New COSS UI coming shortly

Predictions for the effect this will have on the price?

I'm thinking $5 EOM, easy. That or $0.30 after whales decide to dump on us long term holders.


COSS is the only thing holding up for me rn. $5 is feasible def by jan 30th

We've got like two minutes...

i dont like how rune is constantly updating twatter/gram, he should just say its going to be a few hours and we will announce when it is ready to be released

The longer the delay, the better this sale is going to be. So no complaints here.

its trade friendly behaviour

Still waiting...

I'm riding this giga drill dump down into the mantle for those delicious cheap COSS. Feel bad for bag hodlers missing this free returns.

kek you coss late comers are delusions

Can somebody explain to me the mentality behind dumping this coin when the new UI comes out? I really don't understand. Why don't people just hold as all the new users onboard and enjoy the gains? Why dump on bag holders?

5776 COSS at $0.14.

Because uncertainty with potential bank breaking bugs is bearish.

So previous investors are just assuming there will be major bugs with this release that will cause a major drop in coin price, so they're just going to dump beforehand, thereby causing a major drop in coin regardless?

Fucking annoying.

Well its pretty common for bugs and issues with any software release. Crypto doesn't just get to move smoothly. Thats why I cashed right before maint.

dont worry

This thing better fucking dump to $1 once that UI comes open, I swear to fucking god.

Holy shit it's pumping. Broke strong resistance, looks like it won't stop until it hits $5

How is it pumping with the site not even running yet?

Imagine a bullrun even faster than btcs

>take it down

>H-heh guys longer maintenance times just means a b-bigger pump.

You can always sell at open if you have some fucking balls.

Oh ffs how is this taking so long.