less than 1 NEO

Buy now or be forever poor. This is the BRK.A of Crypto

You are seeing the beginning of the future right now. Weak handed pussies are selling, Chads are buying NEO.

>you can never have less than 1 NEO

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

this faggot cuck is shilling you NEO when it's one of the only 5 coins still standing, but when the price dips he will make a thread yelling WTF is going on sell sell sell wojacks aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fuck off cuck, where were you when this was cheap
> kys

i have 4.7 neo, wtf are you talking about op

You realize that this will never hit mainstream because people aren't going to want to spend that much money on some bullshit. There's a reason why XRP is so popular, because it's cheap. There's a reason why every coin on the market is divisible and you can purchase portions of it, because nobody is going to "buy 1 bitcoin"

How many times have you heard someone say "I want to buy, but I don't have XXk to buy a bitcoin" not knowing they can buy a portion of it. NEO will never become big for that reason

fucking titled

Member when ANS was 1 dorra

>You cannot own a portion of a NEO. They are indivisible.

try transfer that 4.7 to your own desktop wallet and see what happens.

What is OP trying to do?

on. an. exhange. try transfering it off and see what happens.

You have an IOU from an exchange for 4.7 NEO. You can only hold whole neo in a wallet

Seriously contemplating to go all in. Done chasing shitcoins. With NEO you just know your money quadripled EOY while you hoard that sweet free GAS.

They are indivisible, on an exchange they only have 1 wallet and break it up to each person. It's still all held in 1 wallet. if you try to withdraw a fraction of a NEO you don't get it.

>Not understanding how exchanges work

Holy shit

Y is it rocketing?

That's why normies buy GAS, that's literally the point of NEO, to own shares on the blockchain for GAS revenue.

you think anybody is actually going to use this shit for anything besides trading on exchanges

inb4 a million idiots show their exchange screenshots desperately claiming that you can hold fractions of neo

You are an idiot, sir.

Is that why there's no withdrawal fees for neo on Binance?

jesus fuck you fucking idiots need to stop saying this fucking "ELITE CANT BE DIVISIBLE" SHIT

neo is a big part of my portfolio for lots of reasons, but not a single one is because its indivisible you fucking idiot

buy the coin because its still undervalued and a lot of top icos over the next year will be launching on NEO platform. and buy because if China laxes its regulations/bans on crypto, NEO will be the coin of choice for them. and buy it because of the passive income opportunities with GAS production.

but dont fucking buy it cuz of OP's idiocy.

Nah, neo transfers are free anyway, that's why.

How does it works when you invest in an ico with NEO? No need to worry about gwei and gas limit to transfer then?
How do you leave the Pajeet behind to be first in an ico before it solds out in that case

Most NEO ICOs have a KYC, and most dont allow US residents

That means you have to send them your passport.
THen you get whitelisted
Then you send a minimum of 1 NEO to the address, and they give you the tokens.

Man it's a meme coin. When things get serious it will disappear

I have been shilling this coin since it was antshares, you mook


Except BRK.A does not pay a dividend NEO does !

If I fail TheKey ICO tonight, I might just keep holding NEO.

>decimal NEO

You really are dumb

im whitelisted too

how much NEO you gonna spend

this is next level bait I love it.

The GAS pays out at a pretty good percentage. If you have 4 digit NEO, it's like having a wife that works in one of those shitty wife jobs. Give it another 300% and it's magic.

Also, it if you're a fucking hoarder who never knows when to take profits, NEO GAS should help break you of that habit.

This is going to be the reputation system that China keeps harping about. It's going nowhere.

Once people start doing shit like tokenizing parts of their houses, car sharing, and other shit that increases liquidity, that whole Smart Economy ecosystem is going to cause FOMO like nothing else.

This shit isn't a meme.