Casual CND shill thread

hey this coin is on sale this weekend, limited time only probably

if you have enough money to throw at it it gives you an AI learning trade program that will literally tell you what coin is going to moon with certain probabillities

It predicted quite a few bull runs recently including, TRX and ETH from what I've seen

and no you're not buying my bags, I'm still up 5x and I'm not selling

i bought this at .07 cent and dumped at .20

made a killing, this is a shit coin only good for pump and dump.

Pajeets go away shoo shoo!

why is it crashing so hard though? is there something wrong with the project?

Justin "Sin"
1. cant speak english
2. cant defend TRON
3. cant overcome all the FUD (whohc mostly true)
4. doesnt know how to live stream
5. has shit partner ships
6. false promises
7. is low energy

Bought at .02, will hold till 0.7.

keep holding those bags pajeet


tron? this is cindicator...

consolidation/correction after a pretty enormous bull run

not many coins go 10x without correcting



Scam coin

I have 5k in it, down a few percent

But I feel comfy


YOU NEW TO CRYPTO? go home pajeet

you think it's going to bleed out more? it was a PBC pick a while ago, but at this rate it's going all the way back to pre-moon levels...

Sorry, need to talk Satoshis and vitaliks?

I have 4.6 ETH on it

this was a high supple=y whale pump and dump coin. Whales are still unloading to bitcoin, this will fall back to 300 sats

Are you holding XVG by any chance? Your shitposting reminds me of xvg-bagholder who constantly attacks Monero.

Oh man you got me there. I'm a 3rd worlder, not indian luckily but still. You kinda sound like a poo btw, really agressive for no reason and shit. Do you want to see some bobs or something?


you're drunk, pajeet, go home.

Dump TRX

Korean whales are going to dump TRX

alts are bleeding a bit in general, exchanges are literally closing new registration from the last influx of people

the second they're back up with new registration expect a gigantic alt bullrun, including this one. Surprised something with an actually working product dipped this much though

I guess its because its not some hype inflated shitcoin

wtf are you even doing in this thread, are you a complete sperg or some kind of FUD bot that spams replies when TRX is written in the thread?

no one here is defending TRX or even remotely talking about it, can you fuck off?

30,000 CND bought at 3 cents. Use the bot to make another 30% of profit on BNB coin last week.


kek, this has to be a bot...

Thanks, bought 100k

I am not a bot, but you can go fuck yourselves and fuck TRX

17k here, really wish I had more money to get into the expert bot at 3 cents, but didn't have the money at the time

barely lost anything during this dip since the bot confirmed my LUX and BNB buys

It happens every CND thread tho. Must be Rajeesh.

can you form an organic response as to why you won't shut the fuck up about TRX in this thread where no one is talking about it

I tell you after I am done with your mom


are you telling me i should buy TRX? you're being a bit vague desu.

lmao how do you even get past the captcha?

get rid of TRX...loser

I got help from your mom, she has one free hand

TRX bag holder.. ahahahahah

go all-in on TRX, got it. thanks for the tip.

thanks user, I just bought 10k TRX
would you recommend investing into TRXdogs, or hodl and let korean justin timberlake make me millions?

Bought CND yesterday at 0.12 because it feels so undervalued, already at a small loss but in the next pump this will hopefully moon hard.

Cindicator is certainly undervalued, and I've a small percent of my portfolio invested in it.
I'd invest more, but I'm not sure if people are going to be made aware of this before the next alt-coin explosion, where even overvalued currencies will rise.
Are there any events coming up or plans from the team that I should be aware of?

Love watching normies bleed TRON money

I read somewhere that they are starting their marketing campaign Q1 this year

Community choice indicator is now available to beginner level CND holders (3k CND), was just announced recently

as far as roadmap goes, a lot of it looks to be marketing from here on out since they really did make a working product first unlike so many other shitcoins

it seems they want to extend their reach for other markets to buy, like stock exchanges and stuff. They also seem to want to get some kind of partnership going and integrate with newsfeeds and terminals in some way