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Til 33 days


Uncontrolled mooning

28 minutes.

who cares about the superconference, SXSW is where its at

>they didn't listen

Texas here. Someone buy me a ticket and ill stream the conference here.

he's gonna have to up his con game by then

Oh my god, stahp, you’re giving me the chills

ya SXSW is going to make the price fucking explode. SuperConference could be cool... but will likely be another SIBOS.

SXSW Sergey is firing shots at the entire legal services industry. You better believe there are going to be people taking note. And you better believe we see a Docusign partnership come out some time after SXSW. If they announced the partnership at SXSW though... the price singularity really would be real.


lel, SXSW literally meaningless

>sergey steps on stage
>burger falls out of his pocket
I am sergey ceo of Chainlink, I mean smart contract
>chicken sandwich falls out of his pocket
>crowd applauses with glazed eyes
Thank you

screencapped. you're going to be a meme you blind, stupid fuck.

>Sergey giving a speech in cooperation with Tom Gonser, a co-founder of DocuSign, a company whose services are being used by 90% of the Fortune 500
>DocuSign current CEO giving his own speech during the same conference
>largest financial big fish in america all attend it
you're dumb. Sergey is gonna land at least 10 partnerships there.

If it reaches that price, I will litterally stop masturbating, after I have calmed myself down.

Yup. Not only is Sergey speaking alongside the founder of Docusign about smart contracts killing legal jobs, but the current CEO of Docusign is also speaking separately at SXSW.

If you honestly think the two won't meet, and if you honestly think Docusign isn't going to want to be using Chainlink, you're too brain dead to make it in this game.

Not to mention 2 weeks after SXSW marks the end of Q1, meaning we'll have the rewritten code released and likely the new testnet running.

Also not to mention all the normies in attendance at SXSW who jumped onto the crypto bandwagon and are now looking for the next coin. They go to SXSW and discover LINK, and you can be sure they're going to pay whatever market price is to get into it. Hipsters aren't poorfags like the pajeets and losers on Veeky Forums.

March is going to be hype city for LINK.

Stinky linky here, but this made me audibly lol

don't forget they plan on hiring a marketing director

You guys are really desperate

the sibo's conference didn't turn out as expected.. from the video clips I have seen leading up to the conference where he spoke in public, he came off as a bit to robotic and vanilla..

Oh I haven't forgotten. As soon as they have someone updating the Twitter account even once a week the price is never going to come down again. T'will be a glorious day.

Enjoy cheap LINK while its available, because nobody is going to be selling very soon.

gibs me dat


Any other stinky linkies going to this event?

Lets hope he spent some of that money on public speaking coaches instead if going all in on hamburgers

>LINK Dominance: 32.6%

just the thought of it
my dreams...

Wrong. SIBOS went exactly as expected. It was expected the price would drop during/after and it did.

Now its expected it will start to rise post-Superconference, and it will spike at SXSW.

LINK always does exactly what anyone with a functioning brain expects it to. Its the most predictable coin ever made. And it will predictably outpace ETH and BTC this year so you're dumb af if you weren't buying it sub 50 cents.

tick tock stinkies

Sergey steps onto the stage in a cloud of green marijuana smoke. "cathy's clown" by the everly brothers cues up on the loudspeaker. A projector shines a taco bell ad in the background. Sergey struggles to find his words. The crowd a sea of eager linkies waits in anticipation. Sergey begins to make animal noises and armpit farts. He asks where the nearest bathroom is. The mobius team seizes the opportunity and has sergey escorted out. Out into a life of obscurity and lack of relevance.

I dont think we will see any major price movement until mainnet which is months away. I think LINK will go back down to about $0.5 until q3

LINK will be a top 5 coin easily, but given its blockchain agnostic I could see it actually managing to creep into the top 3 after long enough. I'd shit my pants if it ever actually hit the top spot though...

Sorry friend, those pajeets at Mobius are the only ones who will live a life of obscurity and lack of relevance. They have no partnerships, and never will because nobody wants to shake the hand of someone who shits in the street and wipes their ass with their hand.

Why would you legit even wanna invest in a P&J coin like Mobius? Do you hate money?

I had a dream last night that LINK reached $700

Nothing in your post address my concern about how he came off as a public speaker, the fact is that chain link's value is tied to it being adopted - preferably by large corporations. The price until an adoption occur, is irrelevant.
When I heard him speak in public, I didn't think he made a good impression. I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, he may be more "gregarious" and come off stronger. (which is not unlikely, consider his advisors and whom he have obtained "partnership" with")
Long story short, fuck you.

when did your dream say it will be $700

FYI, Tom Gonser and Ken Ken Moyle (presenting alongside Sergey) are former DocuSign employees (Tom founded and CSO'd it but is now focused on Seven Peaks Ventures)

>Tom Gonser is an entrepreneurial executive with a strong track record in technology leadership and innovation and than 15 years' experience participating on boards of directors of fast-growing companies. The founder and former chief strategy officer of DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature, Tom is now an investing partner with Seven Peaks Ventures, the largest and most active early-stage venture capital fund in Oregon.

might be huge

>Ken Moyle is a lawyer, entrepreneur and senior business advisor to technology companies. At K6 Partners, Ken works with startups to design business models around distributed ledger technology (DLT), and he facilitates digital transformation efforts for later stage companies. He also is managing member of K6 Legal, a boutique firm specializing in early stage corporate and transactions law. Prior to K6, Ken spent 10 years at DocuSign, Inc. where he was chief policy officer and general counsel. Ken lives in the Seattle area.


Wooowww you saw ONE conference so now you can say his performance in that ONE conference is how he interacts with everyone he mets.

Congrats on this, seriously.

If LINK hit $700, it'd scratch off most of the text doc I've made planning how I'll spend my gains in 5 years. It'd get me:

- mortgage + any other debts paid
- self sufficient property upgrades in place
- money for friends & family
- 4 income properties that I could buy debt free and live off the rental income from
- 2 downtown properties + reno costs that adds even more rental income + locks down some prime downtown real estate while its at its lowest prices (the downtown is currently dead, but will rebound once money gets thrown at it, even if its just mine)
- a transit service for half a county

Yup... I'd be perfectly happy if LINK hit $700 in 5 years. I'll be a goddamn king. The transit service would make getting on city council easy af too I could add that salary to my rental income salary and eventually make a run for mayor.

Everyone here will splurge on dumb shit like lambos. I'm going to build an empire.


He's speaking with 3 other people, not on his own. Doesn't matter if he speaks poorly, normies love austistic founders, and the other 3 will be more than capable of moving the talk forward.

Long story short: you're projecting your own insecurities on Sergey to make you feel better about being a loser.

Build an empire? IF you can't do it without Link or cryptocurrency, you'r egoing to be like everyone else here spluring on lambos.

I would buy an DB11 for 300 LINKs

than i would buiald an house for around 6000 LINKs

pic related and i would sitll have 20k LINKs left

I'm going to keep buying used cars because anyone buying a new car is a cuck overpaying for a depreciating asset.

And I have built a network more than capable of delivering me an empire. I have connections to the biggest media publications in the country, to politicians, to venture funds. I could invest a shitload of energy into grinding out the empire now. But I'd rather enjoy my comfy wage cuck job that I actually enjoy and in 5 years flip the switch and build it in one fell swoop.

Why put in more work than you have to if the results come out the same? Are you actually that dumb? 5 years is nothing, and realistically within 5 years the real estate market is going to crash so I can scoop up everything I want for pennies on the dollar. You bought BTC at $19k, didn't you?





>Long story short: you're projecting your own insecurities on Sergey to make you feel better about being a loser.
I only hold LINK, I have all my meager money tied into this project. Because I actually believe in this project and I am of the perception that Sergey is very trustworthy, hence almost no chance of him pulling an exist scam.
But it is not flawless, I don't care if me expressing this will deter other people from investing and hence drive up the price. Because as I initially said, the price in my opinion, is only relevant when it is determined by its use, and not it's hypothetical use.
So once again, we are back to FU.

ok sure buddy.... (lol

>$700 LINK

I hesitate to even dream about this, because that would make me pretty goddam rich. I definitely wouldn't had to work anymore. Sitting on 51k stinky linkys right now. I'd buy more but I'm tapped out -- already 60/35 LINK/ETH, sitting nervously.


I would just build a 3-4 bedroom house on a couple acres... I have no dreams of vast material goods, only vast comfort.

Cars and big houses won't make you happy, or interesting. I honestly feel bad for anyone who gets rich only to realize they still can't bridge the gap between autistic nerd and a version of themselves that other people actually eant to invest time into for a reason other than your money.

I'm just scared to buy more, I wouldn't want to put all of my meager savings into this just to have it blow up in my face. Technically I could only buy another 1000 link before I'm at the point where its either rent or link.

Are you so unsuccessful you can't believe someone could be successful? That sucks dude.

None of what I said is a lie. I invested in myself when I was younger and cultivated a network I knew would get me wherever I wanted to go.

For now I'm more than happy to work from home getting baked everyday working for one of the biggest publications in the country. There's no reason to trade that in for a grind fest when I know I can ride it out until my mortgage renewal is up and be squatting on more money than all but 1 or 2 people in the region.

who's the pajeet in the pic?

Any other Texas linkies plan on attending?

Pennsylvania linkie here. Thinking about flying down.

Veeky Forums better be right about this one.
Assblaster hold me.

I don't have the network your describing but getting out of the office and doing part time wage slaving and freelancing the other half and growing was the best thing that happened to me. I never realized how much time I was wasting and how much anxiety commuting and getting ready for work and making office small talk everyday was, and I didn't even realize how much stress it was causing me. Keeping up connections requires more work and in a way is different than if you're in the office everyday, but I have so much more time to devote to improving myself working remotely than I ever did before, and you meet a whole different set of people working out of the office and in the wild and setting my own hours.

I recommend it to everyone.

im planning on going

33, nice dubs. I got 110K LINK and 10K VEN as my dominant holds. Feeling comfy af. Hoping VEN can moon before LINK so I can dump into LINK.

The super conference or sxsw? Houston here. How much is the sxsw? I wanna go to 1 of fhem. But the super is like 800.

Ya once I moved out of the city and started working remotely, I knew I couldn't go back. The freedom you have is amazing. And like you said, being in an office can cause stress you don't even attribute to being in the office until you leave it and can see it is. The constant interruptions add up. The commute adds up. The noises and random things swirling around you all day distracts you. Hell, even just knowing if someone is sick, you're going to be sick sucks and will kill your productivity once your symptoms kick in.

I still go to the office once a month and chat with the team regularly online, but I can't go back to a grindy gig, or a gig in an office again. Which is all the more reason I'm more than happy to keep doing what I've been doing for another 5 years and then retire with an empire that adds value to my home region where I moved back to. Work stopped feeling like work a long time ago.

>200 BTC

lel, what an abysmal volume

HAHAH fucking nice

>money for friends

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Sorry I didn't mean to offend the friendless losers on Veeky Forums. Forgot you're mostly lonely sad sacks.


>money for friends & family
that's where you fucked up.

Have you seen Vitalik speak? Yet look at ETH enterprise...

right. now gtfo of Veeky Forums


>ERC20 Token
>Vitalik mentions 36million is a bit too much for a token
>Current market cap of LINK:$366,401,000


Proud of you, a true Linkmarine. Here to change the world, instead of living like a nigger.

Vitalik also thinks the whole crypto market is overvalued

Vitalik is a commie so it makes sense that he thinks its overpriced as he wants everyone to have it equally

>> complaining about the unbanked

If you don't have a bank account do you trade beads and trinkets for Ethereum?

Vitalik said ETH was overvalued at 8$

based Vitalik

Problem is Vitalik comes from a working class background so 500 billion seems like a lot. If he even saw what the fine art market was worth he’d have a better understanding of how undervalued crypto is atm.

Pooranon here, should I dump my 78 REQ for LINK?

You already know the answer to this question

Done, let's moon together

over $9000 eoy easy