Help consolidating portfolio

Hello guys,

Iv been buying and holding since summer (small quantities) and managed to turn abour 1200 € to over 8k mostly thanks to Veeky Forums.

However I feel that my portfolio is too spread.
I offer all my DOGE to the best advice (or two) that can help me put this shit together for most profitable 2018.

Yes I know Im poor, cant do much about it - dont really have too much spare cash. (taking care of little brother after some shitty situations).

Thank you.

And second part of portfolio.

And the last one.

I already plan on selling XVG since I dont trust the project.
And as I said - all my doge to best advice.

I mean I know 20 usd isnt much but its not that bad for little help is it?

Last try.

Ok lemme type some shit up brother
that portfolio is all kinds of JUST and im gonna need a sec

Honestly, XLM project is pretty great, Omise is set to launch high soon, and keeping about a 3rd in ripple isn’t too risky.

Jesus christ faggot just sell them all into ETH or BTC and start again fresh.

You're in about 30 coins when you should be in 3 max

LMAO why the fuck are you in coins with market caps over 50 mil? DO YOU WANT TO GET 100X ROI OR JUST COAST ALONG MAKING HUNDRED BUCKS A YEAR FAGGOT?



Way too diverified, you need to focus on few good coins. But then you will have to actually DYOR since you cant trust Veeky Forums with big money

With so many coins you're really at the mercy of market. Don't chase every moon mission.

I'm holding XLM NEO and FUN, I advice you to do the same, these are 3 solid coins with low risk and decent payout.

Get rid of all these coins and put it into a decent low or mid(if your more averse to risk) cap coin. The only halfway decent coin you have here is NAV and maybe LINK though i hold neither.

Ok so to start off: You are really in a fucked situation unless you hodl until the market recovers from this dip
you are gonna have huge losses and be playing into the whales hands if you sell right now. So just HODL and DYOR until shit picks back up again
but once things are better you gotta drop most of those shitcoins brotherman.
those are the coins you should keep when things get better. Sell of the rest of the portfolio once it bounces back to less awful levels than its at today.
That being said, a lot of those coins I just listed still suck ass and should be dropped from your portfolio too, but you gotta wait for the market to recover a bit and see who is doing well and who isnt. But that part is really up to your own discretion and judgement. First things first is to drop those other shitcoins as soon as you wont be selling at a loss.

VEN is in a dip buy it so we can fuck these whales sellwalls

Sell everything but eth, put 50% of the rest into icx, then go 25% into ven and wabi with what's left. Thank me later.

My eth address because I gave legit advice 0xdf04a88698b7ee1f2d9956d4e0177fc7815e533f

>XLM and FUN
>low risk
pick one

that being said I am holding all 3 rn after buying into the dip today on XLM and FUN

Thanks for all the input so far, Ill let this run a little more before sending reward. Just in case (if you think your post is intelligent) add your address.

sell your ltc into xmr
sell your xrp into xlm
sell your nav into link
sell 50% of your ETH into BTC

Here's mine if your feeling generous but idc as long as you make sure to HODL and out wait this dip. I hate seeing people sell when they should buy and buy when they should sell.

Get some UFR.

If you're smart you'll buy atleast 2 of these, if you do good for you

Thank you all, Ill try to make best from all this advice.

Do I have any literal shitcoins except XVG? Anything that should definitely go?


Ignore those telling you to put it all into 1-2 low market cap coins
>muh moonshot,muh poorfag never gonna make it if you don't go all in
Shitty advice. Sure, you could make a fortune this way, but you could also pick the wrong coin(s) and be worse off.

My advice? Choose 6-10 of the ones you have and hold those once the market goes back on an upswing.

This guy gets it. Although, I would say chose between LTC, BTC, and XMR for your currency coins. XLM is a strong hold, as is LINK and RLC and, while I don't hold any, FUN because it's pretty much by itself with its focus.
XRP is good to, but desu, it might be better to focus on XLM given that a)it has a lower cap and b) the FireX exchange will be huge if it takes off. Ardor might be worth holding onto, as well for innovation's sake--side chains are another latency/scalability solution, and solutions of any sort, if they pay off, will be needed going forward.
Oh and Golem is great in concept, not sure about practicality.

You're a bit too over-diversified rn, but if you consolidate into 6-10, you'll be happy with the results going forward. It hedges risks and you'll still see gains.

Best of luck, user

Not a shitcoin, but ADA doesn't have anything tangible and it's top 10.

There are other coins that you have (see LINK, see XLM) that either have a platform/product or have one on the horizon.

Wings is dead and you should get off the ride

the rest have potential to float back but arent worth keeping in your portfolio

no problem friendo. Don't forget to take alt profits during moons.

Join this group, for signals, already doubled my moolah
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>aren't worth keeping
>holding ETH, XLM, LINK, XMR, LTC, RLC

What's worth holding in your opinion?

Ignore the pnd pajeets

Sorry, I meant the rest that weren't listed in ETH, XLM, LINK, XMR, LTC, RLC are all worth holding, although I personally dont trust LTC, RLC, and LINK, but thats my personal opinion.

I'm personally holding most of my portfolio in VEN, ETH, NEO, and then a combination of smaller investments in riskier coins like VIBE, TRX, and IOTA.

Then I got the funboi's with tiny investments in DENT, RPX, POE, and ENG just to see where those head someday, though their futures are cloudy and mysterious.

>doesn't trust coins with needed tech or a coin that has been around since 2014
>trusts vaporware with a plagiarized whitepaper

Other than that, I understand where you're coming from

Let me be honest with you that I dont trade based on the coin's tech or anything do do with the coin itself. I make my moves based on what the historical changes have been and where I think its going based on similar historical trends in other coins that moon'd. If i see whales selling then I buy and If I see huge spikes then I sell. The technology doesnt really factor in for me either, I think who is making deals or adopting it matters the most because thats what really affects the value to the dumb normies

Thank you all for great advice.

Will run another hour before sending out DOGE.